Safe-T-Beam® Garage Door Opener Safety Sensors Installation Instructions

PDF Installation instructions for installing the Safe-T-Beams

Installing the 37220R Replacement Safe-T-Beam System



Moving Door can cause serious injury or death.

• Wall control must be mounted in sight of garage door, at least 5 feet above floor and clear of moving parts.
• Keep people clear of opening while door is moving.
• Do Not allow children to play with remote or door opener.

If Safety Reverse does not work properly:
• Close door, then disconnect opener using manual release handle.
• Do Not use remote or door opener.
• Refer to Door and Door Opener Owner’s Manuals before attempting any repairs.

Electrical Shock can cause serious injury or death.
• Power cord must be unplugged before attaching any wires.
• Be sure wire ends do not touch each other or other terminals.
If you have questions or if you need a manual, contact the distributor or manufacturer of the opener.


Locations of existing units can be reused if that is desired. Safe-T-Beam® System (STB) Source and Sensor do not have to be mounted on garage door frame. They can be placed anywhere along garage door wall that is convenient for mounting, provided the location meets the following requirements:
1) They must be placed across the door opening,
2) at the proper height,
3) with a clear line of sight between them. (Max. Range is 30 feet).
(They may be mounted on the floor, only as a last resort, if there is
no other option. Not recommended.)

1. To ease mounting, source and sensor units can be detached from the bracket by pulling them apart. After mounting brackets, slide units back onto brackets.

Installing Genie Safe-T-Beams replacements instructions Step 1

2. Ensure there will be an unobstructed path between source and sensor. Sensor should be mounted on the side of the garage door opening that receives the least direct sunlight.

Step 2 Replacing the Genie garage door opener Safe-T-Beam system

3. Once the location is established, measure the height of bracket as shown. Hold the bracket in place and mark hole locations. 1/8" pilot holes are recommended.

Installation of Safe-T-Beams for Genie garage door openers Height instructions

*No height adjustment is needed for units mounted on floor.


Reuse of existing wiring is easiest and recommended unless it is broken, cut, frayed or there is a problem. If you can reuse existing wiring — SKIP FORWARD TO STEP 4. If new wiring must be installed, the path shown below is recommended.

1. Route two (2) lengths of two (2) conductor wire (See above) from opener, along top of rail.
Fasten wire to rail.
— Evenly space fasteners along rail.
Fasten to header and wall (preferably with insulated staples). Allow for some slack at the source and sensor units and cut off any excess wire.
Genie replacement Safe-T-Beams installing the wiring


CAUTION: When using insulated staples, be aware that staples which are too tight can cut or pinch wires. Cut or pinched wires can cause the Safe-T-Beam® System to stop working. When using insulated staples, make sure you fasten them only as tightly as needed to hold the wire snugly.

2. At source and sensor, route wires through bracket as shown and attach wires at terminals. Either wire to either terminal (non-polar).

Genie 37220R Safe-T-Beam replacement wiring


3. If installing new wiring:
At opener, twist striped wires together. Twist plain wires together. Feed down through control wire tube “chimney” at top of opener.

Genie garage door opener power head Wire tube for Safe-T-Beam wiring

4. Attach to terminals #1 and #2 (again either wire). Bundle excess wire and tape to top of power head.

Genie replacement Safe-T-Beam system wiring to the terminals


Safe-T-Beam® System must be installed and working properly in order for door opener to function.

CAUTION: During testing of the Safe-T-Beam® System, be sure to stay clear of the door and any moving parts. It is preferable to use a long-handled object to interrupt the beam during tests.

1. Start door moving in close direction.

2. Pass an object through the path of the Safe-T-Beam® System in order to interrupt beam.
— Door should stop and reverse direction to fully open position.

If door will not run in closed direction, check for these or see chart below:
• Misalignment of Safe-T-Beam® System (Red LED on source unit will be blinking).
• Obstruction in path of beam.
• Pinched or broken wire.
• Loose wiring connection.