Airbnb®, VRBO®, HomeAway® Vacation Entry Made Easy with Genie® Aladdin Connect®

Airbnb®, VRBO®, HomeAway® Vacation Entry Made Easy with Genie® Aladdin Connect®

Have you ever been in an important business meeting or sitting down to dinner with your family only to be interrupted by a phone call from a guest who is locked out of your vacation home? What if you need to let someone into your vacation home on the weekend, but your management agency is only staffed on the weekdays? Or maybe you have received negative feedback from a previous stay indicating that the cleaning crew you hired never showed to spruce up the place prior to their visit. Most owners agree that the most stressful part of managing any vacation rental property is security: who has access to your house, when are they there, and how can you monitor that from anywhere in the world?

Owning a rental home in a popular vacation destination is supposed to be an easy investment that requires little to no effort on your part but managing access to your home often feels like a full-time job. Cleaning crews, maintenance contractors, pool maintenance, deliveries, and renters create a revolving door of visitors at your property, leading to lost free time and money. Genie® understands your concerns and has developed a solution to help manage all your rental access needs. Genie® Aladdin Connect® Virtual Keys are the most secure way to rent and manage access to your vacation home.

Genie® Aladdin Connect® Technology: Be There, Even when You’re Not

Genie® Aladdin Connect® Technology is designed to help you stay connected even when you are at work or on vacation. Aladdin Connect® uses your already secure home network to provide information to, from, and about your garage door opener. Aladdin Connect® is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, providing data on who entered your home and when, in real time. If you don’t have a Genie® operator you can still retrofit any Genie® opener or most other brands made after 1993 with the Genie® Aladdin Connect® Kit. It’s easy to install and even easier to operate onsite and on your phone thanks to the free app for both iPhone and Android.

  • Remote Access Control – You decide who gets in and when. The intuitive smartphone app gives you complete control over your garage door from anywhere. The app is iOS and Android compatible and provides real-time alerts of door position, user access, and a history of activity.
  • Increased Security – Aladdin Connect® lets you set a user access list up to 20 users, providing unique user codes (Virtual Keys) to only the people you want to have access to your garage. Give each of your contractors a separate code and create access schedules to meet the needs of your renters. The real benefit of the app comes with the rules capability. You can create rules on when users can operate the door and even set recurring times or dates. For instance, if you have someone renting your home over a weekend, you can schedule their access to start with check-in at 3:00 p.m. on Friday and end with check-out at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday. They would simply open the app and click ‘open’ to gain access into the home.
  • Easy Access Monitoring – Check the Genie® Aladdin Connect® history logs and see when the cleaning crew finished up before your next rental. The history logs provide a minute-by-minute account of usage and show exactly who opened and closed the garage door based on the users virtual key.
  • Convenient Alerts – Did the pool guy come by last week or is that this week? Check the Genie® Aladdin Connect app for his access code/ Virtual Key to know instantly. Your app will tell you the position of your garage door and which user accessed it. And you can close it remotely, even from states away, ensuring that your home stays secure. Aladdin Connect® is also UL325 compliant, meaning it puts out audible and visual signals before the door moves when operating from a mobile device. This allows you convenience without sacrificing peace-of-mind. An additional advantage of the Genie® Aladdin Connect® Add-on kit, since a door position sensor mounts to the door, the position of the actual door is monitored, meaning that you also receive notifications if your garage door is used manually.
  • Easy Setup – The Genie® Aladdin Connect® Technology comes standard in some Genie® products but is also available as an upgrade for your existing garage door opener. Set up is easy and can be performed after the garage door opener is installed as normal or even added on at a later date, whenever you choose.

Other Products with Built-In Aladdin Connect® Technology

Genie manufactures many other products that come equipped with Aladdin Connect Technology from the factory. Some products that include the Genie Aladdin Connect Technology are as follows:

SilentMax® Connect & MachForce Connect® (available at Home Depot) – The SilentMax Connect and MachForce Connect are quiet garage door openers designed for garages that are connected to living spaces. Both the SilentMax Connect and MachForce Connect equipped with the integrated Aladdin Connect System, your garage becomes both quiet and smart. You have the same advantages and full features of the Aladdin Connect add-on kit.

The Genie Model 3120  (available at Genie® Pro Dealers) The Model 3120 is a durable, heavy-duty operator that can be  chain driven or belt driven and includes the convenience of built-in smart technology. If you are looking for a workhorse of a garage door opener, but the convenience of automated smart technology, this is it.


Genie® Aladdin Connect® turns your phone into a smart garage door opener, but unlike old garage door opener remotes, this remote garage door opener cannot be easily hacked. Genie® maintains security through a secure Wi-Fi connection and Genie® integrates with your smart home devices to ensure safe, secure access for you and only you.


The Genie Aladdin Connect® turns your vacation home into a smart home (up to 3 garage doors can be controlled by a single Aladdin Connect add-on kit). The use of hubs, such as the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, can help take home automation to the next level for your vacation rental. You already book stays, build customer relationships, and find local vendors online, why not control access to your vacation home as well. Give your renters additional peace of mind and convenience by implementing smart devices throughout the home, including your garage door opener system, Genie® or any other compatible brands.  Learn more about the Aladdin Connect® system and its benefits here or purchase now.
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