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Aladdin Connect Door Position Sensor (for 2nd and 3rd doors)

Aladdin Connect Door Position Sensor (for 2nd and 3rd doors)

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This door position sensor works with the Aladdin Connect®  door control module to work up to three garage doors. Use this additional sensor to monitor and control a second or third door with your Aladdin Connect Smart Garage Door Controller system. The Door Position Sensor works with the Aladdin Connect Garage Door Controller. The sensor is easy to program and installs quickly with no special tools needed. This Aladdin Connect Door Position Sensor communicates wirelessly to the Aladdin Connect Smart Garage Door Controller and is powered by a simple watch battery. If the door is lifted by the garage door opener or is released and opened manually Aladdin Connect will know and alert you through your smartphone app. This is the ultimate security upgrade for your garage door.

  • Aladdin Connect® kit comes standard with one door position sensor but can handle up to three doors with the purchase of additional sensors
  •  Each door will require its own sensor to communicate with the Aladdin Connect® module
  • The battery is included: Aladdin Connect Door Position Sensor replacement battery is a CR2450 (coin cell battery) 
  • Model ALDPS-R

  California Residents: Proposition 65 WARNING

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39279R_Aladdin Connect Door Position Sensor
Aladdin Connect Door Position Sensor (for 2nd and 3rd doors)


Ask a Question
  • How long should the cr2450 battery last that's included with the Aladdin Connect Door Position Sensor?

    It depends on the usage of the Aladdin Connect system with that door, but the DPS should last several years.

  • I have a 12 foot garage door and I am assuming this product will work. However does the sensor have to be mounted in the top left position at a height of 12 feet or can it be mounted at 8 feet which is the same height as my other door?

    Yes, the Aladdin is compatible with your 12 foot tall door.  You will need to mount on the top panel of the door.

  • what is the process for replacing batteries in the aladdin door sensor

    If you pull the door position sensor up off the bracket that is on the garage door, you will see a tab on the back that says open. You will slide that battery cover down and then you can replace the battery. 

  • I changed the batteries on garage door censors. Its not working after battery change. On Alladin genie unit both the buttons shows red.

    Please contact Aladdin Connect Support at 1-866-599-4995.

  • i am installing the Aldddin Connect, but door sensor flashing with blue light, it seems not to work properly. what shall i do?

    Please contact Aladdin Connect support at 1-866-599-4995.

  • I have the genie 2128 Aladdin Connect wi-fi opener on all three of my garage doors. Do i need the Aladdin Connect door position sensors?

    No, the 2128 has the integrated Aladdin Connect, it does not use a door position sensor.

  • I have one of these installed on my garage door and it works perfectly. I would like to add one to my driveway automatic gate, however, my assumption is this work via a gyroscope sensor and therefore, the door is detected shut in the vertical position and open in the horizontal position. Is that correct or close to it? If that is the case, then it will not work for a gate that only changes horizontal position, correct? Thanks.

    Yes, you are correct. It will not work on a gate as it detects the doors position in the vertical open/close positions.

  • I am having trouble installing the door position sensor.

    Please contact Aladdin Connect support at 1-866-599-4995.

  • Garage won’t open

    Please contact Genie customer service at 1-800-354-3643.

  • How far away from the main Door Control Module can this be? I have a third garage door in a detached garage that I'd like to add.

    Per UL compliance regulations the Door Control Module and the Door Position Sensor have to be mounted in the same building together. (They must be within visual range and sound).

  • Is there any way to use this on a vertical open garage door?

    No, this can not be used on a one-piece door.

  • does a genie Aladdin connect allow to open and close the door or just monitor the door position

    Yes, the Aladdin Connect will allow you to open, close, and monitor the garage door.

  • I have two Genie Pro Screw Drive garage door openers that are about 21 years old. What do I need to be able to operate via my iphone?

    You would need the Aladdin Connect RetroFit Kit. This would operate one garage door as it comes. To operate the 2nd door, you would need one additional door position sensor.

  • What battery does the DPS take?

    The CR2450 coin cell battery is what the DPS takes.

  • I have an Alladin connect and 3 garage doors. Two of the doors have openers and position sensors. I dont want an opener on the 3rd door. Can I add a 3rd position sensor that will monitor the 3rd door position thru the Alladin connect to send notifications like the two doors with openers?

    Please contact Aladdin Connect Support at 1-866-599-4995.

  • What is the range, in feet, that the second garage door sensor can be from the wi-fi enabled garage door opener. My distance is about 72 feet, which seems pretty far.

    The maximum range on the DPS sensor is 75 feet from the door control module.

  • What wireless wall module is compatible to door opener model PMX500ic? Thanks

    You can use the Universal Wireless wall console 41550R with your Genie PMX500IC opener.

PDF (Printable) Installation Guide for the Aladdin Connect Door Position Sensor  

Installing the Door Position Sensor for the Aladdin Connect 

Pair DPS (door position sensor) to Aladdin Connect™
Open the Aladdin Connect™ app. Tap the DOORS icon. Follow on-screen prompts to add the new DPS to your system.

Install the DPS (door position sensor) to door.
DPS should be mounted on the TOP door panel only. Preferably on the far left or right under the top hinge on the steel end stile.

1. Affix double-sided tape strip to the back of mounting bracket and stick bracket to clean door end stile.
NOTE: Double-sided tape is designed to hold the bracket in place temporarily only. Not to be used for permanent mounting.

2. Pre-drill 2 - 3/32 holes. DO NOT drill all the way through the door.

3. Use included self-tapping screws to mount DPS bracket to top door panel end stile.

4. Slide DPS down onto mounting bracket. DPS should snap onto the bracket.

5. Test the door with the Aladdin Connect™ app.
NOTE: Door Control Module MUST be wired to additional door openers for the system to operate correctly. See instructions for Aladdin Connect™ wiring.

 Installation Instructions for installing the Door Position Sensor


Aladdin Connect Door Position Sensor installation instructions

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