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Best Affordable Garage Door Openers

Are you looking for a new garage door opener? Maybe it is your first time purchasing one.  It can be daunting and confusing when deciding which garage door opener is the best for you.  Perhaps you are looking for a garage door opener that provides functionality and affordability.  Genie offers garage door openers to meet all the needs of our customers. 

For DIY or retails models, see below for the best affordable garage door openers from Genie. 

  • Model 1035: This sturdy Genie chain drive garage door opener provides all the basics you need.  The ½ HPc DC motor provides smooth operation and years of reliable service. The accessories include all the necessities: a 1-button remote, wall push button, and Safe-T-Beam safety sensors. Works with residential sectional doors weighing up to 350lbs and 7’ tall. Extension kit model EKTC is needed for 8’ tall doors. 
Genie garage door opener model 1035
  • Model 1055: This ultra-quiet Genie belt drive garage door opener is ideal for garages located close to living spaces.  It is an affordable option with superior design and performance.  This opener includes a few additional accessories for added convenience and versatility: 2 1-button remotes, a wireless keypad, Safe-T-Beam sensors, and a wall console with vacation lock and light button.  Works with residential sectional doors weighing up to 350lbs and 7’ tall. Extension kit model EKTB is needed for 8’ doors. 
Genie garage door opener model 1055
  • Model 2035: This long-lasting chain drive opener can lift residential sectional garage doors that are 7’ in height and weigh up to 500lbs.  Extension kit EKTC is needed for 8’ tall doors.  This opener can hold 2 light bulbs and features a 1/2HPc motor.  Additional accessories included are 2 3-button remotes, wall console with vacation lock and light, wireless keypad, and Safe-T-Beam safety sensors.
Genie garage door opener model 2035
  • Model 2055: An ultra-quiet belt drive garage door opener that will provide you years of smooth and reliable operation.  This garage door opener works with residential sectional garage doors weighing up to 500lbs and 7’ tall. Extension kit EKTB is needed for 8’ tall doors. Accessories include: 2-3 button remotes, wall console with vacation lock and light, and Safe-T-Beam safety sensors.
Genie garage door opener model 2055


    Looking for more features? 

    With recent technological advances, garage door openers can now offer many features that were unheard of in previous generations. Some of these include: battery backup, Wi-Fi, LED lighting, and 140v motors to lift heavy or 1-piece doors.

    •  Battery backup: Ensure you can open your garage door, even when the power is out!  Genie garage door openers with battery backup ensures your garage door will still operate automatically, even if a storm has made you loose power!
      • Model 7055: Includes an ultra-quiet belt drive as well as integrated battery backup function.  Never get stuck outside of your garage in case of a power outage.
    • Wi-Fi: Do you have a smartphone? Did you know you can control your garage door from your phone? You no longer need to worry about carrying a garage door opener remote!  Many Genie garage door openers feature integrated Aladdin Connect Wi-Fi. With the free Aladdin Connect app, you can monitor and control the status of your door.  Receive notifications when the door has been opened and setup rules for your door to close at a certain time. 
      • Model 2033: Features a long-lasting chain drive with integrated Aladdin Connect Wi-Fi, allowing you to monitor and control your garage door opener straight from your smartphone! 
    • LED Lighting: Some Genie garage door openers include integrated LED lighting.  No more changing lightbulbs, thanks to the bright 1600 lumen LEDs.  Brighten your entire garage!
      • Model 7155L: Features a strong 1.25HPc DC motor, Wi-Fi Connectivity, LED lighting, an ultra-quiet belt drive, and battery backup.  This is the most feature-packaged Garage door opener from Genie and also includes all the accessories you could need.
    • 140V DC Motor: If you have a heavy or 1-piece garage door and need a garage door opener, look no further! Genie garage door openers featuring 140v DC motors can easily lift sectional or 1-piece residential garage doors that weigh up to 750lb. Learn more about Genie garage door openers for heavy or 1-piece garage doors here.

    Whether you are looking for an affordable garage door opener, or an opener with all the latest features, you can rest assured that Genie has a garage door opener to meet your needs.  Check out our Product Selector Tool to find the perfect garage door opener for you.  If you have a tall garage door over 8’ tall or are looking for a professional Genie dealer to install an opener for you – check out our Dealer Locator tool

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