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Best Garage Door Openers for Heavy Doors

Do you have a heavy garage door and need an opener up for the task of operating it?  Perhaps you have a 1-piece (single panel) garage door or even a wooden door!  Garage door weight is determined by a number of factors including: the door size, material, thickness, insulation, and glass.  Most modern single steel garage doors weigh around 125 pounds.  Most double doors weigh around 200 pounds. However, many older garage doors or wooden doors weigh significantly more.  Many modern garage door openers are not manufactured with strong enough motors to able to open heavy doors, 1-piece doors, or wooden doors.  However, Genie has the solution with a line of heavy-lifting garage door openers!

Genie offers both a wall mount garage door opener option OR a line of 140v motor garage door openers that are both made to lift heavy garage doors.

Genie garage door openers featuring 140-volt DC motors are capable of opening sectional OR 1-piece garage doors weighing up to 750 pounds. These openers purchased from your local retailer work on garage doors 7’ in height or 8’ with the purchase of an extension kit.  For garage doors taller than 8’, you can contact your local Genie dealer who can install taller doors for you.  Locate a Genie dealer near you here.

Another option for heavy doors is the Genie Wall Mount opener.  The Wall Mount can be used on residential garage doors up to 14’ in height, 18’ wide, and can lift up to 850lbs! Clear your ceiling space by eliminating the rail and powerhead needed by traditional openers.  The wall mount is compact and mounts cleanly to the side of the garage door torsion spring. 


Here is a list of Genie garage door openers that are perfect for heavy garage doors!

Genie Wall Mount Garage Door Openers – for doors weighing up to 850lbs, up to 14’ in height and 18’ wide. Free up your ceiling space by adding a wall mount opener – which attaches to the side of your garage door on the torsion springs!  Ideal for low headroom garages, or for those who desire to use their ceiling space for storage.  All wall mount openers include a Bluetooth® LED light, 3-button garage door opener remote, wireless wall console, remote door lock, and Safe-T-Beam safety sensors.

  • Model 6072H-O – The standard model.  Ideal for those looking for only a garage door opener without battery backup or Wi-Fi capabilities.
  • Model 6172H – Includes both a battery backup and integrated Wi-Fi! Open your garage door automatically when the power goes out, thanks to the battery backup.  Build-in Wi-Fi allows you to monitor and control your garage door status from your smartphone with the FREE Aladdin Connect app!
  • Model 6072H-B- Includes an integrated battery backup function! If the power goes out, the build-in battery backup will power on, allowing you to open your garage door with your remote, console, or keypad.


Genie Garage Door Openers With 140v Motors – all residential openers listed below are compatible with sectional OR 1-piece garage doors weighing up to 750lbs.  The door must be 7’ in height or 8’ with purchase on an extension kit.  For taller garage doors, contact your local Genie professional dealer.

  • ChainMax 1000 – Features a ¾HPc 140-volt DC motor with opening speeds up to 7.5 inches per second! This durable chain drive garage door opener will offer many years of reliable operation.  Soft start and stop technology ensure a quiet operation.  Extension kit needed for 8’ tall doors: model EKCC
  • SilentMax 1000- The ¾HPc 140-volt DC motor also has opening speeds up to 7.5 inches.  Features a belt drive – the quietest of all other drives.  Extension kit needed for 8’ tall doors: model EKBC.
  • MachForce- This 2HPc 140-volt DC motor features an opening speed of up to 12 inches per second – 2x faster than most chain or belt drive garage door openers!  This opener features a screw drive, ideal for heavy doors.  For smartphone connectivity, try the MachForce Connect!  Control the status of your garage door from the convenience of your smartphone with the free Aladdin Connect app. Extension kit needed for 8’ tall doors: model EKSC.

A battery backup option for the 140v motor Genie garage door openers above is part number 41590R.  This add-on optional accessory allows you open your garage door automatically when the power is out!  It provides up to 50 cycles after the main power outage.  The color-coded LEDs on the front of the battery backup alert you of the batteries charge status.  The battery is automatically charged during your normal garage door function and kicks on when the power goes out.  Have peace of mind that you can exit your garage in case of a power outage with this battery backup


All Genie garage door openers feature Intellicode security.  Intellicode technology (also known as rolling code technology) ensures safe and secure access of your garage by changing the access code every time you use your Genie garage door opener remote.  Genie openers also include HomeLink and Car2U technology, allowing you to open and close your garage door from the build-in button panel located on your car’s visor or above the middle console.  All openers include at least 1-preprogrammed Genie remote, allowing for quick and easy setup.  GenieSense monitoring and diagnostic technology is also included, which monitors the operation of the door, stopping it when significant changes occur.  This improves overall safety of your door by minimizing noise and wear and tear.

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