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Follow These Garage Door Opener Safety Tips

May is Garage Door Safety Month!

While garage door safety is important year-round, the International Door Association (IDA) and the Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association (DASMA) recognize the month of May as Garage Door Safety Month.  At The Genie Company, your safety is our top priority.  Our industry-leading Genie garage door openers offer the latest in technology and safety.  Regular inspection and routine maintenance of your garage door opener helps to ensure the system runs at peak safety, performance, and efficiency. 

DASMA offers many tips for garage door opener safety.  Also, make sure to consult your Genie garage door opener’s owner manual for additional tips and safety instructions. 


Tip #1: Installation Safety

Installing a garage door opener is usually safer than installing a garage door.  However, improper installation can create a very dangerous situation.  DASMA recommends a trained garage door technician install your opener.  If you are a DIYer, make sure to follow the instructions in your Genie garage door openers owner’s manual.  If you are looking for a professional to install your Genie opener, check out our Dealer Locator to find a professional Genie dealer near you.


Tip #2: Watch Your Garage Door When Closing

Make sure to keep an eye on your garage door when it is closing.  While Genie garage door openers feature Safe-T-Beam safety sensors that will reverse the garage door when closing if an obstruction is located, it is best to be safe and monitor your garage door.


Tip #3: Balanced Garage Door

It is important to make sure your garage door opener is properly balanced.  A balanced garage door means the torsion springs are doing the lifting of the door and the weight is evenly distributed.   If you attempt to open your garage door manually and find it very heavy or requiring two hands to open, your door may not be balanced properly.  Purchasing a more powerful garage door is not the answer.  Follow these instructions to see if your Genie garage door opener is properly balanced. 


Tip #4: Safety Reverse System

Genie garage door openers are equipped with Safe-T-Beam safety sensors.  These sensors ensure that the garage door will reverse when an obstruction is found while the door is closing. This ensures your safety, as well as the safety of your family and pets.   Since 1993, US law has required garage door openers to be installed with safety sensors.  If you have an old garage door opener lacking this safety feature, it is time to upgrade with a new Genie garage door opener.


Tip #5: Location of Safe-T-Beams

Make sure to install your Safe-T-Beam safety sensors no higher than six inches above the garage floor.  If the sensors are installed too high, a person or pet could get under the beam and not detected by the safety sensors.


Tip #6: Five-Foot Rule

Install your Genie garage door opener wall consoles or push buttons at least five feet above the floor, out of the reach of children.  Educate your children on the importance of garage door safety and to stay away from moving garage doors. 


Tip #7: Locate Remote Controls

Place your garage door opener remotes in a set location, away from children.  Make sure children are unable to access the remotes to play with them. If you park your car outside of your garage, make sure to lock your car door so a burglar cannot access your home through the remote located inside your car.


Tip #8: Intellicode Technology

Genie garage door openers feature Intellicode rolling technology.  Every time you open your garage door with your remote, a code is sent to your garage door opener in order to open the door.  Thieves in the past were able to “record” your transmitter’s signal in order to break into your home at a later point.  However, all Genie garage door openers now feature Intellicode technology which will change the garage door access code every time you use it!  This ensures safe and secure access to your garage.


Tip #9: Contact Reverse Test

Genie garage door openers feature a contact reversing system which will reverse your door when an obstruction has occurred.  To test the contact reverse system of your Genie opener, place a 2” x 4” board on the floor in the center of your garage door opening.  When you close your garage door, the door should reverse within 2 seconds after the board is hit.  To learn more about performing this test click here.


At Genie, your safety is our top priority.  This Garage Door Safety Month, take a few minutes to make sure your garage door is working safely and efficiently by following the tips shown.  Learn more about garage door safety with additional resources from DASMA, found here.

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It was a good tip when you told us to place our garage door opener remotes in a set location away from children and burglars to avoid giving them access to our car. Speaking of garage door openers, I’m considering using smart automation for ours soon to make things more convenient for us, especially when we are in a rush during the mornings to avoid going late. I’ll keep this in mind and look for specialists to contact regarding our smart garage door opener soon.

Elina Brooks

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