Garage Door Openers with Battery Backup: Batteries Don’t Last Forever

Garage Door Openers with Battery Backup: Batteries Don’t Last Forever

As we head into cooler weather and the fall season, we head into hurricane season and in the north winter snowstorms.  When storms of any kind hit our homes, we sometimes experience power outages.  We all know when there is a power-outage, sometimes it can take a few hours all the way up to a few days for the electric company to restore the power.  So what happens if you come home, have no power, and realize you cannot open your garage door to park the car, and have no access inside?  You quit carrying a house key because the garage has become so convenient to use as the primary entrance into the home, and you wanted to feel more secure so you decided to scratch out the plans for having that man-door installed when you built your home.  Who needs a man door when you have a huge garage door that you can use to enter, exit, and remove things from the garage?  As you stand there in the rain, after you have pulled up to the only entry point into the garage, you think, what a splendid idea it was to remove the plans for the man door.  Without power you slowly think to yourself, how am I going to get into the house?

Has this ever happened to you?  Don’t be that guy, if you don’t have a man door, or don’t want to have a man door installed, make sure your garage is fully equipped with a Genie Garage Door Opener that has a battery backup.  If you don’t have power, you’ll still be able to use the garage door electronically via battery power.  But don’t just install your Genie Garage Door Opener and forget about your battery backup.  Though we tend to not have power outages frequently, batteries don’t last a lifetime!  Just like changing the rechargeable batteries for your tv remote control, they die, and surely don’t last forever. 

We do make owning a Genie garage door opener with a battery backup easy by supplying batteries that have indicator lights.  But, periodically, about once a month, you should check the status of these lights to ensure the battery doesn’t need re-charging, or replacement.  Simply look at the light status on the battery and if the battery is charging, dead or needs replacing you will know.  Check out the chart below:


If you are in need of a replacement battery for your model, check with your local Genie dealer, or locate a battery here.  Remember, batteries do not last forever, and prepare yourself before you need to use the garage door opener battery backup. 

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@Janice – We would need some more details to help troubleshoot the issue. If there are lights on the bottom of the power head, these are indicator lights. You can use the owners manual ( to get details on these, or you can also contact our customer service at 1-800-354-3643 for assistance.

Heather Rothacher

Openers won’t open door. Checked fuse box, electric socket live, electric eye red and green. When pushing remote red light appears on unit. No sound is present.

Janice Slater

California state law all openers are back up battery now
for those who don’t know.

The Gate & Garage Guys

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