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Looking for a New Garage Door Opener?

Find a great replacement garage door opener or one for a new installation. These Genie openers are made for DIY installation. Check out our garage door opener selection which includes screw, belt, and chain drive models that are available at multiple retailers.  You are sure to find a garage door opener that fits your needs with our options like smart connectivity, battery backup, integrated LED lighting, most loaded with accessories and more! The garage door is often the most used entry point on a house, it is important to have a reliable garage door opener to open the door.

Choosing a Genie Garage Door Opener - Genie offers different solutions for every garage when it comes to picking a garage door opener. If you are looking for POWER, you will probably choose a screw drive garage door opener, maybe QUIET is more important to you, then you will want a belt drive garage door opener. More concerned about VALUE, you cannot go wrong with the chain drive garage door opener. SMART models are also available so you can use a smartphone app to control your garage door.

A DIY Installed Garage Door opener from Genie has features like: 

Safe-T-Beam Technology - This Non-contact reversing system keeps your family and pets safe. It Places an invisible infrared beam across the garage door opening that causes the garage door to reverse upward if an object passes through the beam. As an added safety measure, the LED indicator lights on the Safe-T-Beams are self diagnostic and alert you if there are any malfunctions in installation or operation.

GenieSense™ Monitoring and Diagnostic Technology - Many of our Genie products feature GenieSense innovative technology. GenieSense delivers the power needed at every movement of the garage door and continuously monitors the operation of the door. It will stop operation when significant changes occur in the movement. This features adds minimize noise, wear and tear on the door, and improves overall safety.

Intellicode® Access Security System - The Intellicode Access Security System provides state-of-the-art security for your home by automatically changing the access code for your garage door opener every time you push the remote control button, preventing an unauthorized person from stealing the access code to your opener system and gaining entry to your garage.

Here's how it works: Conventional and older openers are coded to send out the same fixed code time after time, every time the remote button is pushed. Genie’s superior encryption technology, also known as rolling access codes, uses a proprietary coding system that selects a new code from billions of possible combinations every time the system is activated.

Genie Exclusive- works with Homelink and Car2U - Our Genie garage door openers work with the popular in-car remote systems HomeLink and Car2U. Both of these systems incorporate the Genie Intellicode Access Security code into each product. With Intellicode, both systems gain the security of a 4.3 billion combination rolling code and integration with Genie operators. The buttons for these are normally located on your vehicle's visor, or sometimes the rearview mirror. 

HomeLink is a factory-installed remote option found in a large growing number of vehicles. The HomeLink remote is usually found on an automobile visor and is ready to open and close any Genie garage door opener with Intellicode once it is programmed. There is no need to purchase additional remotes!

The Lear Car2U Home Automation System is an innovative wireless product from the Lear Corporation, one of the world's largest automotive suppliers. The Car2U is a factory-installed remote option found in a growing number of vehicles also.

California Compliant Garage Door Opener Law - As of July 1st, 2019, California State Law SB-969 requires that all garage door openers in the state of California installed on or after that date, must include a Battery Backup. Genie offers a complete line of garage door openers that meet this requirement. Check out our selection of openers with the integrated battery backup available that are California compliant. Look for our California Battery Backup Compliant models.