Genie® Belt Drive Openers: The Best Garage Door Openers for Garages Near Living Spaces

Genie® Belt Drive Openers: The Best Garage Door Openers for Garages Near Living Spaces

What a long day. You let out a long sigh as you sink heavily into the firm softness of your pillow top mattress, snuggled deep into a mound of billowy down comforter and pillows. Your mind continues to run through the events of the day: the project for the Midwest team is on the precipice of complete failure or lavish success, three clients are waiting for you to call them back, your travel schedule is manic and about to get worse, and your inbox is about to collapse under the weight of incoming messages. Slowly, you feel the weight of the day lifting as your body settles fiber by fiber further into the bed. All you need is a solid six to seven hours to let yourself recharge. Your mind begins to drift in that euphoric state of half consciousness that preempts full sleep when “Err Err Err Err, eeeeeeeeek, CHUNK!!!”
Your brain is abruptly thrust back into the here and now as you realize the horrific, metallic death-throes are coming from the garage, which is right below your bedroom. Your son – who you whole-heartedly encouraged to pursue a thriving career as a Pizza Delivery Boy three months ago – has returned home from his late-night shift and opened the garage door, making you question not only your career advice, but also the health and well-being of your aging garage door opener. Now that you are awake…probably for a long time…you open your phone’s web browser and begin researching quiet, reliable garage door openers.

Keep the Peace…and Peace of Mind

Some home construction styles not only incorporate an attached garage, but also use the additional build space above and next to the garage as areas to create additional living space. Living space that is located directly adjacent to the garage can create unique challenges with regard to insulation and noise control. Opening and closing the garage door is arguably one of the loudest activities that takes place in the garage on a regular basis. If your garage door opener ratchets loudly or screeches along the driveline as it opens your door, much of that sound likely reverberates through your living space and interrupts your sleep, family time, or in-home serenity.

Genie manufactures several garage door opener models that are specifically suited to be installed in garages that are attached and adjacent to the living areas within your home. These units are equipped with belt drive technology that not only allows ultra-quiet operation, but also provides years of worry-free service as well. Belt drive openers provide a host of benefits, some of which include:
  • Ultra-quiet Operation – the Steel Reinforced Belt Drive System provides smooth, lurch-free operation, which minimizes operational sounds during starts and stops. There is also no metal-on-metal contact in the rail, which means no screeching from non-greased parts.
  • Positive Movement Mechanism – the precision machined motor and gearbox are greased and sealed from the factory, ensuring accurate, strict opening and closing movements, which decrease unneeded movements that could lead to extra noise.
  • Sleek Motor Design – equipped with a quiet DC motor, the motorhead of your belt-driven Genie garage door opener produces minimal noise and reliable performance.
  • Less Maintenance – compared to other driveline systems, belt drive systems offer years of maintenance-free operation. Fewer moving metal parts mean that constant greasing is a thing of the past.

Step Up to Luxury
Even given all of the benefits of belt drives, many homeowners still rely on other drive styles for their garage door openers, even if slightly noisier than belt drives. Chain drives in particular are the opener of choice for many do-it-yourselfers, with many people citing their consistent reliability and ruggedness. With ruggedness can come vibration and noise caused by the ratcheting motion of the drive along the length of the drive rail. However, chain drive garage door openers also use very quiet DC motors that reduce the noise overall.
Belt-driven garage door openers operate much like chain drives but with polyurethane, steel-reinforced rubber or fiberglass belts. These belts reduce vibration and noise during operation, making belt drives the quietest type of drive. Belt drives are considered the luxury type of garage door opener drive because of their sleek design and enhanced operational features. Genie offers numerous models that are good choices for do-it-yourselfers and offer the luxury of belt-driven technology.

Available DIY Ultra-Quiet Belt Drive Units: 
 SilentMax® Connect – a belt-driven garage door opener with Aladdin Connect® Smartphone Connectivity, Safe-T-Beam® Non-Contact Reversing System, and GenieSense™ Monitoring and Diagnostic Technology. It is ultra-quiet, making it the ideal choice for garages attached to living spaces.
StealthDrive® 750 – offers belt-drive operation, Aladdin Connect Technology, and includes an integrated Battery Backup system for maximum safety and convenience in any situation.
QuietLift® 550 –provides reliable performance with minimal noise. The ultra-quiet and smooth operation make it a great option for those who desire a belt-driven opener to use near a living space.
SilentMax® 1200 - comes with a 140V DC motor that is lighter in weight and provides ultra-quiet and smooth operation, so that your family will not be disturbed by a noisy garage door opener. The soft start and stop feature of the motor offers smooth garage door travel.
A complete list of  Genie belt drive openers can found here.

Quieter Than: Just about Everything
Genie belt-driven garage door opener technology makes your garage quiet again. Customers are so impressed by the quiet, reliable service of their Genie garage door openers that they have started telling us what activities are louder than opening their garage doors. What are some things louder than Genie belt-driven garage door openers? 1) compressed air, 2) the television, 3) an electric razor, 4) music on a cell phone, and much more. Check out this fun video provided by one happy customer who shares his experience.
Lots of things are loud, but your garage door doesn’t have to be one of them. Contact us to learn more about our belt-driven technology or to place an order today.
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@Tony Vaughn – There is a 10-foot rail, and 12-foot rail. You will want to verify which one you have before purchasing a belt. The replacement belt part number for a 10-foot rail is 37561T.S. The replacement belt part number for the 12-foot rail is 37561U.S. You can contact our Genie customer service team at 1-800-354-3643 for further assistance. We can get some more details to ensure you are getting the correct belt.

Heather Rothacher

I need a replacement belt for the 3024 model but needs to be 12 feet in length. I only see a 8 foot belt on site. The opener is installed on 10 foot garage door
Can you help with part or part number

Tony vaughn

I’m searching for overall length of your door openers and this doesn’t give it. When I searched I asked for overall length!

Peter Edney

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