Genie® Garage Door Opener Technology, Connectivity, Security

Genie® Garage Door Opener Technology, Connectivity, Security

In the early days of garage door openers, functionality was simple. Customers just wanted a mechanism to lift their heavy, cumbersome garage doors at the push of a button. No bells and whistles, just simple functionality that made life easier. Oh, how far we have come. Today’s garage door openers incorporate multitudes of smart technology to help connect your garage to the rest of your life seamlessly. 

We know that one of the most time-consuming aspects of using a garage door opener is the initial setup. We also know that you can’t always find your remote, or you don’t want to travel with it in the car. Finally, the most important part of any garage door opening system is ensuring the security of your belongings. Below we explore  technologies that are incorporated into Genie garage door openers that provide real value, security, and convenience to customers.

 Aladdin Connect® Wi-Fi Technology:

Aladdin Connect Wi-Fi Technology is our connectivity that allows you to connect your garage door opener to your smart phone.   Not only is the Genie Aladdin Connect available as an add-on kit to existing garage door openers, not just Genie's but other major brands too, but it is also built into our Genie garage door openers.  Our add-on Aladdin Connect Kit  provides a security advantage over other smart garage systems.  The kit has a door position sensor that allows  you to monitor the garage door even if the door is moved manually.   Our Genie Garage Door Smart openers have the Aladdin Connect Wi-Fi technology built directly into the garage door opener, so no additional hardware is required for set-up.  The Aladdin Connect smartphone connectivity for garage door openers allows you to invite other users through Virtual Keys, and set their "Key" to expire whenever you choose.  Through the "Rules" Tab you can also, schedule the door to auto-close, close the door at a set-time frame, and schedule the door to close after a set time frame.  Aladdin Connect provides security, connectivity, and peace-of-mind all in one. 


Smart Set™ Programming

Smart Set Programming is one of the major technological benefits developed by Genie engineers for garage door openers. Smart Set Programming allows you to set the up/down limits and force of your garage door at the push of a button.  Smart Set Programming uses internal limit switches that are set with a program/set button and utilize the same technology used to program opener remotes. Smart Set Programming turns what used to be a more time-consuming endeavor into an easy, minutes-long process. (Refer to your Owner’s Manual for complete programming instructions.)


Force and Speed Control

The force and speed controls are automatically set when the wall control is used for the first time (after initial garage door opener setup), and they do not require programming. Simply press and release the wall console open/close button and allow the door to fully close. Press and release the open/close button again and allow the door to fully open. The controls will be automatically set, a big time saver!


HomeLink® and Car2U®

HomeLink and Car2U are both in-car technologies that can be programmed to work with Genie garage door openers. These technologies open the garage door from the car without using a separate remote. HomeLink and Car2U buttons are usually located on the visor or the rear-view mirror, providing easy access without having an extra remote hanging from the overhead visor. The functionality of HomeLink and Car2U is often quite similar, and you can determine which technology your car may be equipped with by checking your car owner’s manual. Additionally, you can review a list of cars compatible with Homelink and Car2U by visiting the Homelink website and Car2U website.

All Genie openers (1993 and newer) are compatible with all HomeLink and Car2U systems no matter when those systems were made, and Genie units do not require compatibility bridges to work with these technologies. Car2U is Genie specific, but other companies have made garage door openers that work with Car2U using an additional compatibility bridge (that has to be purchased separately), which is described in the programming guide.


What is Intellicode?

The Intellicode® Access Security System helps keep your garage door opener safe from would-be hackers and unsuspecting neighbors using their own garage door opener remotes. It features rolling-code technology, which offers significant advantages over conventional garage door openers that use fixed codes. Conventional opener remotes transmit the same, fixed security code each time the remote button is pressed. Because the number of available fixed codes is limited, these garage-door systems can be breached by an unsuspecting neighbor who inadvertently uses a remote with the same fixed code or by hackers looking for easy access to your belongings.

Genie Intellicode is different. Every time your garage-door system is activated, our proprietary Intellicode system selects a new code from billions of possible combinations. This virtually eliminates the possibility of hacking, and it helps prevent unauthorized entry into your home through the garage. All of our remotes and openers integrate Intellicode technology, ensuring that no matter what opener you choose, your garage is protected.



Genie garage door openers incorporate a wide variety of smart technologies and connectivity to help make your life easier. From technology that streamlines the programming process, to eliminating the need for a garage door opener remote, to helping keep your garage safe, Genie garage door openers are designed with features that add true value to our product offering.

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@Gloria – All Genie garage door openers have a date code on them. Newer ones will be the start of the serial number, and older ones will have a sticker most likely under the light bulb cover with a number that will stand for the year and month the opener was made. This will depend on the model. You can contact our customer service at 1-800-354-3643 for assistance with locating this date code.

Heather Rothacher

How do you figure out when your garage door opener was manufactured if you don’t know.


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