2 button universal garage door opener remote with finger pressing button to operate

Newest Innovation from Genie: Universal 2-Button Garage Door Opener Remote


Part #: 41713R


Programming Instructions PDF

The Universal 2-Button Garage Door Opener Remote is the latest in technical innovations from Genie, the brand you trust.  What is a universal remote? “Universal” means that the remote is compatible with multiple brands.  Convenient and versatile, this remote is compatible with most major garage door opener brands including Genie®, Chamberlain®, Liftmaster®, Craftsman®, Ryobi®, Wayne Dalton®, and many more (see compatibility chart below)! 

What if you have 2 garage door openers of different brands? No problem.  Each button of this universal remote is programmed individually.  Enjoy the functionality of controlling 2 garage door opener or gate opener brands at the same time – including all Genie garage door openers manufactured since 1995! 

NOTE: This universal 2-Button remote is not compatible with any garage door opener manufactured prior to 1993.  Safe-T-Beams (safety sensors) must be in place and operational.

The 2-Button Universal Remote is a replacement for discontinued Type 1, 2, and 3, ACSCTG Intellicode® remotes (also known as B8QACSCT, B8Q315390T, TBSTG Type1, Tombstone, or Horseshoe-shaped remotes).  Included with this remote are a visor clip, single CR2032 battery, and programming instructions.



Q: Why are the buttons different on the remote? My remote control has a round button with a triangle button above it, not 2 round buttons.

A: There was a design change for this remote, but rest assured this remote is compatible with your unit.

Q: I have an old Genie garage door opener with 9 or 12 dipswitches – will this remote work?

A: No, you will need the Genie Master (model GM3T) remote.

Q: I have a genie Intellicode universal conversion kit and I have lost the remote. What remote will work with our kit.

A: Yes, the ACSCTG 2-Button Universal Remote is compatible with Intellicode receivers, you can also use the G3T-R remote.

Q: I have two different garage door opener brands – will this remote work?

A: Yes! As long as your openers meet the specifications in the compatibility chart below.  Each button is programmed individually.

Q: How do I clear out the Genie Universal 2-Button Remote and return it to factory settings?

A: To clear any existing programming from the remote, press and hold down BOTH buttons at the same time – continue holding down both buttons until the GREEN LED blinks and goes out (@10 seconds). This clears any programmed openers from the remote and returns the remote to factory settings. 


Reviews of the NEW Universal 2-Button Remote:

    "Our garage door opener was installed when the house was built in 2003. This remote worked perfectly with our opener." -Dustin

    "Quality product that works just like the originals I purchased 15 years ago. Straight forward to program and overall happy with the purchase." -Troy

    "Terrific replacement garage door remote. You get the remote, a visor clip that can me attached to the remote in 4 different orientations (basically you can have the clip on any side of the remote so it can be mounted horizontally or vertically on your visor in either direction), and a instruction pamphlet.
     Programming the remote is easy. Just look on the instruction sheet to find your brand of garage opener (it’s even broken down by the color of the learn button for brands that have several models), then follow the instructions to program either of the 2 buttons. It worked on the first try for me with my Craftsman opener.
     As an added bonus this remote seems to have considerably more range than my old Clicker brand universal remote. Previously I would oftentimes have to drive almost right up to the door and push the button multiple times before it would open. With this Genie remote I can push the remote before I even turn in towards the garage and it works on the first press." - Josh


Compatibility Chart:

Brand Name

 Compatible Manufacturer MHz/Specification Notes


315/390 MHz, Intellicode® I, 1995-current

Genie® 315/390 MHz, Intellicode® II, 2010-2011
Overhead Door® 315/390 MHz, CodeDodger® I, 1995-current
Overhead Door® 315/390 MHz, CodeDodger® II, 2010-2011
Chamberlain® LiftMaster® Craftsman® Purple Learn Button, 315 MHz, Security +®, 2006-2014
Chamberlain® LiftMaster® Craftsman® Orange/Red Learn Button, 390 MHz, Security +®, 1996-2005
Chamberlain® LiftMaster® Craftsman® Yellow Learn Button, 390 MHz, Security +2.0®, 2011-current
Chamberlain® LiftMaster® Craftsman® Green Learn Button, 390 MHz, Billion Code®, 1993-1995
Sommer® 310 MHz, Rolling Code
Linear® 318 MHz, Mega Code®
Wayne Dalton® 372.5 MHz, Rolling Code, 1999-current
Ryobi® 372.5 MHz, Rolling Code
Guardian® 303 MHz, Fixed Learn Code
Xtreme® Brand 303 MHz, Fixed Learn Code
Marantec®V 315 MHz, Fixed Learn Code
FAAC® 433.92 MHz, Rolling Code
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