Universal Wireless Wall Console for garage door openers

Newest Innovation from Genie: Universal Wireless Wall Console

  • Pro Model #: GUWWC-P
  • Pro Part #: 41551R

PDF Instruction Manual

Video Programming Instructions


Genie is proud to announce the latest in technology and innovation with the release of the Universal Wireless Wall Console.  Control up to 3 different garage door openers from a variety of manufacturers on a single wireless wall console!  Wire-free installation guarantees a quick and easy setup in minutes.  The Universal Wireless Wall Console allows you to access your garage from the inside and is powered off of 2 AAA batteries (included).  Install the wall console anywhere in your garage with the included screws.

The Universal Wireless Wall Console works with the most popular brands of garage door openers made since 1993 that have functioning safety sensors.  See below for the compatibility chart. This wall console will work with either rolling code and/or fixed code dip switch openers. The bright pulsating LED light allows you to easily find your wall console in the dark.  You can change the blink rate pattern to once every 3 seconds, 2 seconds, or off to conserve battery life.  The back light will turn red to alert you that the battery is low.  The convenient delay button gives you either 10, 15, or 20 seconds to safely exit your garage before closing the door. 



Where can I purchase the Universal Wireless Wall Console?

You can purchase from Home Depot or from our Genie store.

How many garage door openers can I control with the Genie Universal Wireless Wall Console?

You can control up to 3 garage door openers – all the same brand or different!  Each button is programmed individually.

How do I know if this wall console will work with my current garage door opener?

See the compatibility chart below.

I already have a wall console.  Can I add this wall console without removing my old one?

Yes! You can add the Universal Wireless Wall Console as an additional access point in your garage, even if you have another wall console.

Where do I need to mount the wall console?

You can mount it at any convenient location inside your garage at least 5 feet from the floor and within sight of the garage door.

What hardware and batteries are included?

2 AAA batteries that are easily accessible through a sliding cover on the front, 2 no. 6 x 1.25 in. Philips screws and 2 no. 6 - no. 8 drywall anchors

Is this hard to install?

No, installation is quick and easy.  No wires, power cords or electrician skills necessary!  The wall console is powered by 2-AAA batteries and the included screws make setup a breeze.


Compatibility Chart:

PDF of Compatibility Chart

Compatible Brand Learn Method ID#
 Genie® 315/390 MHz, Intellicode® I, 1995-current 1
Overhead Door® 315/390 MHz, CodeDodger® I, 1995-current 1
Chamberlain®, LiftMaster®,
Purple Learn Button, Security +®, 2006-2014, 315 MHz 2
Chamberlain®, LiftMaster®, 
Orange/Red Learn Button, Security +®, 1996-2005, 390 MHz 3
Chamberlain®, LiftMaster®, 
Yellow Learn Button, Security +2.0®, 2011-current, 390 MHz 4
Chamberlain®, LiftMaster®, 
Green Learn Button, Billion Code®, 1993-1995, 390 MHz 5
Genie® 315/390 MHz, Intellicode® II, 2010-2011 6
Overhead Door® 315/390 MHz, CodeDodger® II, 2010-2011 6
Sommer® 310 MHz, Rolling Code 7
Linear® 318 MHz, Mega Code® 8
Wayne Dalton® 372.5 MHz, Rolling Code, 1999-current 9
Ryobi® 372.5 MHz, Rolling Code 10
Guardian® 303 MHz, Fixed Learn Code 11
Xtreme® brand 303 MHz, Fixed Learn Code 11
Marantec® 315 MHz, Fixed Learn Code 12
FAAC® 433.92 MHz, Rolling Code 13
*Chamberlain® 390 MHz, 9 Switch/3 Position Dip Switch Use ALT Inst.
*Stanley® 310 MHz, 10 Switch/2 position Dip Switch Use ALT Inst.
*Genie® 390 MHz, 9 & 12 Switch/2 Position Dip Switch, 1993-1995 Use ALT Inst.
*Overhead Door® 390 MHz, 9 Switch/3 Position Dip Switch, 1993-1995 Use ALT Inst.
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