Our Genie People Make a Difference

Our Products are Important, But Our People Make the Difference

Companies may be known for a product, but they are built on people. Good people can make a company great. People are adaptable, they are resilient, and they create culture. Genie is built on a culture of quality – providing the best quality product, the highest level of service, and the most knowledgeable people in the market, period. Quite simply, in a world that is sometimes tumultuous, you can count on Genie.


The Alliance Manufacturing Company launched the Genie brand of garage door openers in 1954. Alliance Manufacturing was an American company deeply rooted in U.S. culture, having been a major producer of everything from fuse caps and voltage regulators to canteen handles and generators in the 1940s during World War II. The Genie garage door opener was the first mass-produced, radio-controlled residential garage door opener, and became the market leader in design, safety and reliable service - core values that Genie still upholds to this day.


Longevity is important to Genie. Our core values have been maintained in large part due to the people we have on the front lines. Our engineers, salespeople, customer support, and administrators ensure that every product that goes out the door stands up to the high-quality customers have come to expect from our name. We pride ourselves on promoting from within, developing talent where we see it, and ensuring that every person on our staff understands they are deeply valued. Take the time to meet some of our staff below or give us a call and talk to us directly.


Engineering – Jim White

Jim has been with Genie for 42 years, starting out as an Apprentice Draftsman in April of 1978. He has always been a key member of the engineering group at Genie, transitioning through six different roles over the years, including Mechanical Engineer and his current role Project Manager. Jim manages new product development and sustainability projects within Genie. When asked what motivates him, Jim’s reply is telling, “I have always been interested in products that can be used by everyone, but the people are what keep me coming back. Since I started my career my colleagues have been amazing, and I continue to learn from them each day.”


Retail Sales – Shawn Roach

Shawn has been a part of Genie’s sales team for 20 years as of August this year. He is currently Director of Retail Sales, having worked his way from Regional Sales & Merchandising Manager – Retail and National Account Manager – Retail over the past two decades. Shawn’s job focuses on building relationships and strategies to ensure Genie’s products make it to the hands of our customers, offering convenience and ongoing support. “I enjoy the challenge and responsibility of the work I get to do,” Shawn says. “I love working for a company with such a rich history and focused goal of quality in a dynamic marketplace. I am excited for the future!”


Commercial Technical Support – Gay Stahl

Gay’s career with Genie began 24 years ago as an Order Entry / Customer Service Associate for the Overhead Door line of products. Today she uses her vast product knowledge to ensure that our customers receive the best technical support available for new installs or minor issues that may arise during normal daily use. “I have enjoyed my job all of these years because I love to troubleshoot problems and I have a genuine desire to help our customers.”


Customer Service – Molly Rodgers

Molly Rodgers is the Manager of Customer Service for Genie’s Mt. Hope location and has been with the company for 32 years. Over her career, Molly has always focused on customer service, starting as a Telephone Operator and working her way through Service Expediter and Service Parts Supervisor. Molly says she is proud of the products that Genie sells, but what brings her back each day are the people she works with and serves. “I enjoy talking with and taking care of our customers. Genie has high-quality products, but even higher quality people to maintain top-level service.”


Dealer Technical Support – Ralph Olita

Ralph manages the Professional Dealer Technical Support Line for Genie and has been providing technical support for the company for 31 years. Ralph has been a Repair Technician, Field Service Technician, Trainer, and Product Manager. He is highly knowledgeable of all Genie products and enjoys the challenge of working with dealers through any technical issues they may have. “After 30 years I still learn new things from our customers. It is never boring, and I love the variety.”


Global Supply Chain – Kathleen Roshong

Kathleen Roshong is Genie’s Global Commodity Manager and has been part of the supply chain for the past 22 years. Kathleen enjoys managing a robust and ever-changing supply chain to avoid delays and manage risk for Genie’s clients. Kathleen has functioned as the MRO Buyer, Purchasing Manager, and Director of Materials in the past, citing her belief in the brand as the reason she has stayed with Genie over the years. “I believe in Genie. I love the folks I work with and the team environment makes our job extremely enjoyable.”


Personal Connection, the Best Service

Our people are woven into the fabric of our company. Unlike other companies with high turnover and remote call centers outside of the country, if you need help, you will talk to one of us. Our customers are extremely important to us and we are always available to answer your questions.


Contact us today to learn more about our products or to talk to one of our team members. We are excited to hear from you!


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