Genie Garage Door Opener Flashlight Remote With Lanyard

The Midnight Necessity: Genie Garage Door Opener Flashlight Remote With Lanyard



Rufus pulls on the leash hard, nearly dragging you to his favorite spot over next to the Smiths’ new flower garden. He just HAD to get up in the middle of the night to answer the “call of nature,” and – much to your annoyance – your husband still retains his innate ability to not be disturbed by anything short of a nuclear blast once his head hits the pillow. At least your venture outside should be quick, you think as Rufus begins to circle his target area. A loud CRACK in the bushes followed by a faint rustling sound jolts your mind from half-sleepy consciousness to a full DEFCON-level alert. You stare wild-eyed into the darkness trying to make out a shape or movement as you begin tugging incessantly on Rufus’ leash, hurrying him along.


A thousand different scenarios, each ending in increasingly dire circumstances for you and the beloved family dog, run through your mind as you slowly back away from the rustling bushes. But then, a revelation of safety! You remember the small plastic remote hanging from the lanyard around your neck. As you grab the remote and hit the small button, a bright LED beam illuminates the night. You point the piercing beam toward the impending danger and see…two greenish black eyes surrounded by a small black mask. The raccoon stares at you briefly before sauntering on down the alley, en route to his next meal a la trashcan. You lead Rufus back into your garage and hit the remote’s “Close” button, questioning the abilities of your “guard dog,” but thankful for the Genie® Flashlight Remote.


Flashlights as Safety Tools

Every year in the United States, more than 320,000 people will be victims of a violent attack. Many of those attacks happen at night where the cover of darkness not only provides the attacker the element of surprise, but also gives him confidence and a certain level of anonymity. Law enforcement agencies say that simply shining a flashlight in an assailant’s eyes can help ward off up to a third of violent attacks that happen at night, and here is why:


  1. Flashlights help us maintain situational awareness – The beam of a flashlight helps us understand the lay of the landscape around us, which means we can be more aware of our environmental elements and more prepared in the event of an attack.


  1. Flashlights can stun attackers – The beam from a flashlight can stun an oncoming attacker long enough for a swift escape or to yell for help. If the attacker has been waiting for an ambush in the dark, nothing is going to be more disorienting than a bright light flashed directly in his eyes just as he lunges forward.


  1. Flashlights can scare off would-be attackers before the attack – If the attacker knows there is a chance that you may shine the light on his face, he becomes less anonymous and more vulnerable to being caught. The threat of identification alone is often enough to stave off an attacker.


Flashlights as Emergency Tools

Life is filled with unexpected, emergency situations: flat tires in rainstorms, power outages in the middle of a blizzard, a long walk home after you missed the bus. A small flashlight can help make these bad situations a little bit easier to deal with so you can locate the spare, fix the furnace circuit breaker, or provide a sense of safety in an otherwise inky darkness. Most flashlights are compact and lightweight, making them easy to store in your car, on a shelf, or in your purse. You can’t always be prepared for the worst, but you can be more prepared than you are now.

Flashlights for Convenience

Have you ever fumbled around trying to get your key in the door lock and ended up dropping your key ring? Now you not only have to find the right key, but you have to find ALL of the keys. A small flashlight can help make everyday tasks more manageable, including taking the dog for a walk, taking out the trash, finding a leaky water line in a crawlspace, or unlocking your house at the end of the day. Flashlights help with any task that would benefit from a bit of extra light in a space where none exists.


The Genie Remote Flashlight


  • Versatility – The two-button transmitter remote can be programmed to work with a variety of openers and is equipped with an LED light that can shine up to 50 feet at the push of a button.


  • Security – The remote works on the Intellicode® Access Security System, which transmits on 315 MHz and 390 MHz frequencies, minimizing interference from consumer electronics or other systems in the area.


  • Efficiency – A 4-minute timer allows the 30-lumen light to stay on when you need it, but conserves battery life as well. The single AAA battery is easily accessible from a rear battery access panel.


  • Intuitive controls – The remote buttons provide an audible click and tactile feel during usage. There is also a visible LED light on the front of the remote to indicate when a button has been successfully depressed.


The Genie 2-Button LED Flashlight Remote is the perfect accessory to complement your Genie garage door opener experience. The remote makes it simple to access your garage without using your code or carrying a clumsy car transmitter. The addition of a flashlight provides you with added security and convenience, while the ease of using the neck lanyard ensures you never get locked out of your garage again.

Visit our website to learn more about the Genie 2-Button LED Flashlight Remote or  place an order.


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