What Dealers and Techs are saying about the NEW Genie Wall Mount Garage Door Opener

What Dealers and Techs are saying about the NEW Genie Wall Mount Garage Door Opener

We had the opportunity to sit down with three Genie dealers who have experience with installing and selling our new Genie Wall Mount Garage Door Opener.  Trevor Nix with All About Doors, Merlin Theurer with Applegate Door Co, and Cody Johnson with Garage Door Doctor, opens up and talks about their experiences with the new Residential Wall Mount, jackshaft Genie Garage Door Opener. 


Starting with Trevor Nix with All About Doors - Check out what he thinks about the new Genie Wall Mount Opener: 

Trevor Nix of All About Doors based in Oregon, pictured along with his dad and grandfather
Trevor Nix of All About Doors based in Oregon, pictured along with his dad and grandfather

Trevor Nix is proud to work alongside his dad as the third generation in the garage door business, All About Doors based in Tigard, Oregon in the Portland metro area. His grandfather opened Tigard Door in the late 1980s and his father took it over in 2004. Trevor has been raised around the business all of his life, but actively became a part of the full-service garage door company five years ago. Trevor was a proud first reviewer of the new Genie Wall Mount product having installed the beta test unit on his father’s door. He was thrilled to offer initial feedback. Since that install, he’s made it a point to encourage homeowners with interest to go for this type of clean install to opt for this wall-mounted option. He’s excited for the ease of installation compared to his past experience with this type of operator on the market from other manufacturers.

“From an installer perspective, the Genie Wall Mount is so much easier because there are less components to have to trouble-shoot and less wire,” says Trevor. “That means I can get more installations done in a day and I have a pristine looking job for the pickiest of customers. Not having to run surface mount wire keeps things neat and tidy for the customer while saving installers a lot of time.”
Trevor points out that the simple installation is based on several factors. The Genie jackshaft uses a standard 'jamb bracket-style' mounting bracket and common sized nuts and bolts used in the industry. Additionally, he notes that Genie's track-mounted actuated slide bolt is much easier to install than its competitors. He was thrilled that Genie has also solved the issue of needing a cable tension monitor by integrating that technology into the unit, known as Safe-T-Pulse, again requiring less time and labor for installation of a new unit.

Another aspect of the Wall Mount that Trevor appreciates is the ability to monitor and control the door with Aladdin Connect. “The Aladdin Connect interface is easy to use and offers a lot of options,” says Trevor. He is glad to be able to monitor his parent's door from his phone, as well as the door at the office (All About Doors). The 6170H-B model is the integrated Aladdin Connect model with battery back-up and offers just this kind of peace of mind.



Merlin Theurer with Applegate Door Co. shares his thoughts about the new Genie Wall Mount Garage Door Opener:

Applegate Door Review of Genie Wall Mount Garage Door Opener


Applegate Door Co. based in Philomath, Oregon, and has been in business for more than four decades. Merlin Theurer is now the second-generation owner operating the day-to-day operations. He takes great pride in being a family owned business that creates a familial atmosphere among its team with a shared focus on doing quality work to take care of their customers. 

 Applegate has been a long-time Genie Company partner over its lifetime. So, when the new Genie Wall Mount operator debuted, Merlin was excited to have a new option for side or wall mount operator installations.

 “Our company is committed to providing customer service excellence, while at the same time, we need to make our service times efficient,” says Merlin. “This new Genie model has helped us decrease the typical install time for this kind of garage door opener and that allows us to get to more customers in a day – and we all know in the service and repair industry, time is money.”

Merlin’s conversion to the Genie product over the other options came down to functionality and the reduced install time overall. Two benefits of the new unit he really likes are that there is no external cable monitor and the wall control is wireless. Having the cable monitor function built into the Genie Wall Mount means that there is no longer an extra cost to pass along to the customer for buying an additional part. The competitive product required him to buy and install additional parts to maintain cable tension and component function. Overall, that has also meant that Applegate Door Co. has a more confident and cost-effective install with the Genie Wall Mount.

On average, Merlin’s team installed about 20 to 30 wall mount applications a year. He’s now more enthusiastic about these requests given the install is much easier with the Genie than in the past, and his homeowners will get a pristine looking install via the wireless mount and clean ceiling space. A win-win for Applegate Door Co. and its customers.


Here is what Cody Johnson with Garage Door Doctor had to say: 

Garage Door Doctor Houston - Genie Wall Mount Garage Door Opener Review 

Cody Johnson, of Garage Door Doctor outside of Houston, Texas, has garage door operator installation in his blood. Garage Door Doctor is a family-owned company, started in 1987, and Cody has been a key fixture of the company for just shy of two decades. They install a myriad of operators for homeowners. While not his most common installation request, about once a month he will receive a service request for a Jackshaft installation, also known as a side or wall mount operator installation.

“We don’t get a lot of calls in our residential business for a wall mount, but we do have customers who want to install a car lift or who prefer the aesthetics of having a ‘clean’ ceiling area in their garage,” says Cody.

Up until the fall of 2019, Cody’s team had only one option for this kind of operator installation. That is until Genie launched its Wall Mount product.

“I’ve installed four of the Genie Wall Mounts thus far, and I have to tell you there are several standout aspects for me.” Cody continued, “The wireless wall switch and thoughtful engineering around the coupler is amazing. It comes with the necessary set screws to ensure the torsion pipe is secured in place for a solid, less ‘wobbly’ install. It is great and gives me the confidence of a durable install.”

One interesting component Cody noted was a valuable feature that at first blush he thought was potentially an error. He noticed there was a moment of hesitation upon closing the door. What he came to realize is that it is actually a thoughtful application of Genie’s built-in Safe-T-Pulse™ that is detecting the cable tension and acting as a built-in monitor. Genie has eliminated the hassle associated with a separate external monitoring element that typically has to be installed at another point away from the standard side mount operator. Cody noted that in the past, having the competitor’s additional monitor to be installed was a point of contention from a time and aesthetic perspective (having to install it sometimes on sheet-rock with no substrate behind it can be a bit of a headache), not to mention that it could be a potential component to need repair from wear and tear in the future. When it comes to size and ease of install, Cody had high praises for the Genie Wall Mount. The compact size of the 6107 model with battery back-up and Aladdin Connect technology was a selling-point for him. Additionally, he was thrilled to have the wireless wall switch with the Genie Wall Mount. “Most houses are pre-wired,” says Cody. “What made installation even simpler was the ability to solve the issues typical with running wire to the wall mount.”

From a business perspective, Cody places a high value on customer service – both as a service provider himself and from the partners he works alongside. “I’ve had great customer service support from Genie,” said Cody. “They have always given me the utmost respect in terms of dealer support, and I have full faith that if there’s ever a problem that Genie will get it fixed for me.” That customer service coupled with a solid product and install has made the Garage Door Doctor team a fan of the new Genie Wall Mount. They like the product so much, it is now installed in his father’s home – so they not only install the product, they use it in their own homes.


These testimonials were provided freely by the individuals and companies quoted  in the articles, these are not sponsored reviews.


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These motors are residential for inside garage door and if you want to use it for indoor roll up door also.

The Gate & Garage Guys

@Danny Chan -
The Wall Mount is not made to be used outside, and is not designed as a Gate opener. The unit meets UL 325 requirements for being installed inside a garage, and operating a garage door.


Can the wall mount garage door opener be use in outside? I’m planning to use as a gate door.

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