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Belt/ Chain Drive Carriage Assembly- 38893R.S

Belt/ Chain Drive Carriage Assembly- 38893R.S

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This carriage assembly replaces the carriage on the compatible belt and chain drive Genie garage door openers. The carriage runs up and down the rail, attaching to the turnbuckle on the chain or belt to open and close the garage door. 

  • Compatible with models 1035, 1055, 1155, 2033, 2035, 2036, 2055, 3035, 3053, 3055, 3155, 7035, 7055, 7155, StealthLift 500, Chain Drive 750, Chain Glide Connect, QuietLift 550, SilentMax 750, SilentMax 550
  • Comes with installation instructions 
  • Genuine Genie replacement part 

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Belt/ Chain Drive Carriage Assembly- 38893R.S ,  Service Parts - The Genie Company
Belt/ Chain Drive Carriage Assembly- 38893R.S


Ask a Question
  • Is there a replacement carriage for model pcg 700ml

    Sorry, the carriage for Genie model PCG700ML is no longer available.

  • I have a genie model 2033. Do you have a Belt/ Chain Drive Carriage Assembly that can fit this model?

    Yes, the carriage for the model 2033 is the Belt/ Chain Drive Carriage Assembly- 38893R.S

  • I have the genie gcg350ml are you saying there no othet carriage that will replace the carriage

    Unfortunately, the carriage for the GCG350ML is no longer available and there is no replacement.

  • Please provide installation instructions for this part 38893 R.S

    You can view the instructions for replacing the 38893R.S here.

  • Does Genie or any other company make a replacement carriage assembly for the GCG350L??

    We no longer have the carriage assembly for the GCG350L model garage door opener.

  • Will this fit on a 7155‑tkv?

    Yes, it will!

  • I have the 7155, which I bought from Costco. During programming of the down limit, I ran into an issue and had to pull the the release cord. The part where the cord attaches to the carriage will not go back into the locked position. Is there a trick to get it to lock again? If I have to order a new one, will the carriage for the 7055 work?

    You should not have to order a new one. If you lock it back in with the pull cord, manually pull your garage door open or close and it will hit that spot and should lock back into place. For assistance you can also call 1-800-354-3643.

  • Is there a part that is inside the black tube of the carriage? my customer has the carriage but the tube is hollow so there is nothing for the belt to lock onto

    The inside of the carriage where it is hollow is where the turnbuckle slides into. The turnbuckle is attached to the chain/belt. Once it is inside the tube you can lock it in.

  • This product is compatible with model 3053 Aladdin Connect?

    This is compatible with the 3053 model garage door opener.

  • is this carriage compatible with the Home Depot-bought Genie QuietLift 750 3/4 HP model?

    Yes, it is!

  • My daughter pulled the cord for manual release on garage door and now we cannot get it to click back to lock it in place so it will be automatic again. Watched several how-to videos and I believe something broke. Can this be fixed/replaced?

    Please contact Genie customer service at 1.800.354.3643.

  • Does this part work for Model 7055D?

    Yes, the Belt/ Chain Drive Carriage Assembly- 38893R.S is the correct carriage for your Genie model 7055D garage door opener.

PDF Replacement installation instructions for the Genie Carriage 38893R.S

38893R.S Carriage Replacement Instructions 

This repair will require removal of the unit from it’s mounting hardware and repair made on a bench or floor. Refer to your Owners Manual for proper assembly and carefully read and understand all warnings and cautions pertaining to your unit.



1. Pull emergency release cord on carriage to disengage opener to close door if necessary. (If unable to lower door using opener, use extreme caution manually closing door. Before pulling emergency release cord, make certain people and objects are clear of door opening.)

2. Unplug opener power cord from power receptacle.

3. Remove Battery Backup (BBU) from powerhead if equipped:
• Unplug harness from top of powerhead.
• Remove two screws securing BBU to rear of powerhead.
• Tilt BBU up and slide mounting brackets out.
• Set BBU aside. FIG. 1.

38893R.S Belt/Chain Carriage replacement instructions figure 1

4. Remove lens cover(s) by pressing top tabs down and slide lens cover(s) out. Remove light bulbs. FIG. 2.

Genie Carriage 38893R.S replacement instructions figure 2


5. Remove wall control and Safe-T-Beam® wires from terminal block located on side of two bulb models or rear of one bulb models FIG. 3. Use small common screwdriver to press in on orange tabs while gently pulling wires from block. Mark wires to help facilitate replacement.

Genie Carriage replacement 38893R.S instructions, showing terminal block

6. Remove clevis pin and hairpin from door arm assembly. FIG. 4.

Figure 4 instructions replacing Genie carriage 38893R.S

7. Remove opener from mounting hardware and set opener assembly on clean work surface.

8. Remove carriage from rail assembly.
• Disconnect carriage by pulling release handle down from turnbuckle and slide out of the way, if necessary. (a)
• Loosen turnbuckle lock-nuts. (7/16” wrench) (b)
• Hold chain/belt and rotate turnbuckle clockwise until threaded ends are free. (c)
• Pull chain/belt out from front idler pulley.(d)
• Remove carriage stop nut and bolt. (e)
• Remove hairpin, clevis pin and idler pulley. (f )
• Slide carriage off of rail. (g)
• Install replacement carriage. Ensure correct direction.
• Reinstall Idler pulley, clevis pin, hairpin, carriage stop bolt and nut.
• Feed chain/belt through idler pulley. Ensure chain/belt is not twisted or bound.

38893R.S Carriage replacement instructions images of the turnbuckle

Genie carriage 38893R.S replacement instructions removing the old carriage


9. Install chain/belt rail assembly:
• Install turnbuckle with “door” end arrow onto the gold threaded end by rotating counter-clockwise one full turn. (a)
• Disengage carriage assembly by rotating release handle downward and insert turnbuckle through the carriage as shown. Ensure chain/belt is not twisted or bound. (b)
• Insert silver threaded shaft into the turnbuckle and rotate turnbuckle counter clockwise one full turn. (c)
• Hold chain/belt and rotate turnbuckle with thumbs counter-clockwise until chain/belt is tensioned properly. Measure chain/ belt tension on opposite side of rail until 1/4” from bottom of rail. (d)
• Once proper tension has been established, hold turnbuckle in place with a 7/16” or adjustable wrench. Tighten both tension nuts with a 7/16” wrench. (e)

Installing the new Genie carriage replacement 38893R.S diagram

Genie Carraige replacement 38893R.S step: tightening the turnbuckle


10. Reinstall opener assembly to mounting hardware.

11. Reinstall door arms in reverse of step 6.

12. Install wall control and Safe-T-Beam wires.

13. Install light bulbs and lens cover(s).

14. Plug opener in.

15. Operate opener and test all safety features. Refer to owners manual or visit

16. Install BBU, if equipped. Plug BBU harness into top of powerhead.

NOTE: Limits may require reprogramming. Refer to your owners manual.

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