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Sequencer Board 20386R.S

Sequencer Board 20386R.S

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Sequencer circuit board for screw drive model openers. Use this board to get your opener back up and running quickly if you have determined your circuit board needs to be replaced.

  • Compatible with models IS525, IS550, IS850, IS900, IS900, IS920, CM7600, CM8600, PRO95, PRO95FN, CM8600-FN, CM8600XL, H4000, H6000, 2060L, 2060L-07, 3060L, 3060L-07, IMS1000, ISL950, ISL950, ISL980, ISL980, 2560, 3560, 1060, 1560, 3860 Please note: NOT compatible with "/B" units
  • Replaces old board part number 31184R
  • Genuine Genie replacement part 
  • Requires re-programming with the new board 

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Sequencer Board 20386R.S ,  Service Parts - The Genie Company
Sequencer Board 20386R.S


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  • Have 2060L-07 sensor lights continuously stay on and garage door goes up okay. But, it goes down a little bit, stops, I release the wall button, then push again, it reverses direction, I repeat, it goes down a little more, and so on. Will replacing the sequencer assembly with a new Sequencer Board 20386R.S work? If so, how do I program the new sequencer? I do not have a Genie wall mount switch, but instead have a standard doorbell switch. How can I fix this problem?

    This could be a sequencer problem, but first you would want to try increasing the close force if you have not already done this.  The close force is located under the light bulb cover on the upper right side.  If this does not correct your issue make sure the door is manually working fine in the down travel.  You can do this by closing the door, release the red release cord by pulling down.  Then lift the door up and try to run down, by hand, past the points were there is an issue.  See if it travels smoothly and has no resistance, if there is resistance you can contact a door company to work on the door issue.  If it seems okay the Sequencer Board 20386R.S would be the best suggestion at that point.

  • I have a ISL950/A. is the 20386R.S the correct sequencing board to use? If not, which one is correct?

    Yes, the Sequencer Board 20386R.S is the correct sequencer for the Genie model ISL950/A.

  • Will this Sequencer Board 20386R.S work with Genie model CM8600IC.

    Yes, the Sequencer Board 20386R.S is compatible with Genie model CM8600IC.


    Yes, the Sequencer Board 20386R.S is compatible with Genie model 3060L-07.

  • garage door opens but will not close.No power to the door sensors.The model number on the unit is PRO95IC/A.The numbers on the sticker attached to the circuit board are 35033FE31184R.It looks like this board can be replaced with sequencer board 20386R.S.Can you tell me if this is the correct board replacement part?

    Yes, the Sequencer Board 20386R.S is compatible with Genie model 20386R.S.  If there is no power coming from the safety sensors screw terminals 3 and 4, this would likely be your issue.

  • I have a model 2060L-07M. Door goes up okay. Starts down, stops, goes back up. My Safe-T-Beam (red) is Off, and my other (green) is Off. I connected the red and green Safe-T-Beam units to another system and both red and green lights come on. All wiring to power head looks good, Wall button have to hold in to shut door all the way. Sequencer Board ??

    That is correct if you moved the sensors that didn't light up on the current unit to another unit and they light up fine it means the power from the Sequencer board is not flowing to the sensors.  Here is a link to the 20386R.S Sequencer board.

  • Our model: CM7600IC/A opens randomly. About once to twice a month, sometimes in the middle of the night (obviously a security issue). We've reset the programing numerous times. Will changing the sequencer board address this issue? Thank you.

    The issue you are experiencing is called phantom operation, for your model CM7600IC/A follow the below instructions to find the root cause.  

    First please make sure when you are closing the door to watch several seconds and make sure it is not reversing off the floor as this can indicate another issue. If it is closing normally and not reversing it sounds like phantom operation. This can be a short in the wiring or wall console.  First you will have to unwire the wall console by taking it off the wall and disconnecting the 2 wires on the back of button, separate wires and leave this unwired for a period of time that would the phantom operation would normally occur. If your door didn’t phantom operate then you will have to replace the wall console, as it is causing the issue. If it did operate, then you will have to remove the wires from the power head terminals for wall console, 1 and 2 on your unit, for for a period of time that would the phantom operation would normally occur. If it doesn’t operate you will have to replace the wiring. If it did still phantom operate without the wires and wall console, then we would recommend removing batteries from the remotes one a time and waiting for a period of time that would the phantom operation would normally occur.  If the issues stops for a specific remote you will have to replace the remote.  If none of this corrects the issue you would need to replace the circuit board. Please let us know if you have further questions.

  • I was programming my Genie opener model# 3060l-07 to the home link in my SUV and after I got it programmed all of the remotes and outside keypad quit working. The only thing that works is the wall switch. If you push the wall switch to close the door it goes down a little bit then comes back up. You have to hold the button in to get the door to close.

    Typically having to hold the wall button to close the door is due to a safety beam sensor issue.  You can check your beams at the bottom of the door.  You should have a solid red on one side and a solid green on the other side.  If either is out check the connections to the beams and reattach if needed. If the red beam is blinking and the green is solid, clean the lenses, check for any misalignment or obstruction.  Please let us know if you need further assistance.

  • Will this board work on model 459

    No the board 20386R.S is not compatible with model 459.

  • Wil this work with the H6000-07/M?

    Yes, it is compatible.

  • Will this work for model IS900/A??? Apparently the “learn” button in mine is bad and need to replace.

    Yes, it will!

  • Hi I recently started having a problem with the H4000A door opener,opening and closing itself . My first impression was one of the 2 remotes was failing so I disconnected the wireless board . That didn't fix the problem so I next disconnected the wall push button assuming it was bad, that didn't seem to be the problem either so I next disconnected the push button wire at the unit , and I did not hook up the wireless remote board or wires to the wall push button again during these diagnostic tests . The unit still seemed to have a mind of it's own which leads me to believe that something on the sequencer board is failing at the component level. I'd like to also add that I am a retired electrician. I guess my question to you at this point is what is your opinion as to the problem at this point.I really don't want to spend the money for a new unit if this one can be repaired . Thank you

    If you alrady disconnected the wall console, the wall console wires, and all of the wireless devices as you have mentioned, then yes, the sequencer board would need to be replaced to fix this issue.

  • will this solve the problem of lights staying on

    Constant light could be caused by a few different things. In order to eliminate these, here are a few steps to try.

    First you would want to remove the wall button from the wall. Then take the two wires off the back of it and leave them off.

    You would then want to run the unit with a remote, then wait at least five minutes and the light should time out. If they do go out, you would want to replace the wall console. 

    If they do not, then you would want to remove the wall button wires from the power head. Again, run the unit with a remote, wait the five minutes and see if they go out. If they do, you would want to replace the wall button wire from the wall button to the power head. (This is 18 to 22 gauge doorbell wire)

    If they do not go out after both of these then this circuit board would need to be replaced in the unit.

  • Will this work for model sd 8000

    No, it will not.

  • Hi When you press the remote the garage door goes up about a foot and then stops. after hitting the button several more times it seems to work again. can you tell me the problem?

    The force of the garage door opener may need to be adjusted. What model is your garage door opener?

  • Will this board work for an H4000A ?

    Yes, it will.

  • do you have a compatible sequencer bd to replace a W-21593-A

    Do you know what model the garage door opener is?

  • Will this work for gx9000 opener if not which one will

    No, it will not. We no longer have a circuit board for the GX9000 model garage door opener.

  • Is it compatible with H4000-07? And if it is not the piece that it needs, can I return it?

    Yes, this will work on the H4000-07 garage door opener. Once the circuit board is installed, it cannot be returned. Please see our return policy. If you need help troubleshooting the issue you have with your garage door opener, we would be happy to help. You can contact Genie customer service at 1-800-354-3643.

  • I have Blue Max Screw Drive opener. The light is not coming ON. Checked bulb, socket. No click sound when opener unit is plugged and unplugged. So, assuming that the circuit board or light relay is faulty. What do you suggest to fix it? Thanks.

    Please contact Genie customer service at 1-800-354-3643 for troubleshooting assistance.

  • Will this work with the PMX5001C opener

    No, it will not. The PMX500/IC-B model would need the 36190T.S circuit board.

  • replaced start/run capacitor on genie model # PMX300IC but door will only go down about 2 feet and it stops. Pressing the switch again and it goes back to full open position. checked floor sensors all ok there. can a bad relay in the sequencer board be an issue? thanks.

    We would need to do some troubleshooting to determine the exact issue. You can contact our tech support at 800-354-3643.

  • Will this board work in Model # CM7600IC

    As long as there is not a "B" following the model number then yes, the 20386R.S will work with your opener.

  • there’s a tag on my cm7600Ic/a model that says: 16983LA 31184R. will sequencer board 20386R.S replace it?

    Yes, the Sequencer Board 20386R.S will work with your Genie model CM7600IS/A garage door opener.

  • Will this work with model is550/A

    Yes, the Sequencer Board 20386R.S  will work with you Genie model IS550/A garage door opener.

  • Hello, I have a 1/2 H.P. CM8600-XL/M is the 20386R.S the correct replacement sequence board? The old board says SERIES I I 31180-A- REV B-P00. THANKS!

    Yes, the Sequencer Board 20386R.S is compatible with Genie model CM8600XL/M.

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