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Screw Drive Carriage Assembly- 37845R.S

Product Description
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The screw drive carriage assembly has teeth inside it that connect to the screw inside the rail. This allows smooth operation of running the door up and down the rail. If the motor on your operator is running, the screw drive is turning, but the door is not operating it may be time to replace the carriage. 

  • The carriage is designed to protect the screw drive from wear and tear
  • Genuine Genie replacement part 
  • Compatible with Models:  2564, 2568, 3064, 4064, 2562, 3062, 4062, 4063
Sku: 37845R.S

 PDF 37845R.S Carriage Replacement Instructions

Carriage (37845R.S) Replacement Instructions 

This repair will require removal of the unit from it’s mounting hardware and repairs made on a bench or floor. Refer to your Owners Manual and/or Installation Poster for proper assembly and carefully read and understand all warnings and cautions pertaining to your unit.




1. Pull Emergency Release Cord on Carriage to disengage Opener to close the door if necessary. (If unable to lower door using Opener, use extreme caution manually closing door. Before pulling the Emergency Release Cord, make certain people and objects are clear of the door opening.)

NOTE: The closer the Carriage is to the Door end of the Rail the easier it will be to replace. If possible, run operator all the way to the Down Limit travel before disassembly.

2. Unplug Opener Power Cord from power receptacle.

3. Open Lens Cover by pressing middle tab inward and remove Light Bulbs. FIG. 1. 

37845R.S Genie Screw Drive Carriage replacement instructions figure 1

4. Remove Wall Control and Safe-T-Beam wires from Terminal Block located on side of Opener FIG. 2. Use small common screwdriver to press in on orange tabs while gently pulling wires from block. Mark wires to help facilitate replacement.

37845R Carriage replacement instructions for Genie screw drive garage door opener

5. Remove Network and Battery Backup Harnesses from front of Opener (if applicable).

6. Remove the Cotter Pin & Clevis from Door Arm to separate door from Opener. FIG. 3.

Screw drive carriage replacement 37845R.S, instructions Genie garage door openers

7. Remove Motor Head and Rail Assembly from mounting brackets and set on a clean work surface or floor.

NOTE: Be aware of the Motion Detector Bulb on bottom of Powerhead Cover. Do not set operator weight on this bulb FIG. 4.

37845R Carriage replacement instructions figure 4

8. Remove the 6-7/16” self-tapping bolts from the Rail/Motor mounting straps and pull Rail from Motor Head. FIG.4. Flip Rail upside-down on a flat clean surface with sufficient room to pull Screw Assembly from Rail.

9. Using a small common screwdriver, remove E-ring at Motor end of Bearing Block FIG. 5.

10. Slide Bearing Block towards Motor end of Rail to remove FIG. 5.

11. Remove second E-ring FIG. 5.

Genie screw drive model carriage 37845R.S replacement instructions

12. Push Drive Screw forward (door end) until Drive Screw is exposed out of the Rail FIG. 6

13. Pull Drive Screw out of the Rail just until the Carriage can be removed FIG. 6.

Figure 6 Genie screw drive carriage replacement instructions 37845R


14. Install Rack Spring (FIG. 7-B) into grooves on the inside of Rack (FIG. 7-A) and carefully install into Carriage (FIG. 7-C) as shown.

Genie screw drive carriage instructions for replacing (37845R.S)


15. While holding Rack, Spring, and Carriage together, lay Assembly against Drive Screw and hold in place.

16. While holding Carriage Assembly against Drive Screw, slide Drive Screw and Carriage back inside Rail.

17. Push Drive Screw Assembly fully forward until you can assemble Bearing Block.

18. Install forward (door end) E-ring.

19. Slide Bearing into forward (door end) side of Block and slide into place against E-ring FIG. 5.

20. Install Motor end Bearing and secure assembly with e-ring FIG. 5.

NOTE: The Slotted side of the Bearing Block MUST face towards the top of Rail. This is the slot for the Mounting Flange that holds the Rail to the Motorhead.

21. Install Rail to Motor Head Assembly using Coupler, Mounting Flange and 6-7/16” self-tapping screws. FIG. 4.

22. Reinstall Opener Assembly in reverse order as removed. Reference your Owners Manual and Installation Poster.

23. Install Wall Control and Safe-T-Beam wires. Install Battery Backup and/or Network Harnesses if applicable.

24. Install Light Bulbs and close Lens Cover.

25. Install Clevis & Cotter Pins from Door Arms to Shuttle.

26. Move disconnect lever on Shuttle to the upwards position and operate Door until Shuttle connects with Carriage inside rail. These two will lock together.

27. Plug Opener in.

28. Reprogram Limit Controls per Owners Manual.


Ask a Question
  • Door stops at times when opening and closing. How do I know if carriage assembly 37845rs for model 2562 Powerlift 900 Is the problem.Also are the gears on the carriage assembly plastic or metal and they grind down over time? Sometimes it will stop 3 or 4 times in one operation and other times it works fine. Stopping more often lately.

    The carraige has metal teeth. (These teeth can strip out, they are made to do so that other pieces will not break if certain problems happen). To find out if the carriage is the problem, some other troubleshooting will need done. When the garage door opener stops opening or closing the door, do you hear anything? Does the motor keep running? Does the screw keep turning? Does it only happen when it is opening/ closing, or both? You can also contact our Genie customer service at 1-800-354-3643.

  • On my screw drive genie garage door opener - it seems to raise a little ways but stops where one of the screw drive collars are - so do need to replace the screw drive or the screw drive shuttle assemble?? does the screw drive have a few spaces in it that may cause this problem??

    From what you are describing it sounds like the carriage is stripping out. This can happen for a few different reasons. If you would like to troubleshoot it before replacing the carriage, you can contact Genie customer service at 1-800-354-3643.

  • I have a genie professional line GPower 900 and need a new screw drive carriage assembly. Although I see what looks to be the right part #37845R.S, it does not specify compatibility with my model. Can you recommend the correct part?

    Yes, the 37845R.S is the right part for the GPower 900.

  • I have a power max 1200 revolution series Will this fit ?

    Yes, it will.

  • How do I replace this part do you have any videos showing how to replace it 37845R.S

    We do not have any videos at this time showing how to replace this part. You can view the instructions here, and you can contact Genie customer service at 1-800-354-3643 for further assistance. 

  • I have a PowerLift 900 and need to order a new carriage, how do I find the right part to order?

    The carriage part number is 37845R.S. Click here to view it

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