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Include the Garage in your Smart Home!

"Can I make my garage door opener smart?" - Yes, you can! Have you been looking for a Wifi garage door opener? With Genie Aladdin Connect - The best choice for integrating your garage door opener to your smart home. Do you wish you could keep tabs on your garage door from almost anywhere? - WISH GRANTED!

Do you want to be able to: 

• Instantly know when someone is opening or closing your garage door by getting a notification on your smartphone, whether the person is an authorized user or not. 

• Know if someone is manually operating your garage door so you can take steps to find out why. 

• Open the garage door for anyone you need to, such as relatives or repair persons. 

• Have a history for each garage door opener that shows when the door was used including dates and times. 

Aladdin Connect® allows you to control and monitor the status of your garage door from anywhere with your smartphone and other smart devices which puts you in control of the security of your home. Smart technology is not just for inside the house- turn your garage into a smart garage! The garage door is the largest and most used entry point to the home. Monitoring who is going in and out of your garage or having the ability to use your smart device to operate the garage door gives peace-of-mind and control.

If you already have a garage door opener that is working, you can upgrade it to be a Smart Connected one by simply adding the Aladdin Connect Retro-Fit add on kit. If you are buying a new garage door opener or replacing an old one, now is the time to get a Smart Connected WiFi garage door opener. The smart connected garage door openers have Genie's Aladdin Connect built right in; once installed you simply program it to your smart device. Our Aladdin Connect app is FREE, with no additional fees to use it. 

Aladdin Connect also works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, SmartThings,, Brilliant, Control4, Clare Controls, and Yonomi, adding more ways to control your garage door!