36190T.S - Control Board Installation Instructions

PDF Printable Instructions for replacing the 36190T.S Three Terminal Control Board


390 Mhz Replacement Board for ProMax/Legacy

Tools required: 1/4” nut driver or socket, screwdriver

1. Unplug operator from 110v outlet (or if the unit is permanently wired, shut off power to the unit).

2. Remove wall control and photocell leads from terminal strip on rear of opener. Fig. 1.

3. Remove side cover (two screws) to expose control board. Fig 2-A.

4. Remove rear control board mounting bracket and 2 mounting screws at top edge of control board. Fig. 2-B & C.

5. Unplug wire harness and remove existing control board.

6. Connect wire harness to replacment 36190T.S control board and install. Make sure board is properly seated in the rear panel supports and replace the mounting bracket. Securely tighten screws.

7. Replace mounting screws at top edge and tighten snugly (do not overtighten). This can cause the board to crack.

8. Replace side cover making sure antenna protrudes from rear of case. (Control boards are light sensitive and should not be operated while uncovered.)

9. Reconnect wall control and photocell leads.

10. Plug power cord to 110v outlet (or reset breaker).

11. Adjust up and down force controls and program transmitter devices per the owner’s manual.

12. Perform Contact Reverse Test in accordance with the owners manual.

36190T.S Genie circuit board replacement instructions