36645R.S - Screw Drive Coupler Installation Instructions

36645R.S Coupler Replacement 

Note: This repair will require removal of the unit from it's mounting hardware and repairs made on a bench or floor. Refer to your Owners manual and or installation poster for proper assembly and carefully read and understand all warnings and cautions pertaining to your model garage door opener. 

Warning: Be sure electrical power has been disconnected from the input power lines prior to removing the motor cover of the garage door opener. 

Warning: Any and all repairs made to this unit must be performed with the garage door disconnected from the garage door opener and with the garage door in the closed position. 

1. Pull the Emergency release cord on the carriage to disengage the garage door opener if necessary. (If you are unable to lower the garage door using the garage door opener, use Extreme Caution manually closing the door. ) 

2. Unplug the power cord from the power receptacle. 

3. Open lens cover by pressing the middle tab inward and remove the light bulbs. (FIGURE 1) 

36645R.S Genie garage door opener coupler replacement removing the light bulbs

4. Remove the wall console and Safe-T-Beam wires from the terminal block located on side of opener (FIGURE 2). Use a small common screwdriver to press in on orange tabs while gently pulling wires from the block. Mark wires to help facilitate replacement. 

Genie garage door opener 36645R.S coupler replacement instructions

5. Remove network and battery backup harnesses from the front of opener (if applicable). 

6. Remove the cotter pin & clevis from the door arm to separate door from the opener. (FIGURE 3). 

Replacing the coupler part 36645R.S on a Genie screw drive model garage door opener

7. Remove motor head and rail assembly from mounting brackets and set on a clean work surface or the floor. 

Note: Be aware of the motion detector bulb on the bottom of the power head cover (on certain models). Do not set operator weight on this bulb. (FIGURE 2). 

8. Remove the 6-7/16" self-tapping bolts from the rail/ motor mounting straps and pull rail from Motorhead. (FIGURE 4). 

Genie screw drive coupler replacement instructions, part 36645R.S

9. Install rail to motorhead assembly using the 36645R.S replacement coupler, mounting flange, and 6-7/16" self-tapping screws. (FIGURE 3). 

Note: Motor shaft & rail shafts are different sizes. The coupler must be installed in the correct direction or the rail will not assemble to the motor shaft. 

10. Reinstall the garage door opener assembly in reverse order as removed. Reference your owners manual or installation poster if needed. 

11. Install Wall console and Safe-T-Beam wires back into the terminal block. Install battery backup and or network harness if applicable. 

12. Install light bulbs and close lens cover. 

13. Plug the garage door opener in. 

14. Reprogram the limits controls per owners manual. 

Ref: Screw Drive Owners manual

Ref: Screw Drive Installation poster