37303R - Screw Drive Extension Kit Installation Intructions

PDF Installation Instructions for the EKSC Genie Screw Drive Rail Extension Kit 

37303R EKSC Screw Drive Rail Extension Kit (For 8-foot tall garage doors) Installation Instructions

WARNING: Carefully read all instructions and warnings contained in the Assembly/Installation poster and/or Owners Manual prior to assembly of this kit. Safety glasses are required for this assembly.

CAUTION:  Edges of rail and connector sections can be sharp. Avoid contact with edges.

NOTICE: These instructions supersede installation poster steps 3 & 4 (1c & 1d)

Parts Included With the EKSC Kit: Screw Extension (XS), Additional Rail Connector (K), Rail Extension (X), 2-ea. Clips & Collars.

ASSEMBLE THIS KIT ON A FLAT CLEAN WORK SURFACE. (Alphanumeric digits in parenthesis (1a) indicate steps on older posters)

1. Assemble screw rail per installation poster steps 1 through 2 (1a/1b).

2. Pull screw drive sections out of rail sections B & C to allow assembly of extension screw. FIG. 1.

3. Install EKSC (37303R) screw extension (XS) between sections B & C with clips and collars included with this kit. FIG. 1.

4. Install rail connector K to rail section B until it locks. Care should be taken NOT to bend screw connections. FIG. 2.

5. Install rail section C into rail connector K until it locks. Care should be taken NOT to bend screw connections. FIG. 2.
• Screw drive section will now protrude beyond original rail section C. FIG. 3.

6. Install rail connector XK onto rail section C until it locks. FIG. 3.

7. Install rail extension X into rail connector XK until it locks.

8. Continue assembling screw-rail assembly per installation poster step 5 (1e).
• Remember to complete step 6 (1f) for screw sections A & B.

Genie EKSC, 37303R Screw Drive Extension Kit Installation Instructions