38648S.S - Powerhead Cover Installation Instructions

Replacing the 2028 model powerhead cover, 38648S.S instructions  

PDF version Powerhead Cover Replacement Instructions for part 38648S.S

NOTE: Garage door opener rail not shown, rail removal is not necessary for this repair.

Parts Included in this kit: 2028 Motor cover assembly, 3 mounting screws.

Tools Required: 1/4” nut driver, small common screwdriver.

Approximate Time Required: 10 Minutes.


1. Remove power from operator.
2. Press down on tabs to remove lens. FIG-1
3. Using a 1/4” nut driver or common screw driver, remove the 3 opener cover screws and opener cover. FIG-2
4. Install replacement opener cover and included screws in reverse order.
5. Snap lens back into place.
6. Reapply power to the operator.

2028 Genie Powerhead cover replacement instructions