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Powerhead Cover (2028)- 38648S.S

Powerhead Cover (2028)- 38648S.S

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Powerhead (motor) replacement cover for Genie garage door opener models 2028, 2028H. 

  • Includes: Cover, three mounting screws and installation instructions
  • Genuine Genie replacement part 

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Genie garage door opener powerhead cover replacement for model 2028
Powerhead Cover (2028)- 38648S.S


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  • What MHz is the model 2028

    It is a dual-frequency 315/390 Mhz.

  • Where can I find a manufacturing date?

    This can be different depending on the model number. There is normally a sticker with either a serial number or date code that is on the back panel of the powerhead, or under the light bulb cover. For assistance, please contact Genie customer service at 1-800-354-3643.

Replacing the 2028 model powerhead cover, 38648S.S instructions  

PDF version Powerhead Cover Replacement Instructions for part 38648S.S

NOTE: Garage door opener rail not shown, rail removal is not necessary for this repair.

Parts Included in this kit: 2028 Motor cover assembly, 3 mounting screws.

Tools Required: 1/4” nut driver, small common screwdriver.

Approximate Time Required: 10 Minutes.


1. Remove power from operator.
2. Press down on tabs to remove lens. FIG-1
3. Using a 1/4” nut driver or common screw driver, remove the 3 opener cover screws and opener cover. FIG-2
4. Install replacement opener cover and included screws in reverse order.
5. Snap lens back into place.
6. Reapply power to the operator.

2028 Genie Powerhead cover replacement instructions

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