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DIY Accessory Programming

Genie Garage Door Opener Accessory & HomeLink Programming -DIY

Learn how to program your Genie garage door opener remote to your garage
door opener. This DIY video features a G3T-R, 3-button remote being programmed.
The same instructions can be used to program our other Intellicode remotes to
any Genie Intellicode model garage door opener. The featured garage door
opener in this video has a program set button that is standard on all the newer
model Genie garage door openers.  

Genie (GK-R) Wireless Keypad Installation & Programming video. Do-it-yourself-
Use this video to install and program your wireless keypad to any Genie
Intellicode model garage door openers. This video features a Genie Intellicode
garage door opener with a program set button that is a standard feature on all
newer Genie model garage door openers. The video also helps with the
installation and mounting of the keypad to the outside of your garage. 

Need to reset your Genie GK-R Wireless Intellicode Keypad? This video
will show you how to reset the pin code so you can program the keypad 
just like it is new out of the box. This can be used for a forgotten pin. You will  
then follow the DIY programming steps to reset the keypad.

Just need to reset your current pin number on your GK-R Genie Intellicode keypad? 
This video will show you the simple steps to changing your pin number. 

Programming Homelink to Newer Genie Garage Door Openers. Genie garage
door openers have the exclusive feature of working with built-in car remote
systems like Homelink. DIY programming can be easy by following this video to sync
your Genie Intellicode model garage door opener to your in-car Homelink system.
The video features programming with a G3T-R remote but can be used the same
with any other Genie Intellicode model remote also.