Genie Safe-T-Beam System Self Diagnostic Troubleshooting

Genie Safe-T-Beam System Self Diagnostic Troubleshooting Tips:

Source (RED LED)  Source (Green LED) Possible Problem  Solution 
ON ON Normal Operation  None Required

•Powerhead not powered 

•Wiring from Powerhead bad

•Check breakers, fuses, plugs

•Check wiring for obvious shorts 


•Wiring to source missing or bad

•Power has been interrupted

•Check Wiring                                  •Remove power and reapply 
2 Blinks, Pause (Repeat) ON

•Beam not aligned                   

•Beam obstructed                   •Sensor defective 

•Check Source, sensor alignment

•Check for obstruction          

2 Blinks, Pause (Repeat) OFF

•Wire to sensor missing or bad

•Sensor defective

•Check Wiring                             
3 Blinks, Pause (Repeat) ON •Sensor receiving interference •Find source of interference
3 Blinks, Pause (Repeat) ON

•Source not sending pulses

•Source defective 

Contact Customer service 


Safe-T-Beam Warning

Safe-T-Beam technology uses a continuous infrared beam that projects across the interior of the garage door opening to a receiver at all times. In order for your garage door to operate, the beam must be located at least five inches, but no more than six inches, from the floor, and it should be aligned so that the sensors “see” each other. During closing, if the beam is interrupted by a person, animal or object, Safe-T-Beam automatically raises the garage door to protect whatever is in its path. Please note that the garage door opener will not close the door unless Safe-T-Beam® is installed and working properly.

To order wire use the following part numbers:

Safe-T-Beam wiring- part number 35265A.S and 35265B.S