Series III Dry Contact Adapter Switch Installation Instructions

PDF Installation Instructions for the Series III Dry Contact Adapter 38013R



Makes it possible to use older model wall controls with newer garage door openers.

TOOLS NEEDED: Phillips Screwdriver, wire cutters.

1. At a point near the wall control (5"-6" away):

• Cut the bell wires running between the opener powerhead and the older model wall control, Figure 1.

• Strip the ends of the wires to expose the copper conductor, Figure 2.

2. Plug the wires into the converter box terminals. Tug gently to ensure a good connection, Figure 3.

•wall control wire into the terminals marked “SWITCH.”

•wires connected to the powerhead plug into the terminals marked “OPENER.”

3. Mount the converter box to the wall using the screws provided.

Series III Dry Contact adapater installation instructions figure 1

Series III Dry Contact Adapter 38013R installation figure 2

Genie 38013R Series III Dry Contact Adapter Installation Figure 3