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12 Volt Power Plug - for Aladdin Connect

12 Volt Power Plug - for Aladdin Connect

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This replacement 12 Volt power plug fits the Genie Aladdin Connect Door Control Module.

  • Replaces the original power pack supplied in the Aladdin Connect Kit
  • Plugs into the back of the Aladdin Connect Door control module and then into a power outlet to supply power

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39193A.S Replacement 12 Volt power pack (plug) for Aladdin Connect
12 Volt Power Plug - for Aladdin Connect


Ask a Question
  • Is there an adapter with longer cord. This cord is to short and hangs in the middle of the wall

    We only have the one length of the cord.

  • do you have a power pack with 24volt output

    No, we do not.

  • How many amps is this power supply?

    The 12 Volt Power Plug - for Aladdin Connect uses a maximum of 1 AMP.

  • I need a longer cord. I can't mount it by the door and plug it in. Outlet is too far away

    We do not have a longer power cord available for this unit.  However, you can locate the DCM control box closer to the outlet, then wire a longer length of wire to the motor head.  If you need additional wire you can locate it here.

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