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Chain Drive Carriage Assembly - 36254R.S

Chain Drive Carriage Assembly - 36254R.S

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This carriage assembly replaces the carriage on compatible chain drive Genie operators. The carriage runs up and down the rail, attaching to the innerslide on the chain to open and close the garage door. 

  • Works on the units listed below that used the T-Rail 
  • Compatible with Models ProMax®: PMX 300-IC/A, PMX 500-IC/A, PMX 300-IC/B, PMX 500-IC/B, IC250, IC250/B, PMX700, PMX1200, GPS700IC, GPS1200IC
  • Genuine Genie replacement part 

SKU: 36254R.S

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Chain Drive Carriage Assembly ,  Service Parts - The Genie Company
Chain Drive Carriage Assembly - 36254R.S


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  • Is this part compatible with the PMX70?

    Is the rail on your Genie PMX70 an upside down black T-rail, if so the Chain Drive Carriage Assembly - 36254R.S is compatible with your unit.  If you have a silver channel rail the 36254R.S carriage is not compatible and there is no longer a carriage available as it is obsolete.

  • My unit has the part number PMX500IC/B. Is the PMX500IC/B. the same as the PMX500-IC/B? Does the part Number 36254R.S fit my unit?

    Yes the PMX500IC/B the same as the PMX500-IC/B, and as long as you have the T Rail (looks like an upside T and is black) this will work with your unit.

  • Is this carriage assembly compatible with Genie chain glide model H2000C?

    No unfortunately there is no carriage for this model H2000C any longer.

  • How does the carriage attach to the chain

    There should be an innerslide on the chain that is white plastic.  Check the entire length of the chain on both sides of the rail, if you are unable to locate it is possible the Inner Slide Parts Bag - 25605R.S has broken and you may need to replace it.

  • Will this work on a Genie model # 200?

    Sorry, the Chain Drive Carriage Assembly - 36254R.S will not work with the Genie model 200.  We do not have any replacement carriages for this model and would recommend replacing the unit.

  • Is this part compatible with the GCG350ML?

    Sorry, we no longer have the replacement carriage for Genie model GCG350ML.  

  • Is this carriage compatible with the PCG650 chain drive?

    No, it will not.

  • Where do your parts ship from and what carrier do you use. Small part- carriage box. Shipping to 98021, thanks.

    We ship our parts from Ohio and they go UPS ground shipping.

  • what new carriage can replace the old carriage part number 35263R?

    We no longer have a carriage to replace the 35263R.

  • Is this part compactible with Genie Professional Line Model 2028?

    No, it is not. The 2028 model garage door opener uses the 36773R.S carriage.

  • Will this work on Model number GCG350L ?

    No, it will not. The carraige for the GCG350L was part number 35263R.S, we no longer have it available.

  • Does this fit a PMX 75?

    No, it will not. We no longer have the carriage for the PMX 75.

  • Does this works on a PCG 700ML?

    No, the carriage for the PCG 700ML was part 35263R.S, it is now obsolete.

  • I have model PCG450, need new carriage assy. Will this unit work on my system? If not where can i find a new carriage assy.

    The carriage assembly for the PCG450 is obsolete.

  • Will this replace the discontinued trolley on a PCG400 model? The 35263R.s in obsolete.

    No, it will not. We no longer have the carriage for the PCG400 model.

  • I have a CM8500-S garage door opener. Need a chain drive carriage assembly. Please direct me to the correct part.

    The CM8500 was a screw drive model garage door opener. Are you sure you have a chain drive model? If you have a screw drive CM8500 model then you would need the 36179R.S carriage.

  • Hello. Will this part (36254R.S) work for Genie Promax 85? (Model PMX85). I need a replacement carriage. Customer service gave me a part # but it was for screw type. I have a channel rail. What is the correct replacement part, or one that will work please?

    We no longer have the carriage dor the PMX85 model.

  • Are there installation instructions or video for this item?

    No, there is not. Please contact Genie customer service at 1-800-354-3643 for assistance.

  • I have a pmx500-ic unit. The plastic clip on the chain that the carriage locks into has broken so does not lock into the chain. Is this part available? If so what is the part number?

    It sounds like you are referring to the inner slide. For the PMX500-IC models, it is part number 25605R.S.

  • I have a PCG500ML, will this part work for it?

    No, it will not. The carriage for the PCG500ML is obsolete.

  • Will this work to replace Z-18642 on a Genie Alliance Model 200. Plastic part that is now breaking. It has a pull lever for emergency release. Looks like a round pin and this one looks to be square

    No, it will not. We no longer have the carriage dor the Model 200.

  • I have a Genie Promax PCG400. Will this work for that model? If not, any idea where to find a part for that model?

    No, this will not work. The carriage for the PCG400 was part number 35263R.S, it is now obsolete.

  • Will this fit a Standard Drive 650?

    If you have a seven-foot-high garage door - you would need the 36673R.S carriage.

  • I have model Genie Pro Max 1/2 H.P. Model PMX 500IC/B will 36254R.S work for my model?

    Yes, it will!

  • Will this product work for the sp 99?

    No, it will not. We no longer have parts for the SP99 model.

  • I have Genie Pro Stealth Model GPS1200IC and need a new Screw Drive Carriage Assembly. Will this model #36254R.S replace my broken part? Can you send instructions to replace the part?

    The 36254R.S is the carriage for the GPS1200IC model garage door opener. This is not a screw drive assembly, but the GPS1200IC is not a screw drive model. Please verify that you have the GPS1200IC before purchasing this part.

  • will this part work for model 2022?

    No, it will not. For the 2022 model, you would need the 36453A.S.

  • i need a couple of these but for PCG450-if this won't work, do you have one that will?

    This will not work for the PCG450 model, the one for it is obsolete.

  • I have model H2000C. Do you have a carriage assembly that will work for this model? Additionally, do you have a replacement remote that will work for this model?

    The carriage for the H2000C model was part number 35263R.S. It is now obsolete, we no longer have that part.

  • I have a CH 130 this looks like it might work on it what do you think?

    No, this will not work for the CH 130 model.

  • I have an older chain drive, model 209, that may have been manufactured in the late 80's. The opener is still going strong but the carriage broke. Will part number 36254R.S work as a replacement for a unit that old?

    No, this carriage will not work. We no longer have the parts for the model 209.

  • Will this carriage replace part number 35263R.S for a model GCG350L?

    No, this will not work. We no longer have the 35263R.S part.

  • Is this the correct part for a genie model 200?

    We no longer have parts available for the model 200.

  • I have a 315390r1 genie 2020L Is this part compatible? Thanks

    No, it is not. We no longer have the carriage slide for the 2020L model.

  • I have a ProMax2, Model PCG500ML. Will this part work on that model? If not, what is the fix?

    No, the carriage for the PCG500ML is obsolete. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Is it compatible with Part Number 35263R Pro Max 2 Model PCG700ML?

    No, Chain Drive Carriage Assembly - 36254R.S is not compatible with the model PCG700ML.

  • I have a alliance 1/2 hp opener mod cm80-5 and the # on the carriage i have is z21783-A. Would this work for me ?

    Hello. The 36254R.S will not work with your opener. You will need the 36179R.S carriage to use with your Genie model CM80-S garage door opener.

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