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Circuit Board / Series II Wall Console Bundle 38875R1.S

Circuit Board / Series II Wall Console Bundle 38875R1.S

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This replacement configured circuit board with series II wall console bundle for certain Genie screw drive model garage door openers. Use this circuit board/ wall console bundle to get your garage door opener back up and running quickly if you have determined your screw drive circuit board needs to be replaced.

  • Compatible with models 3062, 3064 (PowerMax 1200, TriloG 1200)
  • Genuine Genie replacement part
  • After installing the new replacement circuit board, reprogramming will be necessary for the limits and wireless devices 
  • Circuit board, series II wall console, and detailed replacement instructions are included

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Garage door opener Circuit Board  and Series II Wall Console Bundle 38875R1.S for Genie garage door openers
Circuit Board / Series II Wall Console Bundle 38875R1.S


Ask a Question
  • My powermax 1200 just quit. It will not open. Ive checked the sensors and theyre fine, all the lights work, ive made sure it's not locked. Using the wall mount switch it wont open, it doesnt even make a sound when pressed. What could be the issue?

    Your limits may need to be reset, please follow the below instructions.  

    To reprogram your limits, you will want to start with your door in the open position and engaged to the opener (make sure the red cord has not been pulled, if so lock it back into the bullet on the chain or belt before proceeding). To program the limits, you will want to press and hold the down arrow button (-) until the long LED comes on blue.  Release, and the LED will begin to flash blue. Press and hold the down arrow button (-) to close the garage door. When the door lightly touches the ground, you will release. Press and release the square button. Both LEDs flash blue and go off. Press and hold the open arrow (+) until the long LED come on blue. Release. Press and hold the open arrow to open the garage door. When the door is all the way open (do not allow it to hit the powerhead). Release. Press and release the square button.  Both LEDs flash blue and go off. Go to the wall console and press and release the button on the wall to fully close the garage door. Once the door is fully closed, you will want to press and release the button on the wall again to open the door all the way.

  • My genie powermax 1200 went completely dead (no lights or anything worked after a severe storm went through the area) thinking it is the circuit board. Any information that you can give would be appreciated. Live in a small town which is a long way from any dealer.

    Yes, generally when power outages occur and the opener has no power afterward it would have been effected by a power surge.  Typically this would mean the transformer that is on the circuit board or other parts of the circuit board were damaged and the circuit board would need replaced.  However, due to electrical damage being unpredictable we can't guarantee the circuit board would fix the issue, but it does in most cases.  The Circuit Board / Series II Wall Console Bundle 38875R1.S is the correct replacement for your Genie model Powermax 1200.

  • Is this circuit board and wall unit bundle “user friendly”? Is it just a matter of unplugging the black and white wire connector to the board and putting in the new circuit board? I am not an electrician.

    Yes, it is easily installed with the instructions. You will be unplugging the old wiring harnesses and plugging in the new ones. We are here to assist if you need any help also! 

  • This says compatible with model 3062. I have a model 4062. I can't find one that says compatible with that. Can you point me in the right direction please. Thank you

    Here is the board kit for the 4062

PDF Instructions for replacing the 38875R1.S Screw Drive circuit board 

PDF Instructions for resetting the opener travel Limits after replacing the 38875R1.S circuit board 

PDF Instructions for replacing the Genie Series II wall console

38875R1.S DC Control Board Replacement

These instructions are written assuming that you will have ample room around Opener to perform this repair. Some rare instances will require removal of the unit from its mounting hardware and repair made on a bench or floor. Refer to your Owner’s Manual for proper assembly and carefully read and understand all warnings and cautions pertaining to your unit.





1. Pull emergency release cord on the carriage to disengage opener to close the door if necessary. (If unable to lower door using an opener, use extreme caution manually closing the door. Before pulling the emergency release cord, make certain people and objects are clear of the door opening.)

2. Unplug the garage door opener power cord from power outlet.

3. Open the light lens cover by pressing middle tab inward and remove light bulbs. FIG. 1.

Circuit Board Replacement 38875R4.S figure 1

4. Remove wall control and Safe-T-Beam wires from the terminal block located on side of opener FIG. 1. Use a small common screwdriver to press in on orange tabs while gently pulling wires from the block. Mark wires to help facilitate replacement.

5. Unplug any optional accessories such as the battery backup and/or networking adapter.

6. Remove two 5/16” screws securing powerhead cover to chassis. FIG. 2.

Genie Circuit board replacement figure 3, part 38875R4.S

7. Allow the motor cover to swing down to access screw drive (circuit) control board and wire harnesses.

8. Unplug the following harnesses from the control board. FIG. 4.

• Light harness

• Motor harness

• Opto harness (see step 12-13)

• AC IN harness

• Motion Detector harness (if equipped)

• Green ground wire to chassis (if equipped).


Genie 38875R4.S Circuit board replacement figure 3 Genie 38875R4.S Circuit board replacement figure 4

9. Powerhead cover can now be removed from opener chassis for repair. Special care should be taken to prevent damage to the motion detector bulb (If equipped) located on the bottom of the motor cover. 

10. Remove control board mounting screws and the old control board. FIG 3.

11. Feed antenna wire through the hole in the cover. Mount the 38875R1.S replacement control board to cover and secure with screws removed in step 10.


12. If your motor compares to MOTOR TYPE 1. Remove existing harness from the motor and plug pre-installed OPTO SENSOR harness from new control board directly into the motor.

13. If your motor compares to MOTOR TYPE 2. Remove pre-installed OPTO SENSOR harness from the control board and plug existing OPTO harness from the motor into DUAL ENCODER OPTO SENSOR plug on replacement control board. (Or use new harness packed with control board).

14. Hang powerhead cover to chassis to connect all other harnesses removed in step 8.

15. Swing powerhead cover-up onto chassis and secure using screws removed in step 6.

16. Install wall control and Safe-T-Beam wires. Install battery backup and/or network harnesses if applicable.

17. Install light bulbs and close lens cover.

18. Reapply power to the opener.

19. Limit controls, transmitters, and full function test will be required. Refer to the owner’s manual and/or assembly poster for detailed information  

20. See below for instructions on replacing the Series II wall console 

Genie motor type images for replacement circuit board 38875R4.S


• Disconnect power to the powerhead (unplug from the outlet).

• Remove existing wall console from the wall by removing mounting screws.• Remove wires from existing wall console.

• Split and strip ends of the wire if it is needed (Fig. 2).

replacing the Genie wall console

• Fasten the wire to control board screws on the back of the series II wall console (Fig. 3):


Genie wall console replacement instructions

wiring for replacing the Genie garage door opener wall console

• Connect white wire between powerhead terminal #3 to wall console terminal “W.” (Fig 3 & 7).

• Connect striped wire between powerhead terminal #4 to wall console terminal “B.” (Fig 3 & 7).

NOTE: When existing wires have a color code different from above (FIG. 3), or none at all—make sure the wires are connected between terminals as directed above. When the wires are connected to the opposite terminals, the Sure-Lock® and Light feature may not function. The first indication of incorrect wiring is the backlight will be OFF.

• Mount wall console to wall using screws provided. Verify height at least 5 ft. above the floor (Fig. 4).

Reconnect power to the powerhead.

• Check operation of each wall console button and feature (If the circuit board was replaced, and then the wall console, reset the limits on the garage door opener before checking the wall console features.) 

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