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Down Limit Switch, (138", Brown) - 33950S.S

Down Limit Switch, (138", Brown) - 33950S.S

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This magnetic limit switch is used as a replacement for many Genie screw drive model openers. The limit switch works with the carriage to tell the door when to stop closing. If you have determined the switch needs to be replaced, you can use this as a quick replacement to get your opener back up and running. 

  • Contains one magnetic limit switch with the brown wire 
  • The down limit switch is used at the door end of the rail where it closes
  • Genuine Genie replacement part
  • Compatible with Models: 4060L, H8000, ISD990, ISD995, ISD1000, 4560, PRO99, CMD9900

SKU: 33950S.S

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Down Limit Switch, (138", Brown) ,  Service Parts - The Genie Company
Down Limit Switch, (138", Brown) - 33950S.S


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  • About to Order SKU: 33950S.S My MODEL # GCG350L IS CHAIN DRIVE and the SWITCH IS MANUAL NOT MAGNETIC … Will SKU: 33950S.S Work ???? It specifically states Screw Drive and my Model is not listed. Thanks LSK

    No, you cannot use any other limit switch, the limit switch for the Genie model GCG350L is no longer available.  The part number was 20467R.S if you would like to find from locale dealers using our dealer locator or other online sources.

  • I bought a down limit switch 33969b for h8000-07 door opener. It did seem to work. Is the same switch as 33950s. If I just hook up wires and touch them together it will stop

    This is the correct limit switch for the H8000-07 model garage door opener. Please contact Genie customer service at 1-800-354-3643 for troubleshooting assistance.

  • What is the difference between 33950S and 33950S.S?

    This would be the same item.

  • I am getting ready to order a replacement Close Limit Sw., P/N 33950S.S, for my Model ISD990. I would also like to order some Wire Clips But I need a Part #.

    The wire clips for the ISD990 would be part number 33905A.S.

  • will this work with model 4560/M?

    Yes, it will.

  • My Genie Excelerator screw drive garage door opener will open, but it DOES NOT CLOSE. I've checked the sensors that detect any objects in the way, but they seem fine (lights indicating no problems). Will a new Down Limit Switch, (138", Brown) - 33950S.S solve my problem?

    This could be a couple of different issues causing the door not to close. For troubleshooting assistance to help determine the problem, please contact Genie customer service at 1-800-354-3643.

  • Will this switch replace model 33969b?

    Yes, the Down Limit Switch, (138", Brown) - 33950S.S is a compatible replacement for your 33969b switch.

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