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Optical Interrupt Wheel - 33944A.S

Optical Interrupt Wheel - 33944A.S

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Genie garage door opener replacement Optical Interrupt wheel. 

  • Includes 1 Wheel
  • Compatible with Genie model garage door openers: Excelerator®Pro99, CMD9900, H8000, ISD990, ISD995, ISD1000, QuietLift®4560

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Optical Interrupt Wheel - 33944A.S
Optical Interrupt Wheel - 33944A.S


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  • I broke mine too and garage door stopped opening after it opens 6 in. What is the function of this interrupt wheel? Is it difficult to install? Which face needs to be facing outward? I just ordered one online.

    The function of the opto wheel is to count the speed (RPMs) of the motor.  The symptom you are having of short travel is what occurs with a defective optoluctor on the board or a broken wheel.  It is fairly easy to install.  Just unplug the unit, flip the light bulb cover down, and remove the 4 screws in the motor cover.  Remove the broken wheel and put the new wheel on.  The clip part of the opto wheel will fit on the back end of the motor shaft.  The wheel goes all the way until the clip fits in the groove in the shaft.

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