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Perfect Stop Garage Parking Aid

Perfect Stop Garage Parking Aid

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If you have trouble judging where to stop in your garage to allow clearance for the door, the Perfect Stop Parking System (GPS-R) is the solution to your worries. No more getting in and out of your car to see how much more space you have! With the easy-to-install system, just drive forward in your garage until the yellow ball touches the windshield, and you’ll know you’re parked at the same distance every time you enter your garage.

The foam parking ball is mounted to the ceiling and lowers into place when the garage door is opened. It retracts when the door is closed, so it isn’t in your way. Compatible with all garage door openers and safe for your vehicle, the Universal Perfect Stop System is simple but extremely effective. The system includes a yellow ball, string, mounting hardware, and 1 Year Limited Warranty.

  • Perfect Parking Indicator. Ideal for judging stopping distance in your garage to allow clearance for the door behind your car.
  • Compatible with All Garage Door Openers. No matter what system you use for your garage door opener, the Perfect Stop Parking System will guide you to your parking place.
  • You will get quick and easy installation with this garage parking aid. The system mounts from the ceiling, with all hardware and instructions included.
  • Garage Parking Guide. The Perfect Stop sensor ball lowers into place when the garage door opens and retracts out of the way when the door closes.
  • Safe for Your Car. Foam parking aid is gentle on your windshield and will not scratch or dent your vehicle.

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Perfect Stop Garage Parking Aid - never worry again about parking correctly in the garage
Perfect Stop Garage Parking Aid


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  • Can this be used for 2 cars side by side in a garage? thus, not the center but 2 sides.

    No, the ball would have to be in the center where the garage door opener is.

  • There are no instruction on how to install in a 10' garage with a 8' door. The string seems long enough but I haven't figured out the correct way to install it. What are the instructions for this setup?

    You can view the perfect stop parking instructions here. If you need assistance you can also contact our customer service support at 1-800-354-3643.

GPS-R Perfect Stop Installation Instructions 



Garage Parking Aid Installation Instructions


1. Park vehicle in the desired location within the garage.

2. Suspend Perfect Stop ball on the string from the garage ceiling allowing the ball to contact vehicle windshield as shown in Figure 1.

3. Mark this location on the ceiling and install an eyelet. Temporarily secure the cord at this eyelet with the ball remaining in contact with the vehicle windshield.

4. Remove the vehicle from the garage and close the garage door.

5. Measure the distance from the eyelet to the ball. This is Distance “A.”

6. Determine your type of garage door (Figure 2), then proceed with the instructions for the installation of eyelets 2 and 3

7. Using your “A” Distance from step 5, determine the second eyelet position from the appropriate chart below (Distance “B”).

8. Starting at the header above the garage door opening measure distance “B” back toward the first eyelet. This is the location for the second eyelet (it will be between the garage door and the first eyelet)(Figure 1).

9. The third eyelet is installed on the top edge of the garage door and must be located so that the three eyelets form a straight line. (NOTE: if your door is made of fiberglass or metal, drill a 1/16”pilot hole to allow installation of the third eyelet.)

10. Unsecure the cord from the first eyelet and thread it through the first and second eyelets and tie it at the third eyelet according to the following:


For Track Guided Doors –

Pull the cord through the third eyelet until the ball reaches the first eyelet. Tie off the cord and remove the excess.


ForTrackless Doors –

Pull the cord through the third eyelet until the top of the ball is 12” below the first eyelet. Tie off the cord and remove the excess.

Installation instructions illustration for Genie perfect stop parking assist GPS-R

  • Genie Universal Series Works with all brands of garage door openers

    Universal Series

    The Perfect Stop Parking System is part of the Genie Universal Series that works with all brands of garage door openers.

  • Genie Universal Series_Pefrect Stop Yellow Ball touching a windsheild


    The Perfect Stop Parking Aid is safe for all vehicle types. The foam ball will not scratch or dent any vehicle.

  • Perfect Stop Parking Solution_Genie Universal Series

    Perfect Solution

    Stop stressing about parking too close or too far, park perfectly in your garage every time!