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Replacement Belt for 8' Garage Door Opener- 39354S.S

Replacement Belt for 8' Garage Door Opener- 39354S.S

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The 39354S.S Belt assembly is used on various model Genie garage door openers that have a 5-piece tube style rail for an 8' high garage door (with the added extension kit). 

  • Assembly has a 1-piece belt  
  • Compatible with the following Genie garage door openers that have a belt rail: SilentMax Connect, StealthDrive 750, SilentMax 750, SilentMax 550, QuietLift 550, StealthLift 500
  • Also compatible with any Genie garage door opener with belt rail that model number begins with 2055, 3053, 3055, 7055, 7155, 7155L

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Replacement Belt for 8' Garage Door Opener- 39354S.S ,  Service Parts - The Genie Company
Replacement Belt for 8' Garage Door Opener- 39354S.S


Ask a Question
  • Does this works with model number 2042

    No, unfortunately we do not have a replacement belt for Genie model 2042.

  • What belt fits Genie Pro Stealth GPS1200IC. I was told it needs to be the older model longer belt.

    We no longer have the belt for the GPS1200IC model garage door openers.

  • Can I buy only the bolt connector attached to the belt?

    No, we do not have the bolt connect as a separate part.

  • Will this fit the Genie Pro Max, model # PMX500IC/B? On an 8’ garage door.

    No, it will not. We no longer have a belt for the PMX500IC/B model garage door opener.

  • What belt can fit in the model 2060l

    We no longer have a belt for the 2060L model.

  • I have a genie 7055 and need replacement belt. How do I know if I need the 7 or 8' belt?

    If you did not add an extension kit to the 7055 when it was installed, you would just need the normal 7-foot belt.

  • Can you order just the bolts at the end of the chain?

    No, we do not sell them as a replaceable part.

  • What is the name of the connector that joins the two ends? Where can I find?

    The connector is referred to as the "Turnbuckle". It is in the Mounting Parts Pack- part number 39010R.S.

  • will this belt fit the model 7055

    Yes, it will!

  • Which chain is suitable for the GPS1200IC model?

    Unfortunately, the chain for that unit is obsolete so we no longer have one that is comapatible.

  • What is the total length of belt?

    Hello. The over all length of the 39354S.S Belt is 244"

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