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Visor Clip

Visor Clip

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Easily replace your missing or damaged visor clip with this one to get your remote hanging conveniently back up on your visor. Starting in the fall of 2012, this became the standard clip used for Genie remotes with a mostly curved style.  

  • Compatible with Genie model remotes: G1T-BX (38501R), GM3T-R (37344R/37335R), G3T-R (37218R/37330R),  GLR-BX (37348R)
  • Easy to install on your current remote
  • Quickly attaches your remote to the visor

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Visor Clip ,  Service Parts - The Genie Company
Visor Clip


Ask a Question
  • Will this fit the Model G-3T-A and do you have free shipping for this item?

    Yes, the Visor Clip is compatible with the Genie remote model G3T, however it will not qualify for free shipping by itself.  US orders with a subtotal over $17.99 qualify for free shipping.

  • Does this clip fit the ACSCTG Type 1 remote

    Yes, the Visor Clip will work with the model ACSCTG remote.

  • How do I remove the clip from the 3 button remote control. I've tried everything. Thank you!

    You must pull away from the remote as you are pulling up on the visor clip.  This will allow the barbs to release.

  • How to I remove the clip from the Genie Single Button Model G1T BX

    You must pull back away from the remote at the same time that you are pulling up.

  • Does this clip fit the ACSCTG Type 2 remote?

    Yes, the Visor Clip is compatible with Genie model ACSCTG remotes.

  • Will this fit model GITR-3?

    Yes, the Visor Clip will fit model GITR-3.

  • will this work with the g3t-a

    Yes, it will.

  • Will this work with the G3T model

    Yes, it will.

  • How do you remove the existing visor clip from the opener?

    What model remote do you have?

  • Just bought home. One two car garage door powered by "Blue Max" and one car garage door powered by "Intellicode". Need to understand how to reprogram wall pad and am trying to order new remotes. Will 3 button remotes work with both kinds of systems?

    Please contact Genie customer service for reporgramming assistance. We will need some details on which items you are programming to assist you. The GM3T-R, Genie Master Remote will work with the BlueMax garage door opener.

  • Will this clip fit Model G37-BX?

    Yes, it will.

  • Lost visor clip. Nowhere could I find it. model is Genie G3T-A. Is it possible I could use the one for G3TR?

    Yes, this would be the same clip for the G3T-A and G3T-R. 

  • Will this fit the GT912 model

    No, it will not.

  • What clip will fit a GITR-3 ?

    Yes this Visor Clip will work with your GITR-3 remote.

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