Genie garage door opener keypad with the cover opened and the cover closed

6 Benefits to Installing a Garage Door Opener Keypad

It’s a rainy afternoon as you return home from your afternoon walk.  As you approach your house, you notice that you had shut the side exit door of your garage. You grit your teeth as you realize the door is most likely locked.  You don’t have an extra remote to open your garage door or a hidden key to open the door.  You also haven’t taken the chance to download the Aladdin Connect app to open your Genie garage door opener from your phone!  What do you do? At times like this, it would be convenient to have a quick and easy way to enter your garage – no remotes or phone needed.  An exterior keypad solves this issue by creating a hassle-free way to enter your garage. 

A wireless garage door opener keypad adds the convenience to access your garage door with a simple 4-digit PIN.  Genie offers two great options to cover your needs for exterior access of your garage with our Genie Wireless Keypad and the Universal Wireless Keypad.


  • Genie Wireless Keypad – This keypad works with all Genie-branded garage door openers manufactured since 1996!  The large back-lit buttons ensure you can easily enter your 4-digit custom PIN code during any time of day or night!  Operate up to 3 Genie garage door openers with the press of a button! 

  • Universal Wireless Keypad- The Universal Keypad by Genie is compatible with most major brands of garage door openers!  See the compatibility chart here.  Control up to 3 garage door openers – all the same or all different brands!  This keypad is compatible with both rolling code and dip switch technology garage door openers.


There are several benefits to installing a Genie garage door opener keypad.  Here are just a few below:

  1. Additional Access for Your Family

With a wireless keypad, any of your family can quickly access your garage!  If your kids are coming home from school, they can easily enter the code to open your garage.  No need to keep track of a key! 

  1. Custom PIN Codes for Your Friends

The Genie Wireless Keypad and the Universal Wireless Keypad offer a temporary PIN option.  This allows normally unauthorized persons access to your garage.  For example, you may want to allow a plumber, neighbor, or dog walker access to your garage for a certain time period.  The temporary PIN code will be active until you enter your regular PIN again. 

  1. No Remote Needed

You no longer need to carry a remote to open your garage door.  Clear the clutter in your pockets or purse and leave the remotes in your car!  Don’t worry if the side garage door is locked.  You can access your garage anytime with a wireless keypad!  The back-lit buttons make it easy to view what buttons you are pushing to quickly access your garage.

  1. Secure Access to Your Garage

Genie keypads feature Auto-Seek Dual Frequency which ensures your opener will respond regardless of nearby frequency interference.  Genie keypads also include Intellicode technology which changes your garage door opener’s access code every time you use it – keeping your garage secure.

  1. Easily Mounted and Programmed

The Genie Wireless Keypad and the Universal Wireless Keypad are both mounted using the included hardware and 2 screws.  Both keypads are wire-free and can be installed in minutes! No scary electrical work required!  The keypads are powered by 2 AAA batteries. Safety note: the keypad should be installed at least five feet above the door and clear of any moving parts.

  1. Matches Your Current Home Exterior

The standard exterior case cover of your keypad is white; however, we have 3 different color options to choose from depending on your preference.  You can also choose from almond, tan, or grey covers.  These case covers are interchangeable and work on both the Genie Wireless Keypad and the Universal Wireless Keypad.  Match your home’s exterior and have your keypad blend right in by changing the color of the cover!

Genie garage door opener wireless keypad with color options for keypad cover
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@ Robert Boyer – If none of the wireless devices can be programmed into the garage door opener this may be a problem with the circuit board. For warranty assistance please contact Genie customer service at 1-800-354-3643.

Heather Rothacher

we have a model 7055 and all the wireless entry devices will not operate the door. We have remote fobs, outside keypad and our internal car programed. Each of these devices slowly started to fail, now none of them will operate the door. We have re-programed each many times. The inside wired, push button works fine, none of the remotes work. Can you help or do i need to replace the entire opener.

Robert Boyer

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