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Best Smart Garage Door Openers

A smart garage door opener is able to connect to your home’s Wi-Fi signal, which allows you to monitor and control the status of your garage door from your smartphone or smart home device.  The smart home garage door opener system from Genie is called Aladdin Connect.  With the free Aladdin Connect app, you can receive alerts of when your door opens or closes.  You can also create custom rules to open or close your door at a certain time or after a duration of time.  Aladdin Connect increases the safety and security of your garage and home.  Aladdin Connect is compatible with major smart home partners such as Alexa, Google Assistant, SmartThings,, and more.  Genie has a line of garage door openers with integrated Aladdin Connect capabilities which ensures the ultimate combination of safety and convenience.

Below is a list of some of the smart garage door openers available from Genie.  You can also use our Product Selector tool to find the right garage door opener for you.  If you are looking for a Genie professional dealer to install a garage door opener for you – check out our Dealer Locator tool to find a Genie dealer near you.


Most Affordable Smart Garage Door Opener:

Model 2033: The sturdy and reliable chain drive garage door opener is an affordable option that also has integrated Aladdin Connect Wi-Fi capabilities.  The ½ HPc motor can lift residential sectional garage doors weighing up to 500lbs and 7’ tall (8’ tall with extension kit EKTC).

Genie garage door opener model 2033


Space Saving Wall Mount Smart Garage Door Opener:

Model 6172H-B: Free up the overhead space in your garage with the Genie Wall Mount!  This garage door opener mounts to the garage door’s spring tube on the side of the garage door.  Aladdin Connect smart home control and an integrated battery backup are included.  The wall mount garage door opener can open residential sectional or one-piece doors weighing up to 850lbs and up to 14’ tall. 


Genie Smart Wall Mount Garage Door Opener


Best Smart Garage Door Opener for Heavy Doors:

Model 4063: The MachForce Connect features an ultra-strong screw drive with an 140v DC motor that lifts heavy doors up to 12” per second.  This smart garage door opener with integrated Aladdin Connect also features a battery backup to open your garage door when the power goes out. Genie screw drive technology will lift residential sectional or one-piece garage doors that 7’ high and up to 850lbs.  For 8’ tall doors, you will need extension kit EKSC.

Screw Drive Garage Door Opener Genie MachForce


Battery Backup Smart Garage Door Opener:

Model 7155: Features an ultra-quiet belt drive that is ideal for garages close to living spaces.  You can expect secure and reliable operation with this smart garage door opener with a battery backup.  Never worry about being locked out of your garage in case of a power outage again!  Model 7155 will operate garage doors weighing up to 500lbs and 7’ tall (extension kit EKTB needed for 8’ tall doors).

Genie garage door opener model 7155


Most Feature-Packed Smart Garage Door Opener:

Model 7155L: This feature-packed garage door opener features an ultra-quiet belt, integrated LED lighting, battery backup function, smartphone compatibility, and all the accessories you need, including a wireless keypad.  The bright LED light illuminates your entire garage.  This opener works on sectional garage doors weighing up to 500lbs and 7’ tall (8’ with extension kit EKTB). 

Genie garage door opener model 7155L, with integrated LED lighting


Many Genie garage door openers already include integrated Wi-Fi (Aladdin Connect) capabilities. If you garage door opener is not smart, you can make it Wi-Fi compatible with the Aladdin Connect retrofit kit.  This kit works with most brands of garage doors made since 1993. Learn more here!

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Hoping someone here knows how to get a remote for opener before 90. Model 12A


@ Larry – The 40659S is a Universal remote that is sold through our Genie professional dealers. You can locate a dealer here:
On our website, you can purchase the two button universal remote

Heather Rothacher

I called your tech crew today for a universal remote to operate my opener. They gave me a specific # 40659s but when I go to your site there is no such thing… What gives?

Larry E Haldeman

This is an excellent blog, thank you for sharing it.

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It is a pleasure to read your blog. I hope to see more like this in the future. I appreciate the information you shared.

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