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Wall Mount Smart Garage Door Opener- Direct Drive Side Mount with Wireless Wall Console, Battery Backup, and Wi-Fi


The new innovative wall mount-designed Genie smart garage door opener eliminates the traditional rail design. This Genie wall mount garage door opener features the Aladdin Connect smart home control (certified to Work With Alexa) plus an integrated battery backup. This wall mount garage door opener easily attaches directly to the garage door's spring tube mounted high and to the side of the garage door. This design opens all the space above where the cars would park in your garage. Often referred to as a residential jackshaft garage door opener, the wall mount models also include the newest Genie garage door opener accessories. Featuring the Genie wireless wall console, Bluetooth LED light, and remote garage door lock.

This Genie wall mount garage door opener features an integrated Aladdin Connect smart garage capability that provides the ability to remotely monitor and control your garage door with your smart device. It works in conjunction with your home Wifi and is certified to Work With Alexa. The 6170 also includes a battery backup! Getting in about out of your garage during a power outage has never been easier than when your Genie battery backup kicks in. This battery backup makes this model compliant with the California State Law SB-969, which requires all installed garage door openers in that state to have a battery backup.

  • 24V DC Motor - provides quiet yet powerful performance
  • Fast opening speeds with ultra-quiet operation
  • Features a Genie Wireless Wall Console, Bluetooth Led Light, Intellicode remote, and remote door lock
  • Safe-T-Pulse internal slack Cable detection system developed by Genie to insure safe door travel
  • Only 2.5" above and 7" to the side of the spring tube required for installation.
  • Capable of lifting even the heaviest sectional garage doors up to 850 lbs, and up to 18' wide
  • Compact design measuring 6.8" wide x 14.5" tall x 9" deep making the Genie wall mount garage door opener the smallest available
  • Proper installation requires a standard outlet within 6 feet of the wall mount garage door opener
  • Model 6172H-B
  • (Not compatible with reverse-wound, outside pick up spring cables, or with rear-mounted torsion springs.)

UPC: 050049022761

SKU: 41410R



Ask a Question
  • What is the length of the AC Cord?

    For the model Wall Mount Smart Garage Door Opener- Direct Drive Side Mount with Wireless Wall Console, Battery Backup, and Wi-Fi the power cord is 6 feet long with roughly 5.5 feet available from the housing to the end of the cord.  We do have an approved extension cord available at local Genie Professional dealers if needed.

  • What Genie wall panels are compatible with Model 6172H-B opener? Is it possible to simultaneously have wired and wireless panels to control 1 unit?

    Yes you can have a wired and a wireless wall consoles both to the Wall Mount Smart Garage Door Opener- Direct Drive Side Mount with Wireless Wall Console, Battery Backup, and Wi-Fi.  There is a limit of one wired lit wall console.  The wired wall console is 39165R the wireless wall console is already included with this unit.

  • Does the light have motion detection?

    No, the Wall Mount Smart Garage Door Opener- Direct Drive Side Mount with Wireless Wall Console, Battery Backup, and Wi-Fi light does not have motion detection.  However, it does come on when the unit is operated and will stay on for 5 minutes afterward, then turn off.  There is also an independent light control button on the wall console that can be used for constant light until the button is pressed again to turn off.

  • will this work with a zero track door?

    By zero track door so you mean the door is a one piece flip out style door?  Or do you mean you have zero clearance and this is a low clearance door?

    If you have a one piece door, this model is not compatible with that type of door.  We would instead recommend the models 3042,4042, 3022, 4062, or 4063 they are all compatible with one piece doors.  They require 2 inches above the highest point of travel of the door.

    If you have a low clearance door it depends on how the springs are wound.  If the torsion spring is directly above the door and the cables from the spring come off the rollers on the door side of the roller, this unit would be compatible.  If the door has reverse wound springs, meaning that the cables come off the rollers on the opposite side of the door, this unit is not compatible with that type of installation.  This unit is also not compatible with springs that are mounted in a location other than directly above the garage door opening (springs mounted at the ends of the door tracks are not compatible).  

    If you have another situation please let us know and we would be happy to look into.  Pictures would be helpful if this does not answer your question.

  • How many remote door openers that I can put in my car does this kit come with?

    The Wall Mount Smart Garage Door Opener- Direct Drive Side Mount with Wireless Wall Console, Battery Backup, and Wi-Fi comes with one 3 button remote.  It also comes with built-in smart phone/device capability so you can use your smart phone or smart device to open and close the garage.  Additional remotes can be purchased, this unit will hold up to 64 remote devices.

  • Is their a learn button in the wall unit

    The Wall mount unit has a program/set button (PRG/SET) under the flip cover on the front of the motor box.  This is used for programming the wireless devices.  To program remotes, press and hold the PRG/SET button until a blue light is observed, release, a purple light will start blinking.  While the purple light is blinking back up a few feet with the remote and press the desired button 4-5 times until the unit runs.  The remote is then programmed.  If you need additional help with another item please let us know.

  • My shift only about 1 1/2" past the track is that enough and if not do have some sort of shift extension at attachment

    The torsion shaft must extend at least 2 and 1/4 inches from the bearing plate in order to use the Wall Mount Smart Garage Door Opener- Direct Drive Side Mount with Wireless Wall Console, Battery Backup, and Wi-Fi.  You can check the other side of the door to see if the torsion shaft extends farther on the other side.

  • How do I teen gage the emergency pull handle

    To re-engage the opener you pull straight down in a firm movement, just as you do to disengage it.

  • Can a universal push work with this opener

    Yes, a universal push button will work with this unit.

  • I have a 12' wide x 16' high door. Will this B6172H opener work on a door this size?

    No, it is not comaptible with a 16' high door.

  • I have two doors, I want to mount an opener on the left side of one and the right side of the other so I don't need 2 electrical out lets. How to I get a left side or right side opener?

    This can be mounted on either side, so as long as you have the room to mount both in that area, it will work fine.

  • My door is a 7' high, 15' wide, 3 panel wood door. Can this handle a door that size?

    Yes, as long as the door is well balanced.

  • What is the shaft diameter requirement? 1 inch?

    Yes, 1-inch diameter.

  • My doors are 12 feet high and 10 feet wide. Will this B6172H opener work on my door? If not, which one would you recommend?

    Yes, it will.

  • Does this opener have a 'Time to close' feature? How much clearance is needed between spring tubes to mount 2 openers side by side?

    This does not have a timer to close feature. You need at least 7-inches from the torsion shaft and the sidewall to install the wall mount garage door opener. 

  • What kind of battery does this operator use? Lead-acid or Li-ion? what's the capacity and voltage of the battery? Also: how is the overhead light powered? is there a cord running from the operator to the light? or does the light have it's own battery? or does it have its own power plug?

    The LED Light connects to the garage door opener with blue tooth technology but has a plug for power that plugs into a standard outlet. The battery is non-spillable lead acid.

  • does it work with google home app?

    Yes, it does!

  • Does it have an emergency release to manually lift and open door?

    Yes, it does.

  • I have vertical lift doors that are well balanced and properly sprung, the are 8' tall each, what is the basis for the 84" vertical lift maximum?

    The Wall Mount garage door opener will work on a vertical lift door up to 8 feet. The 84” is for a high lift door and not in regards to the vertical lift door.

  • Why can't I use an extension cord if I don't have an outlet within 5feet?

    The main reason for this is the use of an extension cord is prohibited by the NEC (National Electrical Code) and most local building codes to use extension cords for permanent applications. 

  • Could this be mounted and connected between two 9 foot doors so that they operate simultaneously. (the shafts are perfectly in line) and approximately 18 inches apart)

    No, this cannot be added to more than one garage door.

  • Is Model 6172H-B compatible with Brilliant Tech's line of smart home switches? I see that Model 6170 is compatible and I see Model 6170 referenced under the product description for Model 6172H-B but don't see anything indicating they are interchangeably compatible with Brilliant Tech.

    Yes, the 6172H-B model is compatible with the Brilliant Tech as well!

  • I don’t have enough clearance on the side of the door (less then 5”)can Wall Mount Smart Garage Door Opener be installed above the door and is there any attachment to make this possible.. Thank you,

    No, it cannot.

  • Hello, will this opener work with a 20' Wide X 12' Tall insulated garage door?

    Yes, it will as long as the door is well-balanced.

  • How long is the power cord? Do I need a dedicated power supply? Can the ceiling outlet be used?

    A standard 115 VAC grounded electrical outlet will be required within 5 feet of the bottom of the opener. The opener must be properly grounded to prevent personal injury and equipment damage, an extension cord cannot be used.

  • does this work with Homelink?

    Yes! This Genie Wall Mount garage door opener does work with Homelink.

  • Will this work for roll up garage doors?

    No, it will not.

  • what is the maximum height of the door the sidemount will open? 15'?

    This garage door opener will work on garage doors up to 14 feet high and 18 feet wide that are well balanced and rated less than 850lbs.

  • Would this model be compatible with reverse-wound drums, those whose cables are not parallel to the wall but angled a bit? I don't see that mentioned in the documentation

    No, it will not. The Wall mount does not have the ability to reverse the direction of the motor.

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