Universal Garage Door Opener Accessories by The Genie Company

Universal Garage Door Opener Accessories by The Genie Company

Looking for some new garage door accessories but don’t have a Genie branded garage door opener? No worries! Genie has got you covered with a line of Universal products that work with most major brand garage door openers including: Genie™, Ryobi, Chamberlain, LiftMaster, Craftsman, Marantec, Linear, Stanley, Wayne Dalton, and many more. Our selection of Universal products include must-have smart home additions, as well as safety-featured items that are great for everyone!  From keypads to cameras, Genie has a wide array of garage door opener accessories that we will look at in-depth below.

Make Your Garage Door Opener Smart – Control It from Your Phone!

Imagine pulling into your driveway after a long day’s work.  You reach for your garage door opener.  Wait…where is it?  You look around your car, hoping it is within sight.  After a frantic search, you find it has fallen between the seat gap.  Phew, all is well.  You attempt to press the button to open the door.  Nothing happens.  The battery is dead – again!  Oh, the frustration. Wouldn’t it be nice to no longer need a pesky remote to open your garage door?

The Aladdin Connect universal garage door opener remote retrofit kit puts you in charge of your garage door opener – straight from your phone! The app allows you to monitor the status (open or closed) of your garage door opener using Wi-Fi.  The Aladdin Connect universal garage door opener remote retrofit kit is not brand specific, so it is compatible with most garage door openers manufactured after 1993. Virtual access keys can be assigned to anyone who visits you so they can open your garage door.  You can also receive alerts and detailed access reports of exactly who entered your garage and when they entered.  Setting up rules in the app allow you to plan what time you would like your garage door opener to open or close.  You only need your phone now to be in control of your garage door opener.

Be Prepared for Power Outages with These Essentials from Genie

When a storm hits be prepared with the Universal Series Garage Door Opener Surge Protector from Genie.  This surge protector will give you a peace of mind when even the strongest storm hits.  Some newer garage door openers are enabled with a level of surge protection, however, adding the Universal Surge Protector guarantees that your garage door opener is safe. The surge protector works with any brand of garage door opener!

Don’t get stuck outside of your garage when the power fails and you cannot open your garage door.  The Universal Emergency Release Kit allows you to open your garage door using a key from the outside of your garage door.  The keyed garage door lock attaches through the top of the garage door and allows you to release the garage door opener manually with a key.  This emergency release kit works with any brand of garage door opener!  This garage door lock is perfect for those who can only access their garage through the garage door.  Never be stuck outside again – install the Universal Emergency Release Kit today!

Improve Your Vision of Your Garage Door Opener

Lighten up your garage with the Universal Garage Door Opener LED Light Bulb!  This garage door opener light bulb is designed specifically for garage door openers and creates little to no radio frequency to interfere with the opener.  These LED light bulbs are compatible with any brand of garage door opener.  Typical LED light bulbs may interfere with your garage door opener’s radio frequency which will affect the range of your garage door opener remote.  Genie’s Universal LED light bulb eliminates this problem and gives you a stronger bulb made to withstand the harsher weather conditions found in a garage.  This LED light bulb is shatter and vibration resistant and will operate with temperatures as low as -22 degrees Fahrenheit.  Expect more from your garage door openers bulb and switch to the Genie LED light bulb today.

Your garage is the largest and most active entry point in your home.  Be aware of what is happening in the most vulnerable part of your home.  Adding a Wyze Cam Smart Home Camera to your garage door opener gives you knowledge of what is always going on in your garage.  With the Wyze app, you can create personalized alerts that detect motion and sound, so you never miss a thing.  The Wyze Cam features 1080p full HD images and videos, night vision settings, 2-way audio communication and live streaming – all from the convenience of your phone.  Stay alert of the comings and goings in your home with the Wyze Cam Smart Home Camera.

 Access Your Garage with the Touch of a Button

Open your garage door from the outside - The Universal Garage Door Opener Wireless Keypad is attached to the exterior of your garage door, making it easy to walk-up and enter your garage without needing a remote.  Open your garage door with ease by entering a 4-digit PIN code on the Universal Garage Door Opener Wireless Keypad. The Universal Garage Door Opener Wireless Keypad is compatible with up to three different garage doors and works with nearly all manufacturers of garage door openers in the USA.  Simplified programming makes set-up a breeze! The keypad features a backlight, allowing you to easily see what numbers you are pressing.  You also can enter a temporary PIN for visitors.  Enter your garage door quickly and easily with the Universal Garage Door Opener Wireless Keypad!

Open your garage door from the inside – the Genie Universal Wall Button is attached to the interior of your garage, allowing you to simply press the button to open your garage door.  The wall button is universally compatible and works with most major garage door opener brands! Installation is quick and easy, with all mounting hardware and installation instructions included.  This wall button wires directly to the garage door opener and can be used in addition to any existing wall button or console.  Exit your garage door quickly and easily with the Universal Push Button!

Parking? No problem!

Do you ever have issues judging where to stop in your garage to allow clearance for the garage door? The Perfect Stop Garage Parking Aid guarantees that you part perfectly every time.  You no longer need to jump in and out of your car to gauge how well you parked.  The Perfect Stop’s foam ball is mounted to the ceiling and lowers into place when the door is closed.  It retracts to the ceiling when the door is closed, so it is not in your way.  Simple, but effective, the Perfect Stop is compatible with any garage door opener brand.

Genie’s wide range of Universal products will keep you updated with the latest technology and innovations to keep you safe and secure with your garage door opener.  Visit our website here to view all our Universal product offerings.

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