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Extension Kit (to 8') for 3 Piece, Screw Drive C-Channel Rails

Extension Kit (to 8') for 3 Piece, Screw Drive C-Channel Rails

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An extension kit will extend the 3 piece, screw drive C-Channel rail for a 7' high door to accommodate an 8' high door. This kit is designed specifically for Genie screw drive openers.

  • Compatible with Models: 2562, 3062, 4062, 4063, PowerLift 900, PowerMax 1200, PowerMax 1500, Excelerator, MachForce, MachForce Connect        
  • For specific model information please see the plate on the operator's head 
  • Includes rail extension, screw section and hardware to install
  • Kit allows opener to fully open garage doors up to 8ft. high     
  • Model EKSC 

SKU: 37303R

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Extension Kit (to 8') for 3 Piece, Screw Drive C-Channel Rails ,  Extender Kits - The Genie Company
Extension Kit (to 8') for 3 Piece, Screw Drive C-Channel Rails


Ask a Question
  • does this extension kit work with model H4000-07/M

    No, sorry we no longer have an extension kit for Genie model H4000-07/M.

  • We are looking to replace an older CM8600IC/A that currently has an installed 8-foot extension kit. Will that extension kit be compatible with the Signature Series 2 HPc Screw Drive Wi-Fi Smart Garage Door Opener? Or will we need to replace the extension kit as well?

    No, unfortunately the rail design changed.  So, you will need to replace the unit and the extension kit, here is a link to the Extension kit which is also available through Home Depot.  Extension Kit (to 8') for 3 piece, Screw Drive C-Channel Rails.

  • I bought the 2hp genie garage door opener,and the expansion kit for 8 foot door.I am putting it togather and I cant figure out how the screw fits to the screw on the C section it seems to be short. I got A then K then B then another K then the square extention piece then another K then C but the screw doesnt reach. And when I look at extention directions the picture shows the carage on rail B

    The small extension screw piece goes in between the section B and C (middle and door end section).  The small extension channel piece goes at the door end of the rail.  If you still find it not reaching you may not have the bearing block and metal slot at the head end of the rail lined up.  Make sure these are lined up and mounting bracket tongue is inserted into both the channel metal slot and the bearing block slot.

  • do you sell replacement screws for PowerLift 900

    No we don't sell the screwdrive separately, but you can purchase a complete rail and screwdrive assembly, part 38244R.S please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

  • I just bought the model 1155-SUV opener, I have a 9' foot door. I was told by the retailer that i can buy an extension kit for the 9' door

    Sorry the 1155 model will only work up to a 7 foot tall door, or 8 foot tall with extension kit (purchased separately).  Taller than 8 foot tall doors require a professional unit purchase at a Genie Pro dealer or the 6172 wall mount unit will work up to 14 foot tall sectional doors.  

    Thank you.

  • I have a genie exceleator model number isd990, purchased in 2002. A section of my screw drive is stripped. Will the replacement part Extension kit fit my screwdrive?

    No, sorry the Extension Kit (to 8') for 3 Piece, Screw Drive C-Channel Rails is not compatible with model ISD990.  There is no compatible rail for this model.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Will this work with a genie pro screw drive CM7600IC/A

    No, sorry this extension kit is not compatible with the model CM7600IC/A, there is no available extension kit for this model.

  • Is there an extension kit for Model 1035?

    Yes, the extension kit is for the model 1035 is the 39027R chain extension kit.

  • can you use more than one exstension kit to maybe raise an eleven foot door I have on older model an it worked

    No, more than one extension kit cannot be added to any of our garage door openers. If you have an 11-foot high garage door we would recommend installing a Wall Mount garage door opener that can open up to 14-foot high doors, or a Genie Professional model garage door opener that has a 1-piece rail to accommodate that size door.

  • Hi I have a Genie model 4062. It is already installed in the house we bought, but the door does not open all the way, it is an 8 foot door. Can this kit be installed on an opener that is already installed?

    Yes, this extension kit can be added to the 4062 model garage door opener that is already installed.

  • How long is the screw part?

    The screw on the extension kit is about 12 inches. Adding this extension kit will allow the normal rail that works on a 7-foot high garage door, work on an 8-foot high door.

  • I have a new in box genie garage door opener model # H6000A-2K I'm wanting to install it on an 8' garage door looking for an extension kit, is there an extension kit still available for this model opener?

    We no longer have the extension kit for the H6000A-2K model garage door opener.

  • Will this screw drive extender work on my Genie Intellicode model operator?

    We would need to know the model of your garage door opener. Please contact Genie customer service at 1-800-354-3643 for assistance.

  • I need an extension for my H6000-07. Is it available?

    We no longer have the extension kit available for the H6000-07 model garage door opener.

  • Is there an extension kit for a Model 12A and one for a Model IS550/A? Both are screw drive.

    We no longer have extension kits for these models.

  • Hello, I have an Excelerator ISD9902. I see this says it will fit Excelerator models but wanted to verify it will work with this model number as well? Thank you.

    No, this will not work on the ISD990 model garage door openers.

  • Will this kit work in the excelerator model ISD 1000 screw drive?

    No, it will not. We no longer have the rail for the ISD1000 model garage door opener.

  • Could you put multiple kits on one garage door opener so that you cod go to a 10 foot door? Or do you sell one kit for a 10 foot door?

    No, you can not add multiple extension kits to one garage door opener. The extension kits will only work on up to an 8-foot high garage door. For a 10-foot high garage door, you would need a professional model Genie garage door opener with rail. You can locate a dealer here.

  • Will this fit a genie 3560/m screw drive

    No, it will not. We no longer have an extension kit for the model 3560.

  • Will this work on a direct lift screw drive model 2560?

    No, it will not. We no longer have an extension kit for the 2560 model garage door opener.

  • What is the length of the 37303R extension kit? And how long is the standard full length rail with out the extension? Thank you.

    The extension kit is 12 inches long. The regular 3-piece rail will work on a 7-foot high garage door. With the extension kit added, it will work on an 8-foot high garage door.

  • I have a Genie G5050 screw drive opener that needs the extension kit so my 8' door will open all the way. Is there still a kit available and if not can the EKSC extension kit work with my 5050 opener?

    No, it will not work. We no longer have an extension kit for the G5050 model.

  • Will this kit work on a Model H4000A? If not, what will?

    No, this will not. We no longer have an extension kit for the H4000A model garage door opener.

  • I have an older screwdrive model h4000a, i believe the manufacture date in 2004. It was new in the box and I need the extension kit, is this still available?

    No, we no longer have an extension kit for the H4000A model garage door opener.

  • Will this work on a Model IS550-2 opener? The parts list calls for a product code 33523R.

    No, it will not. We no longer have an extension kit for the IS550 model garage door opener.

  • Can this kit be used with a Directlift 2060L?

    No, this will not work on the 2060L. We no longer have an extension kit for the 2060L model.

  • Can this be use on Excelerator ISD990?

    No, this extension kit will not work with the ISD990 model garage door opener. We no longer have an extension kit for the ISD990.

  • I have a 9 ft door. Can I use these extensions with the MachForce 2 HP opener? If not, what do I need?

    No, you cannot use two extension kits. This will only work on up to an 8-foot high door with the added extension kit.

  • Hi, I have a Series II screw drive opener. The screw-drive in the middle section snapped in half between the collars which connect it to the first & third sections. Is there a replacement available for the middle section? Would this be the same thing as an extension kit? Operator Model ISD 1000 Thank you

    The extension kit would not be the same. We do not sell just sections of the screw drive. Please contact Genie customer service at 1-800-354-3643.

  • Can I install more than one extension kit to an 8’ door to move power head back to where I want to mount it?

    No, you can only add one extension kit. 

  • I have an older Genie garage door opener... has to be at least 20 years old as was present when I bought my home (built in 1973) in 1999. It is what I believe you call a screw drive model... I could get the exact model number from my files but don't have them available to me at this moment. Lately the screw drive has been separating where it connects to each other... think there are 3 to 4 sections. As the weight of the door transfers to the next section, it separates and slides away from the first section driven by the motor. In looking at this kit... "Extension Kit (to 8') for 3 Piece, Screw Drive C-Channel Rails"... I see what appears to be a little sleeve/tube and/or half sleeve/tube. I suspect their purpose is for the full "sleeve" to slide over the connecting point between the screw drive sections holding them together... the half "sleeve" to snap onto the shaft to hold the full "sleeve" in place over the connecting point. If so... where can I buy just these parts and are there any assembly instructions you can share that confirms/tells me exactly how to use both the full and the half "sleeve"? Thank you.

    It sounds like you are missing the clip and collar that connect the screw drive ends. In this part, look at the photo showing how they connect. If so, you will need the clip part and collar. Part numbers, 19807A04.S and 19806A04.S.

    We are happy to help you troubleshoot this further via our chat tool or by phone.

  • What are the sizes of the rail extensions in the kit. Where do the rail extensions install? Between a and b or b to c ?

    The extension kit goes between sections B&C. The extension kit is approximately 15inches long.

PDF Installation Instructions for the EKSC Genie Screw Drive Rail Extension Kit 

37303R EKSC Screw Drive Rail Extension Kit (For 8-foot tall garage doors) Installation Instructions

WARNING: Carefully read all instructions and warnings contained in the Assembly/Installation poster and/or Owners Manual prior to assembly of this kit. Safety glasses are required for this assembly.

CAUTION:  Edges of rail and connector sections can be sharp. Avoid contact with edges.

NOTICE: These instructions supersede installation poster steps 3 & 4 (1c & 1d)

Parts Included With the EKSC Kit: Screw Extension (XS), Additional Rail Connector (K), Rail Extension (X), 2-ea. Clips & Collars.

ASSEMBLE THIS KIT ON A FLAT CLEAN WORK SURFACE. (Alphanumeric digits in parenthesis (1a) indicate steps on older posters)

1. Assemble screw rail per installation poster steps 1 through 2 (1a/1b).

2. Pull screw drive sections out of rail sections B & C to allow assembly of extension screw. FIG. 1.

3. Install EKSC (37303R) screw extension (XS) between sections B & C with clips and collars included with this kit. FIG. 1.

4. Install rail connector K to rail section B until it locks. Care should be taken NOT to bend screw connections. FIG. 2.

5. Install rail section C into rail connector K until it locks. Care should be taken NOT to bend screw connections. FIG. 2.
• Screw drive section will now protrude beyond original rail section C. FIG. 3.

6. Install rail connector XK onto rail section C until it locks. FIG. 3.

7. Install rail extension X into rail connector XK until it locks.

8. Continue assembling screw-rail assembly per installation poster step 5 (1e).
• Remember to complete step 6 (1f) for screw sections A & B.

Genie EKSC, 37303R Screw Drive Extension Kit Installation Instructions

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