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Extension Kit (to 8') for 5 Piece, Belt Drive Tube Rails

Extension Kit (to 8') for 5 Piece, Belt Drive Tube Rails

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This extension kit will extend the 5 piece, belt drive tube garage door opener rail for a 7' high garage door to accommodate an 8' high garage door. This extension kit is specifically designed for Genie belt drive model garage door openers that use the tube style rail. 

  • Easy and quick to install the extended rail system.
  • Works on ultra-quiet belt drive system.
  • Enables garage door openers to fully open 8' tall garage doors.
  • Works on ultra-quiet Genie belt drive models: StealthLift 500, SilentMax Connect, SilentMax 750, StealthDrive 750, SilentMax LED Connect, 1055, 1155, 2055, 3053, 3055, 7055, 7155
  • Includes rail extension, belt, longer emergency release cord, and hardware.
  • Model EKTB and EKTR

SKU: 39026R

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39026R Genie Belt Drive Extension kit for an 8 foot high garage door
Extension Kit (to 8') for 5 Piece, Belt Drive Tube Rails


Ask a Question
  • my 5 piece rails I s about 7 in short was replacing a craftsman with a 112in rail will the extender kit help me

    If your garage door is 8 foot high, then yes the extension kit would help you. If it is taller than 8 foot, the opener will not work.

  • Will this extension kit work on Model 1155?

    Yes, the Extension Kit (to 8') for 5 Piece, Belt Drive Tube Rails is compatible with Genie model 1155.

  • Will this extension kit fit My 2055-TKV

    Yes, the Extension Kit (to 8') for 5 Piece, Belt Drive Tube Rails is compatible with Genie model 2055.

  • Can you use a c-rail on 10ft. Belt drive genie garage door opener?

    No, this unit doesn't support above 7 foot tall doors, or 8 foot tall with separately purchased extension kit.  For doors above 8 foot tall you can use our dealer locator below to find a professional dealer, they carry models that work on up to 14 foot tall doors.  

    Dealer Locator 

    We also carry a side mount unit the 6172 which is available through some retailers that will work sectional doors with torsion springs up to 14 foot tall.

  • Will this fit the Genie Chain Drive 500 Garage Door Opener?

    Yes, the Extension Kit (to 8') for 5 Piece, Belt Drive Tube Rails is compatible with the Chain Drive 500.

  • Will it fit my 7055 TKVE garage door opener to make 8' with extension?

    Yes, the Genie Extension Kit (to 8') for 5 Piece, Belt Drive Tube Rails is compatible with model 7055.

  • 12ft. Door. Can I use multiple extensions on the same door?

    No. Only one extension kit can be added to a garage door opener.

  • Will this fit Genie model #7155L-TKV , that i purchased at Costco?

    Yes, it will.

  • What extention kit do I need for a 9 foot tall door?

    We do not have extensions kits for a 9-foot high garage door.

  • Will a belt drive extension kit fit genie model 7035 750 3/4 -TKV chain drive?

    No, the belt drive extension kit will not work on the 7035 chain drive model. The 7035-TKV chain drive garage door opener would use the 39027R extension kit.

  • I have a model 1035-VE. I need a rail extension kit for my 8" door. What extension kit do I order?

    For the 1035 Chain Drive model garage door openers, you would need the Chain Drive extension kit model EKTC, 39027R.

  • Does this kit add a piece of rail? or Replaces a rail and is longer than the piece being replaced?

    This kit adds a piece of rail.

  • Hi. My door is 7' 1" tall. Is this extension kit necessary?

    No, you would not need to add the extension kit for a 7'1" door. The standard out of the box rail will work fine.

  • will this work on the silentmax 1200

    No, for the SilentMax 1000 you need the belt channel extension kit.

  • If you get the extension package it the belt a 8ft belt or do you have to buy it separately?

    The extension kit comes with an 8-foot belt.

  • My garage doors are exactly 7 feet 6 inches, do I need the 39026R Extension Kt for the Genie model #7155L-TKV opener?

    Yes, you would need the extension kit for a 7' 6" garage door. he 7155L-TKV model garage door opener will work out of the box on a 7' high door (without the extension kit).

  • The Genie 8’ door extension kit for model 7055 opener! What is the total length of this rail? From the front wall/door end of my garage to the center beam is exactly 11 feet so if I buy the model 7055 opener with the extension kit will it fit within that 11 feet? I have an old leer Genie, screw drive and it’s 18years old, the installer may have modified it to fit, in not sure! I installed a Genie 7055 two weeks ago on the other side but didn’t need it to open the 8 ft. door all the way but it’s very close! I need this side to open all the way! Hope you can help, talked to three techs at Genie and they didn’t know!

    The extension kit will add 12 inches to the total length of this garage door opener. For the model 7055, the normal total length is 116 inches total. With the extension kit, you would have 128 inches. Also- if you have the 7055 that has the battery back up attached, you would have to add 3 more inches (so total with the extension kit, and battery back up would be 131 inches). I hope this helps! If not, please let us know.

  • Is this what i need for a replacement rail for the genie 750 model for a 8ft door.

    This would only add the additional foot to a regular 7-foot rail. If you are trying to replace the entire rail, this would not be what you need. Please contact Genie customer service at 1-800-354-3643 for additional assistance.

  • my door is 9 feet. i want to buy the genie opener but genie does not make an extension kit to accommodate a door larger than 8 feet?

    We do not make an extension kit for a 9-foot high door. You would need to contact a Genie professional dealer for a rail to accommodate that. You can locate one near you by entering your zip code here.

  • Will this extension kit work on model 3142?

    No, you would need Extension Kit (to 8') for 3 Piece, Belt Drive C-Channel Rails for the 3142.

  • Will both models EKTB and EKTR work for an Genie Model 7055 purchased from Lowes? Genie 1.25-HP Belt Drive Garage Door Opener Battery Back-up. Lowes is showing Item #2514190 Model #38959Y

    Yes, these are both belt drive extension kits for the 7055 garage door opener.

  • Do you make an extension kit for a 10' door from my 7 Door. I just purchased an extension kit Four and eight foot door. I need one for a ten foot door..

    For any door over 8ft tall you must go through a local dealer for a one-piece rail. If you do not know who your local dealer is you can locate one here


  • Would this work with model 3142/

    No, this extension kit will not work with a Genie model 3142 garage door opener. You would need the 37302R extension kit.

PDF Installation Instructions for the 39026R Genie Belt Tube Rail Extension Kit 


A Supplement To The Chain/Belt Drive Assembly & Instructions Poster

Preparation: Refer to Assembly/Installation Poster, replace the header section of rail with the extension rail included with this kit.

Discard the original Belt and add the extended Belt provided with the 39026R Extension kit prior to Step 1G. Add extended RED emergency release cord also provided.

 Installation Procedure

1) Center idler pulley into EXTENDED header rail slot. Insert clevis pin through header rail
hole and idler pulley. Secure with the cotter pin. Fig. 1.
2) Insert 5/16”-18 x 2” bolt into EXTENDED header rail and secure with nut.
3) Proceed with the assembly of the rail per Assembly Poster until step 1f.
4) Prior to step 1f, discard the original belt assembly.
5) Install extended belt assembly at step 1f. Fig. 2.
6) Continue with the installation poster at step 1g.
7) Discard the original RED emergency release cord and install the new extended RED emergency release cord included with this kit at step 6 on the assembly poster.


Image of Genie belt extension kit installation 39026R

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