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Replacement Belt Drive Rail- C-Channel- 38246R.S

Replacement Belt Drive Rail- C-Channel- 38246R.S

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Replacement C-Channel belt drive rail for certain Genie model garage door openers (see below). These are for standard seven-foot high garage door openers. 

  • Includes 3-piece C-Channel sections of rail, 2 rail couplers, pulley, carriage, sprocket, belt with bullet, mounting hardware
  • Compatible with models: ReliagG® 650- 1028, 1028H, and ReliaG® 850- 2028, 2028H, 3020H, 3020H-B, IntelliG® 1000 (3024), SilentMax® 1000 (3042), IntelliG® 1200 (4024), SilentMax® 1200 (4042)

SKU: 38246R.S

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Genie garage door opener replacement belt drive rail C-Channel
Replacement Belt Drive Rail- C-Channel- 38246R.S


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  • I only want the belt itself. do not need new c-rails; is just the belt available?

    Yes, just the belt 37561R.S is available for the Replacement Belt Drive Rail- C-Channel- 38246R.S.

  • is this compatible with Genie stealth drive pro Gps1200ic

    No, this rail is not compatible with the Genie model GPS1200IC.  We do not have rail replacements available for this model any longer due to the age.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • can you let me know the total length after assembling 3 pieces ?

    The total length of the rail Replacement Belt Drive Rail- C-Channel- 38246R.S is 116.5 inches.

  • Does Genie still make an 11 foot rail for their garage door openers? That is what I have now.

    Are you referring to a rail for an 11-foot high garage door or the overall length of the rail?

  • Hi is the C-Channel for the model 3042 available in pieces? ie last pieces connected to the door?

    No, we do not sell the individual pieces, only the entire rail replacement.

  • Does this c-channel belt rail work with Genie 3053 and 3055 models?

    No, they do not.

  • Do I need to buy the whole rail if I only need the belt?

    You can purchase the belt by itself. For the C-Channel rail like this, you would need the 37561R.S.

  • Will this work with an Overhead Door Odyssey 1000 and HOW long is this model in linear feet? (I need a 10Ft rail)

    This would work with the Odyssey 1000 model garage door opener. This is made to work on a 7-foot tall garage door, it will not work on a 10-foot tall garage door.

  • Do you send in México?

    No, sorry unfortunately we do not ship to Mexico.

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