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Replacement Belt for 8' Garage Door Opener-37561S.S

Replacement Belt for 8' Garage Door Opener-37561S.S

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The 37561S.S Belt and Bullet assembly is used on various model Genie garage door openers that have a C-Channel rail for an 8' high garage door. 

  • Assembly has a 1 piece belt with the bullet attached 
  • C-Channel rail with 3 pieces would have had the added extension kit for 8' tall garage door 
  • Compatible with the following Genie garage door openers that have a belt rail: ReliaG Series, SilentMax 1000, SilentMax 1200, IntelliG 1000, IntelliG 1200
  • Also compatible with any Genie garage door opener with belt rail that model number begins with 1028, 2028, 1128, 2128, 3020, 3042, 3024, 3120,  4042, 4024

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Replacement Belt for 8' Garage Door Opener-37561S.S ,  Service Parts - The Genie Company
Replacement Belt for 8' Garage Door Opener-37561S.S


Ask a Question
  • Any available replacement belt for Genie model 2024?

    Unfortunately, there is not a belt replacement for the Genie model 2024.  The part number was 36607A.S for the 7 foot belt and 36607B.S for the 8 foot belt.  You can attempt to locate from online or local sources, but we cannot guarantee you will be able to find.

  • Any available replacement belt for GPS 1200IC? If not, then do I have to replace opener? Any suggestions.?

    I'm sorry, there are no available belts (any sizes) for model GPS1200IC.  We would recommend replacing the opener.

  • how do I know that belt needs to be replaced? any sign?

    Usually a belt would need to be replaced if broken, frayed, missing teeth or otherwise damaged. If the belt is lose it can typically be tightened at the belt tensioner, near the door end of the rail, to take up any slack.  You turn to the right to tighten, left to loosen.

  • Is there a replacement belt for model #2040L

    Sorry, there is no replacement for the belt on the 2040/2040L model.  We would recommend replacing the unit.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

  • Will this work with the 2042 model ?

    No, the 37561S.S is not compatible with the model 2042.  There is no replacement belt for this model, sorry for the inconvenience.

  • will this belt fit Genie IntelliG 1200 opener 8' tall door

    Yes - this belt is the correct replacement for a Genie IntelliG 1200 garage door opener, for an 8ft high garage door.

  • I have a Genie Professional Line 2024. The belt snapped and I need a new one. Which one should I order? Or is it worth just buying a new unit?

    We no longer have a replacement belt for the 2024 model.

  • will this belt work for a model 2055 with extension for 8 foot tall door? the original looks like this type with the nylon bullet.

    The model 2055 with the extension kit for an 8-foot high door would use the belt part number 39354S.S.

  • What Belt Works with a GPS1200IC? Door is 8’ Tall and Rail is 12’ long

    We no longer have the belt for the GPS1200IC model garage door opener.

  • I have a 2060L -07 will this belt work on it?

    The 2060L-07 model garage door opener has a screw drive system, it does not use a belt. This will not work with it.

  • Will this work with a model 7055 with c-channel rail on an 8' door.

    The model 7055 does not come with a C-Channel rail. If you added the extension kit to the 7055 model, you would need the 39354S.S.

  • Will this work on the PMX500IC/B on a 8ft door? Thanks

    No, it will not. We no longer have the belt for the PMX500IC/B model garage door opener.

  • Will this fit model 2024?

    No, it will not. We no longer have the belt for the 2024 model garage door opener.

  • Will this work with a Genie Model 2042 8 foot garage door?

    No, it will not. We no longer have the belt for the 2042 model garage door opener.

  • I need a replacement belt for model 3055 eight foot garage door opener

    For the model 3055 garage door opener that is on an 8-foot high door (so the extension kit is installed), you would need part number 39354S.S.

  • will this work on model #2028?

    As long as you have the 2028 with the belt rail for the 8-foot high door, this belt will work.

  • is this comparable with genie model pro 1024?

    No, the belt for the 1024 is obsolete.

  • if i order this belt and i have to return it do i have to pay postage to return or is that offered by genie?

    For items purchased from Genie’s Shopify Online Store, Consumers can return unused, unopened items within 60 days of purchase for a full refund (refund excludes shipping). Consumer pays return shipping. If the returned item is used, opened, or otherwise deemed not in original condition; no credit will be given and the item will not be returned to the original purchaser. For proof of delivery, we recommend that you return items via UPS or insured USPS. Returns need sent to: The Genie Company, 606 Ray St. NE Baltic, OH. 43804

  • What is the length of the 37561S.S belt ?

    The length of the Replacement Belt for 8' Garage Door Opener-37561S.S is 244 inches.

  • Do you have 8' belt for a 2028

    Yes, the Replacement Belt for 8' Garage Door Opener-37561S.S is compatible with Genie model 2028.

37561S.S Garage Door Opener 8' Belt Replacement Instructions 

Replacing the 37561S.S, 8-Foot Belt Instructions 

This repair will require removal of the unit from it’s mounting hardware and repairs made on a bench or floor. Refer to your Owners Manual and/or Installation Poster for proper assembly and carefully read and understand all warnings and
cautions pertaining to your unit.



1. Pull Emergency Release Cord on Carriage to disengage Opener to close the door if necessary. (If unable to lower door using Opener, use extreme caution manually closing door. Before pulling the Emergency Release Cord, make certain people and objects are clear of the door opening.)

2. Unplug the garage door opener Power Cord from power receptacle.

3. Open the light lens cover by pressing middle tab inward and then remove the light bulbs. (FIGURE 1).

37561R.S Belt replacement instructions for Genie garage door openers figure 1

4. Remove the Wall Console and Safe-T-Beam wires from the Terminal Block located on side of Opener (FIGURE 1). Use a small common screwdriver to press in on the orange tabs while gently pulling the wires out from the block. Mark wires to help facilitate the replacement of the wires.

5. Remove Network and Battery Backup Harness from the front of the garage door opener (if applicable).

6. Remove the 2-9/16” Nuts & Bolts from Door Arms to separate the garage door from the garage door opener. (FIGURE 2).

Genie garage door opener replacement belt 37561R.S replacement instructions figure 2

7. Remove Power Head and the belt rail assembly from it's mounting brackets and then set it on a clean work surface or onto the garage floor.

8. Remove the 4-7/16” self-tapping bolts from the Rail/Motor mounting straps and pull the belt rail from Power Head. (FIGURE .3). Set Power Head aside. Set the belt rail Assembly on the floor upside down to aid in disassembly.

Genie belt replacement instructions for part 37561R.S figure 3

9. Loosen Tensioner Nut from door end of Rail to create slack in Belt. (FIGURE 4).

Garage door opener Belt (37561R.S) replacement instructions figure 4


10. Remove 2-1/4” screws holding the Belt Pulley Guard in place. (FIGURE. 5).

Image of replacement belt instructions for Genie garage door opener


11. Remove 2-1/4” screws from Motor Belt Pulley Assembly. (FIGURE. 3).

12. Dislodge Motor belt Pulley Assembly from locking tabs (FIGURE. 3) and slide towards door end of the belt rail to feed Tensioner Assembly, Pulley Guard, and Belt out through the end of the Rail. (FIGURE. 5).

13. Remove the belt Tensioner Pulley Pin to remove Pulley. (FIGURE. 5)

14. Discard old Belt & Bullet Assembly and replace with the 37561S.S new belt in reverse order.

15. Reinstall Tensioner Pulley Pin. (FIGURE. 5).

16. Slide Motor Pulley Assembly, Carriage, Pulley Guard, and Tensioner Assembly back into original position making certain that locking tabs on Motor Pulley Assembly protrude through slots in the belt Rail and secure with the 2-1/4” screws. (FIGURE. 5).

17. Secure Pulley Guard with 2-1/4” screws.

18. Tighten Tensioner Nut until the slack in the belt is removed.

19. Install Rail to the Power Head Assembly using the two Mounting Straps and 4-7/16” self-tapping screws. (FIGURE. 3).

20. Reinstall the Garage Door Opener in reverse order as it was removed. Reference the Owners Manual and Installation Poster for your model garage door opener.

21. Plug Opener back in.

22. Clear and reprogram Limit Controls per Owners Manual if needed.

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