Back-To-School Essentials from Genie®

Back-To-School Essentials from Genie®

It is that time of the year again!  It is the beginning of another school year, and your calendar is starting to fill up with school activities.  Make sure your garage is up-to-date with the latest innovations from Genie® to have your school mornings run a little easier.  Maybe your garage needs a refresh to help your hectic mornings.   


The Genie Universal Wireless Keypad will make it easy for your kids to enter the house when returning from school on the bus.  They will simply enter the 4-digit PIN code and your garage can now be easily accessed!  No need to have your kids carry around a bulky key to the house.  Easily enter your garage thanks to the Universal Wireless Keypad.  Setup is quick and wire-free. 

 Are you able to monitor the activity in your garage from your smartphone? If not, you need a smart garage door opener from Genie!  Genie smart garage door openers feature integrated Aladdin Connect technology, which allows you to monitor and control the status of your garage from the convenience of your smartphone from anywhere!  Are you at work wondering if the kids closed the garage door when they returned home from school?  Receive notifications when the door is opened or closed.  You can also set up custom rules to keep your family safe.  For example, you could set your garage door to close every night at 10pm.  With Aladdin Connect, you can have up to 19 additional users who you can grant access to your garage with the FREE app!  View our DIY/retail versions of smart garage door openers or contact a Genie professional dealer to install a new garage door opener today!


Taking a jog after returning home from college?  Maybe you need to exit the garage but don’t want to carry a remote or your phone.  The Universal Wireless Wall Console features a helpful jogger delay button which delays the garage door from closing for 10,15, or 20 seconds.  No need to jump over the safety sensors anymore when exiting the garage!  You can easily open up to 3 garage doors from most major brands that have been made since 1993. Simplify your garage exit strategy thanks to the Universal Wireless Wall Console. 


Do you need to exchange items with a neighbor or a friend from school, but you will not be home?  The BenchSentry by Genie package lockbox is a practical solution that looks like a bench but is a locked box that can be opened from the free app!  Give your friend the code and they can deliver your item or pick up an item you left for them.  You can receive notifications when they open your bench.  BenchSentry is also great for package deliveries.  You no longer need to worry about rushing home from school to make sure your packages arrived safely. 

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