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Gifts for Mom from Genie

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching.  Give mom the peace of mind with the latest in technology from Genie.  Does she have an old garage door opener or is she missing a garage door opener remote?  Maybe she cannot access her garage from the outside.  Check out these practical, last-minute gifts for mom that she will love.


Smart Garage Door Opener

According to Edison Research, 64% of moms own smartphones, which is 9% more than the general population.  If your mom has a dated garage door opener, surprise her this Mother’s Day with a smart garage door opener from Genie that she can control from her phone!  Many Genie garage door openers feature integrated Aladdin Connect smartphone capabilities.  With the free Aladdin app, she can easily monitor and control the status of her garage door.  She can create alerts for when the garage door opens to notify her when the grandkids visit.   Maybe it is late at night, and she is notorious for forgetting to close her garage door.  With Aladdin Connect, you can setup rules to close your garage door at a certain time every day or night.  No more worrying about mom’s safety with an open garage door overnight.  She also will have the ability to create virtual keys so she can easily allow her kids, grandkids, or friends to access her garage to visit at certain times.

Professional Installation

If you purchase mom a new garage door opener this Mother’s Day, why not also gift her with a professional installation?  Genie professional dealers are licensed and insured technicians who are trained on garage doors and garage door openers.  Genie dealers work to ensure that you get the right product for your door with multi-point service checks on all door parts.  Installing a garage door opener can be a very dangerous situation.  Most garage door openers can be installed within 2-4 hours. Make sure the job is done right by leaving it to the professionals. Give mom a break and set up a professional install today!

Additional Remotes

Is a garage door opener remote missing from your mom’s car? Replace it today with a new Genie garage door opener remote.  Give your mom the gift of access this Mother’s Day.  Does she not have a Genie-branded garage door opener? No problem.  Genie has a line of universal remotes that work with most major brands sold today in the US!  The Universal 2-Button remote works on up to 2 garage doors.  The included visor clip allows the remote to be easily accessed from the car.  No more lost remotes!  Treat mom today with a new Genie garage door opener remote.  To learn more about Genie remote options click here.

Outside Access

Does mom enjoy walking Fido around the neighborhood? Or maybe she goes over to a neighbor’s house and visits every Tuesday.  How does she access her garage when she returns home?  If she does not have exterior access to her garage, gift her a Genie Wireless Keypad this Mother’s Day. She no longer needs to worry about carrying her garage door opener remote or leaving open the side door to the garage.  Increase the safety and security of mom’s home, by adding an additional access point.  The Genie Wireless Keypad works on up to 3 Genie garage door openers manufactured since 1995.  Create temporary PIN codes to grant access to house sitters or repair persons without compromising your family’s private code. 


Parking Aid

Does mom sometimes have difficulty judging where to park in the garage?  Sometimes it is difficult to tell just how far to pull forward.  The Perfect Stop Garage Parking Aid from Genie solves the parking guessing game.  Mom can easily pull forward until the soft bright yellow foam ball hits her windshield. Guaranteed perfect parking each time!  The ball is mounted to the ceiling and lowers into place when the garage door is open.  It retracts with the door is closed, so it is not in your way.  Compatible with any garage door opener, the Perfect Stop takes the guess work out of parking in your garage.  Install a Perfect Stop to help mom out today!

Mom’s can do it all.  This Mother’s Day do it all for mom by upgrading her garage with the latest in safety and security from Genie. 


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