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Motor Drive Board 36428R.S

Product Description
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Motor Drive Circuit board for Genie screw drive model garage door openers. Use this replacement Motor Drive board to get your garage door opener back up and running quickly once you have determined your circuit board needs to be replaced.

  • Compatible with Genie Screw Drive Models: Pro99, CMD9900, H8000, ISD990, ISD995, ISD1000, 4560
  • Genuine Genie replacement part 
  • Comes with the harness to work with two style plugs


Sku: 36428R.S

 PDF Replacement Instructions for the 36428R.S Motor Drive Board 

Motor Drive Board Replacement (36428R.S)

1. Remove Power from Operator.

2. Lower or remove Lens Cover (Fig. 1).
• Excelerator—Push Lens Latches to release (Fig. 1A).
• Model 4060 Series, loosen 4 Phillips head self-tapping screws at the top of the light lens and remove the lens (Fig. 1B).

3. Remove Light Bulbs to prevent damage.

4. Remove Motor Cover (Fig. 2).
• Remove four #8-32 x 1" Phillip Screws.

5. Remove Motor Drive Board (Fig. 3).
• Disconnect Ribbon Cable from Controller Board.
• Disconnect Wire Harness from Motor Drive Board.
– Existing wire harness could have two connectors, one 9 position, and one 4 position connector or just one 11 position connector.
• Remove two #8-32 x 3/8" screws from Motor Drive Board.

6. Install new Motor Drive Board (Fig. 3).
• Align holes on Motor Drive Board with holes on Top Plate Assembly.
• Attach Motor Drive Board with two #8-32 x 3/8" screws.
• Attach Ribbon Cable from Motor Drive Board to Controller Board.
• Attach Wire Harness to Motor Drive Board. For existing 11 position harness.Use Adapter (Fig. 4).
1. 4 position connector to 4 position connector on motor drive board.
2. 9 position connector to 9 position connector on motor drive board.
3. 11 position adapter to existing 11 position wire harness.

NOTE: Tuck the adapter connectors up between the motor and motor drive board to allow replacement of the motor cover (Fig. 5).

For existing 9 and 4 position harness.
No Adapter.
1. 4 position connector to 4 position connector on motor drive board.
2. 9 position connector to 9 position connector on motor drive board.

7. Install Light Bulbs (Fig. 1).
• Use bulbs rated for:
- 60 Watts Maximum
- Rough Services
- Appliances
• Screw bulbs clockwise into light socket.
• Close Lens Cover.

NOTE: Do not overtighten light bulbs in sockets.

8. Close or attach Cover to Top Plate Assembly (Fig. 2).
• Excelerator—cover lifts up and snaps into place.
• Model 4060—Attach to top plate with four 8-32 x 1" Phillip Screws.

36428R.S Motor Drive Board replacement instructions figure 1

36428R.S Motor Drive Board replacement instructions figure 2 and 3

36428R.S Motor Drive Board replacement instructions figure 4 and 5


Ask a Question
  • I have a ISD990 Genie Excelerator opener. When the garage is hot in the summer, the motor speed varies greatly. It the temps are normal, it works great. Typically it has the fast up and slow down. With the heat, the down can be extremely fast and the up can vary with a some points barely moving. It never completely stops and always opens or closes. It just runs fast/slow at times it should not. Would this be the motor drive board or circuit board?

    When this happens, is there a green light that flashes on the garage door opener? The status light can help tell what is happening. View more details here, and you can also contact our customer service at 1-800-354-3643 for assistance.

  • Why was the board redesigned? Was there a problem with the previous version?

    No, the replacement circuit board will work with multiple models.

  • If I am replacing a circuit board AND a motor drive board, which should I tackle first?

    Hi Jim -

    Make sure before you begin, unplug the garage door opener, and prior to disconnecting any wires from the back of the unit, you have them marked so you know which ones go back to each screw, after disconnecting those remove the motor cover, and remove one board at a time, it does not matter which one you begin with.  You can replace the Motor Drive board first, then go with the controller board, or vice-versa.

  • I have a model ISD990 Genie Excelrator garage door opener, upon pressing wall mount open button the motor starts the stops quickly it will not repeat unless I unplug the power and plug back in and then it does it again, if I press the light button it will start and stop and start and stop each time I press it is my problem the motor drive board ?

    This could be the control board. Please contact Genie customer service at 1.800.354.3643 for troubleshooting assistance.

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