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Remotes for Genie Garage Door Openers

Is your Genie garage door opener remote not working? Are you looking for a Genie garage door opener replacement remote? Our current selection of Genie remotes come in a variety of styles/ choices. One, two, or three-button remotes, handheld, clip to the car visor, put on a keychain or a lanyard. These are often referred to as garage door opener transmitters, clickers, buttons, openers and more. We have replacement remotes for the common Genie remote ACSCTG types that were used for many years and came with many Genie garage door openers. Find the right remote for you and your garage door opener whether you are replacing a lost remote, or just adding a new one. These garage door opener OEM remotes come with easy to follow detailed/ illustrated instructions for DIY programming.  

Don't have a Genie garage door opener? That's ok! We have you covered with our universal garage door opener remote that works with most major brand garage door openers. Not sure which remote to get? Check out our Genie remote comparison page.  

The Genie garage door opener remotes FEATURE an Intellicode Access Security System. The Intellicode feature works with any Genie garage door opener that has the Intellicode technology. 

Genie Intellicode Explained: The Intellicode Access Security System provides state-of-the-art security at your home by automatically changing your garage door opener’s access code every time you push the button on the remote control. This prevents any unauthorized person from stealing the access code for your garage door opener system and from gaining unauthorized entry to your garage.Here's how it works: Conventional garage door openers are coded to send out the same fixed code time after time. Genie’s superior encryption technology, which is also known as rolling access codes, uses a proprietary coding system that will select a new code from billions of possible different combinations every time the system is activated.