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Universal Wireless Entry Keypad GUK-BX

Product Description
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Compatible with many different brands, the Universal Keypad provides a single, simple and effective solution for multiple garage doors that may use different brands of garage door openers. The Genie Universal Keypad is designed to work with nearly all manufacturers of garage door openers in the USA; to include Genie, Ryobi, Chamberlain, LiftMaster, Craftsman, Marantec, Linear, Stanley, Wayne Dalton, and many more. This keypad features a flip-up cover to protect the keypad from outside elements and allows control on up to 3 garage door openers. Other features include a backlight, which means you can easily see to enter your code even at night, and tone sounds with each button press to let you know your entry has been received. Dual Frequency technology in the universal wireless keypad helps to ensure the opener will respond regardless of possible nearby frequency interference. This keypad is great for upgrading your garage door opener that did not include a keypad, or use as a replacement option if your current keypad is not working. 

  • Operate up to three different garage door openers or receivers from the most popular manufacturers in the industry!
  • Compatible with rolling code and fixed code dip switch products manufactured since 1993 with working safety sensors.
  • LEDs light and tones sound to let you know a button has been properly pressed.
  • Simplified programming allows for easy setup. 
  • Installs in minutes! The keypad mounts to your garage door frame.
  • Ability to set a temporary PIN for neighbors or service workers that can easily be removed.
  • Simple and sleek cover design.
  • Dimensions = 6"L x 2-3/8"W x 1-5/16"H
  • Includes Universal Keypad, 2 x AAA batteries, mounting screws, and programming instructions. 

 California Residents: Proposition 65 WARNING

Sku: 41249R

Programming the Genie GUK-BX Universal Wireless Keypad


1. How many different openers can you control with the Genie Universal Keypad? 

  • With the Genie Universal Keypad, you can control a combination of up to 3 different garage door openers. Each of the 3 openers can be programmed individually of the others so having multiple brands of openers controlled by a single keypad is not a problem.

2. Are any manufacturer settings of the Genie Universal Keypad preprogrammed?

  • No, the Genie Universal Keypad does not come pre-programmed with any
    specific manufacturer brands/specifications.

3. Does the Genie Universal Keypad have a pre-programmed PIN number?

  • No, the Genie Universal Keypad does not come with a pre-programmed PIN
    number. The PIN number for the keypad is set during programming.

4. What kind of batteries does the Genie Universal Keypad use?

  • The Genie Universal Keypad uses 2xAAAs. You can access the batteries by
    removing the battery cover on the front lower portion of the keypad.

5. Why does the keypad beep every time I press a button?

  • The Genie Universal Keypad will emit a tone each time a button on the keypad is properly pressed. This gives the user an audible sound to confirm their button
    the press has been received by the keypad.

6. Why does the Genie Universal Keypad operate the door without the PIN?

  • The Genie Universal Keypad will stay active for 15 seconds after the door has
    moved for security reasons (should you need to move the door again quickly).

7. What openers are compatible with the Genie Universal Keypad?

  • Control the most popular brands of garage door openers such as Genie®, Overhead Door®, Chamberlain®, Linear®, Wayne Dalton®, plus many more! Over time, we will implement additional manufacturers which means the
    compatibility list can and will change. You can use this link to find the most up-to-date compatibility chart.

8. Will the Genie Universal Keypad work with any other brands/specifications other than what is on this list?

  • For rolling code brands/specifications, no, the keypad will not work on any other brands/specifications other than what is listed. For dip switch
    brands/specifications, it is possible if they are on the same MHz, however,
    without proper testing of individual units, this cannot be confirmed. Also, please
    remember, Genie operator accessories should only be used on products
    produced 1993 and after that have functional safety sensors.

9. Does the Genie Universal Keypad use dip switches?

  • The Genie Universal Keypad does not use physical dip switches, but it does use
    “virtual dip switches” – or dip switch codes created by using specific button
    presses on the keypad. Once in the mode to receive dip switch input, the user
    will press 1=UP, 2=MIDDLE, and 3=DOWN to represent the location of trinary dip switches or 1=UP, 2=DOWN for binary dip switches.

10. How do I clear out the Genie Universal Keypad and return it to the factory

  • Press both the PROGRAM & UP/DOWN keys at the same time and hold for 5
    seconds (a tone will sound) - then release both buttons. The green LED will flash
    and go out. Perform this task first before setting the PIN or at any time the keypad needs to be reset to its factory default.

11. When working with Chamberlain®/LiftMaster®/Craftsman® Yellow Learn Button units, I am having trouble programming the universal keypad to the operator head/receiver.

  • When programming a Chamberlain/LiftMaster/Craftsman operator with the yellow learn button, be sure to follow the specific programming instructions for these units. After preparing the keypad to receive a yellow learn button unit, on the garage door opener:
    1. Press the yellow LEARN button for 2-3 seconds and then release
    2. On the keypad, press and release the UP/DOWN button once every 2
    seconds until the garage door opener operates. Let it run until it stops.
    TIP: As soon as the opener activates, DO NOT press any additional buttons until the opener stops running.
    3. With the keypad backlight still flashing, repeat steps 1 and 2 above.
    TIP: As soon as the opener activates, DO NOT press any additional buttons until the opener stops running.
    Programming is complete.

12. What is the trick when working with Marantec® products?

  • If there are no other remotes or keypads being used with the Marantec opener,
    follow the Genie Universal Keypad instructions to program.
    If you already have a Marantec remote(s) paired to the operator and you program the Genie Universal Keypad, the keypad will work the opener, but the existing remote(s) will not.
    In order to use a Genie Universal Keypad with a Marantec opener, you will need
    to use a Genie Universal Remote as well. The TEACH & PAIR METHOD in
    universal remote instruction can use the universal keypad you just paired to the
    opener as the ‘existing operational remote’ and learn the proper code from the
    keypad. When the TEACH & PAIR METHOD instructions call for the existing
    operational remote, use the paired universal keypad in its place.

13. When working with any of the dip switch style units, do I still need to
program the keypad to the opener head?

  • After entering the converted dip switch code into the keypad, there is no need to program to the opener head. When the UP/DOWN key is pressed, the opener will operate, and programming is complete.


Ask a Question
  • Bought a guk-r Universal keypad. Can't get it to work on my Wayne Dalton 3213 opener. 303mhz. Are they not compatible. Tried several ID codes.

    That is correct, unfortunately the Universal Wireless Entry Keypad GUK-BX ( is not compatible with 303 Mhz, it is only compatible with Wayne Dalton openers on the 372 (372.5) Mhz frequency.

  • Why do I have to press the password again when I close the garage door

    The keypad is designed to have to enter the PIN whether opening or closing the door. So that is normal functionality.

    Thank you.

  • Will this work with a Genie Pro Screw Drive with Intellicode and Series II electronics? The motor head does not state the Mhz.....only 60Hz. Learn button is BLUE.

    Yes, the Universal Wireless Entry Keypad GUK-BX will work with this Intellicode model, this is a universal keypad so it will also work older Genie models and other brands.  You can also use Wireless Keyless Entry Keypad GK-R  if you are not planning on using the keypad with other brand garage or older fixed code Genie openers this would be a better replacement.

  • Will this work on a Genie 2024 professional line?

    Yes, the Universal Wireless Entry Keypad GUK-BX will work on a Genie 2024 and is also compatible with many other models and brands.  The Wireless Keyless Entry Keypad GK-R is also compatible with the model 1024, but is only compatible with most other Genie models.  



  • Will this work as a replacement for '94 era Genie Blue Max CM8500-S wired keypad? Is there a replacement wired keypad available?

    Yes, the Universal Wireless Entry Keypad GUK-BX  is compatible with model CM8500-S.

  • Can this opener be used for a Genie model 1028 garage door opener and if so what ID number should be used

    Yes Universal Wireless Entry Keypad GUK-BX  is compatible with model 1028, the ID number would be 1.

  • We purchased the genie universal series wireless keypad to replace our existing keypad. We programmed it without issues but then our remotes stopped working once we programmed the keypad. We went back and programmed our remotes but then the keypad stopped working! Help!!

    It sounds like you may have went above the total allowed amount of devices.  To remedy this issue you will need to clear the memory of your unit.  On Genie products you can hold down your learn code button until the led light stops blinking to clear, then reprogram all devices.  If you have another brand, consult your manual or the manufacturer for clearing instructions.

  • Is the Universal Keypad compatible with my garage door opener? I have a Professional Line Model 3024 installed in my garage.

    Yes, the Universal Wireless Entry Keypad GUK-BX is compatible with model 3042.

  • Will this keypad work with a Wayne-Dalton model 3016 opener? 303mhz?

    No, the GUK-BX is not compatible with Wayne Dalton openers using 303 mhz.

  • Works with genie Screw Drive GXL?

    Yes, the GUK-BX is compatible with the GXL models.

  • Does this work with the Genie model IS550/A 1/2 hp?

    Yes, it is compatible.

  • will it work with an odyssey 1000 by overhead door

    Yes, it is compatible.

  • will this work on a genie blue max cm7500 12 pin


  • Will this work on a Genie 7055?

    Yes, it is compatible.

  • Does this keypad work with Genie model PMX300IC/B?

    Yes this GUK universal keypad, and our GK-R regular keypad will both work on the model PMX300IC/B

  • Will this work with 9000 g,gx and gal door operator systems, purchased in 1995

    Yes the Universal Wireless Keypad by Geni will work on your G/GXGXL 9000 model Genie garage door opener.

  • will this work with a blue max model 12a

    Yes, it will.

  • Will this keypad work with GENIE II FCC ID B8Q8KL freq 390 ? If not, would it be possible to use a conversion kit first? Also, which opener would work with this unit? THANKS SO MUCH

    Yes, it will!

  • will this keypad work with a genie pro screw drive model CM7600IC/A

    Yes, it will!

  • Will the keypad work with a Genie G5000 that does not have the “learn code” button?

    Yes, it will!

  • Can this possible be used with a 1990 Sears Craftsman model 139.53415sr (53000SR Series) with yellow learn button? Current remote is a Clicker model CLT1 from 2002. 12 pos. dip switch settings 6 up all others down. Thanks Ted

    No, it will not.

  • Is this compatible with the Genie professional line 2028?

    Yes! This Wireless Keypad will work with the Genie Professional Line Model 2028 garage door opener.

  • does it require wifi?

    No, it does not.

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