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GM3T-R 3-Button Genie Master® Remote (2 Pack)

GM3T-R 3-Button Genie Master® Remote (2 Pack)

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This bundle pack includes 2-Genie Master 3-button remote controls. These versatile remotes work with all Genie gated community receivers as well as most Genie openers ever made. Including 390 MHz remotes on 9-switch binary-or trinary, 12-switch and Intellicode formats. 

  • Features all possible programming modes found in Genie products from 1993 to present (See compatibility below) 

  • Small compact remote has 3 large buttons for operating up to 3 Genie systems, all the same or all three different 
  • Simple programming for all modes
  • Mounts to car visor; Visor clips and batteries (CR2032) are included
  • Equivalent to 37335R and 37344R 

  California Residents: Proposition 65 WARNING

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Genie Master Remote_2 Pack
GM3T-R 3-Button Genie Master® Remote (2 Pack)


Ask a Question
  • Will this work with GR390 models?

    Yes, the GM3T-R 3-Button Genie Master® Remote (2 Pack) is compatible with the GR390-12 Receiver.

  • Which remote will replace GM3T ID: B8Q 315390U

    Yes, the GM3T-R 3-Button Genie Master® Remote (2 Pack) is a compatible replacement for the GM3T.

  • Will these remotes close the garage door as well as open them?

    Yes, the GM3T-R 3-Button Genie Master® Remote (2 Pack) will close as well as open the garage door.

  • Do you have a 1 button remote to replace my old one model# GT90-1?

    Sorry, no we do not have a 1 button remote for the older fixed code style remotes such as the GT90-1, the best replacement would be the GM3T (1 pack).  Or the GM3T-R 3-Button Genie Master® Remote (2 Pack) .

  • Will this work with 1/3 H P Model 7500-S?

    Yes the GM3T-is compatible with model CM7500-S.

  • Will this work with PMX500IC/B

    Yes the GM3T-R 2 Pack will work on the PMX500IC/B

  • I can't get this remote to program my cars homelink setup. Any instructions how to do this?

    You can view programming instructions for Homelink here. You can also contact our customer service at 1-800-354-3643 for assistance.

  • I have an old Genie SP 99, will this GM3T-R 3-Button Genie Master Remote work on my old machine?

    Yes, it will!

  • Does this work with the overhead door 1000?

    Yes, it will.

  • is this compatible with model 1/2 H.P. MODEL CM8600-XL/M

    Yes, it is!

  • I need a replacement remote for a 1/2 HP Model IC250/B, the receiver is Model ACSR1G, IC: RSS/CNR 210. Do you have a replacement? Thank you

    This Genie Master Remote, GM3T-R will work with the IC250/B model garage door opener.

  • Will this work for a model #CM80-S opener? We just purchased the home, and didn't find a remote. How hard will it be to program this to the old opener?

    If you have a Genie CM8600 garage door opener, yes this Genie Master Remote will work.

  • Will this remote work with my Genie, 1/2 H.P. Model H6000-07/M?

    Yes, it will!

  • Can I use this as a replacement for my GICT390 (3) button remote?

    Yes, you can!

  • Does this remote compatible MODEL GT90-1

    Yes, it is!

  • Will this work for my pro max model pmt901?

    Yes, it will!

  • My remote is either a GIC90-3 or GT90-3. I lost my unit but the other still works well for a family member. Will I have to reprogram the good one to get the GMT3-R working? I'd rather not affect my family member's usage of the good one.

    You will not have to reprogram the old one when you get the new one. The old one will still work the same.

  • Will this remote work with a Sears/Craftsman Power Pluss III? It has a 9 dipswitch code on it.

    No, it will not.

  • does remote model #GL2T-R work with opener model number GM 3T

    This will depend on which model garage door opener you have. If you currently are using the GL2T-R, you would be able to also use the GM3T-R remotes. However, if your current unit is using the GM3T-R, you may not be able to use the GL2T-R remote. This is becasue the GM3T-R works on both the old style fixed code models and the newer Intellicode model garage door openers. The GL2T-R remote will only work on the newer Intellicode models and not the fixed code styles.

  • Does the GM3T-R work with SD9500 screw drive opener?

    Yes, it does.

  • Will these work on a B8Q 31539OR2

    Yes, they will.

  • Does the GM3T remotes work on model #H6000A

    Yes, th GM3T remotes will work with the H6000A model garage door opener.

  • I have a 1/2 H.P. Model 3060L Opener. I am unable to program 2 GM3T Remotes to the opener. It will only allow 1 remote. Am I doing something wrong?

    The unit can hold up to seven wireless devices. This includes any old remotes, or wireless devices that have been programmed. Once there is seven, any new remote programmed will kick the last one out that was programmed. To fix this, you can clear the receiver. To clear it press and hold the learn code button in until the red led light goes out. Then reprogram each wireless device back in to the power head up to seven.

    You can also call 1-800-354-3643 for programming assistance.

  • My remote has B8Q ACSGT, MODEL ACSGT TYPE 2 will this work?

    Yes, it will!

  • Is the GM3T-R remote compatible with an older model #CM8600IC door opener?

    Yes, the GM3T-R remote will work with the CM8600IC model garage door opener.

  • Will it work with the genie 12A opener? I have no learn button on the unit.

    Yes, it will.

  • is the GM3T-R 3-BUtton Master Remote a replacement for ACSCTG Model Type 3?

    Yes, the GM3T-R remote will work as a replacement for the ACSCTG Type 3 remote.

  • Will this remote work with the ACSR4 garage opener

    Yes, it will.

  • Does it work with genie stealth model

    Yes, it does.

  • what is the replacement remote & keypad for genie garage door opener model 1/2 H.P. model 2060L-07/m ? the door openers we have now are model GICT390. (no other numbers such as -1, -2, -3 etc

    The 2060L-07/m model garage door opener is a Genie Intellicode model. It will work with the GK-R wireless keypad, and any of our Intellicode model remotes, like the G3T-R remote.

  • Will this replace the AT85P remote?

    Yes, it will.

  • Does it come with batteries

    Yes, it does.

  • My old remote says Genie 912...will this replacement work?

    Yes, it will.

  • Will the replacements come with Programming instructions? I don't know the first thing about programming and my system is more than 20 years old. Thanks.

    Yes, they will come with programming instructions. We are also here to help through chat, videos, or phone support at no extra cost!

  • I only want one remote. Is that possible?

    Yes, you can purchase one GM3T-R here.

  • Does the GM3T-R-3 Button Master remote work with the Genie Pro Model CM86001C/A ?

    Yes, it does.

  • I have a Genie garage door but I need a Genie door opener this Remote I Have is old and the model number I found on it is Gictd what Remote can I get I am at a loss I am a woman and I need a genie opener I do not understand and my opener is worn out

    Th GICTD remote can be replaced by any of our current Genie garage door opener remotes. They are all Intellicode models and will replace the GICTD. If you just need a one button remote, I would recommend the G1T-BX remote, it is simple to use and program with just the one button.

  • does it work with silentmax 1000 garage system?

    Yes, it does!

  • I have a pro max model PMX75 door opener. Our old opener is a one button. The GM3T-R is a 3 button, will that still work?

    Yes, it will. If you only have one garage door, you would just pick which button you want to use.

  • Does this work as a replacement for Genie 912 remote control

    Yes, it does.

  • Does it work for model: GICTD, 315390 T

    Yes, it will!

  • Which remote will replace a Model AT95?

    This Genie Master Remote (GM3T-R) will replace the AT95 garage door opener remote.

  • I have a GT-912 remote. I have bought 4 difference models on line that said that their remotes were compatible to GT-912 remotes and they were not. Is this remote compatible to GT-912? My old 912 is working fine but I need 2 extra remotes.

    Yes, the Genie Master Remote (GM3T-R) will work with the GT-912 remote.

  • Does it work with the Genie Intellicode ACSGT Type 1?

    Yes, it does.

  • Will the GM3T-R 3-Button Genie Master® Remote (2 Pack), 39905R, replace my one-button remotes? (ACSCTG and AT90)

    Yes, it will!

  • I have 2 garage doors and purchased the GenieMaster Model GM3T remote. There are three buttons on the remote. Can I program one button for one garage door and a second button for the 2nd garage door? The door openers are Genie BlueMax with 12 dip switches.

    Yes, you can program both garage door openers into one remote. So you will open a different garage door opener with each button.

  • Is this compatible with my AT85P remote?

    Yes, it is.

  • will the gm3t-r-3 replace my at95 remote

    Yes, it will!

  • I have Genie ScrewDrive Model CM8600 and GM3T transmitter. Will GM3T-R exactly replace the GM-3T? How do I program the GM3T-R for CM8600?

    Yes, the GM3T-R will work with the CM8600 model garage door opener. To program the Genie Master Remote to the CM8600 model, you will need to locate the learn code button which is under the light bulb cover. 
    Then to program the remote you will need to:
    Press and release the learn code button.
    – Red learn indicator blinks 2 times per second.
    • Press the remote control button once within
    30 seconds.
    – Red learn indicator stays lit.
    • Press the remote control button again.
    – The red indicator goes out and memory is stored.

  • I need a replacement remote. The model number for the one that stopped working is GT90-1. FCC ID: B8Q GT 50. It's a really old garage door opener that came with the house. Can you tell me which remote will work?

    To replace the GT90-1 remote you can use this Genie Master Remote, GM3T-R.

  • does it work with the Model H8000-07M

    Yes! These GM3T-R Genie Master Remotes will work with the Genie Model H8000-07M garage door opener.

  • Will this remote replace a Genie Medallion Series Model No. GMT903 ?

    Yes, it will!

  • Does the GM3T-R 3-BUtton Master Remote work with the G5050CL operating system?

    Yes, it does!

  • I need at least 2 preferably 4 remote openers for a Genie Pro Model 1024. What do you recommend?

    If you have just one garage door opener to control, I would recommend the G1T-BX remotes. We have a two pack bundle at a lower price. The bundle pack is part 39907R. If you have more than one garage door opener, then you can use the G3T-R remotes, which we also have a two pack bundle at a lower price, part number 39904R.

  • Does it work with the AT90? 12 switch genie?

    Yes, it does!

  • Will this remote work with Genie Screw Drive 1/3 HP Model SD 8000 garage door opener?

    Yes, it will.

  • Does this remote work with the model PCG709ml?

    These remotes will work with the Genie PCG series garage door openers.

  • What are the physical dimensions of this remote?

    This remote is 2" x 3 1/4" x 3/4".

  • does this remote operate a G-5050 Genie opener?

    Yes, it does!

  • Hi, is there another option like a 1 button remote, because I don't need a 3 button remote (I don't want to pay for something I will not use ) I'm trying to get 2 remotes for a reasonable price. Thank you

    For a dip switch style remote, this is the only one we have.

  • Does this remote work with model PMX500IC/B

    Yes, it does!

  • Will this work with the GICT390 model. Please let me know.

    Yes, it will!

  • Will this replace a Genie912 opener?

    Yes, it will. 


    Yes, these will work!

  • Does it work on a ISL980/A

    Yes, it does!


    Yes, it will. 

  • Does this work to replace model AT 90?

    Yes it will. 

  • Does the GM3T-R 3-BUtton Master Remote work with the GXL9500 Screw Drive operating system?

    Yes, it does! 

  • Does it work with model ACSCTG TYPE 1?

    Yes it does! 

  • Does the GM3T-R-#-Button Master REmote work with the Model# GCG350L garage door opener?

    Yes it does! 

  • Does it work with an older Model1S550/A system?

    Yes it will. 


    Yes it does! 

  • Does the GM3T-R 3-BUtton Master Remote work with the GLX 9500-2 operating system?

    Yes it does! 

  • Will this work with PRO99-IC models?

    Yes it will.

  • Will this work with Genie model PRO99-IC

    Yes, the GM3T-R 3-Button Genie Master® Remote (2 Pack) is compatible with the Pro99-IC.

  • Will this remote work with a 1/2 hp 1060/M?

    Yes you can use the GM3T-R 3-Button Genie Master® Remote (2 Pack) will work with your Genie model 1060 garage door opener.

Genie Master Remote (GM3T-R) Programming Instructions 

GenieMaster™ Transmitter OPERATION 


A. For use with Intellicode® 1 Openers—

The Remote comes from the factory in the Intellicode® 1 Operating Mode. The Intellicode®1 Mode is indicated by a RED LED on the remote whenever a button is pressed (FIG. 2).

Program it as you would any Intellicode® 1 remote using the following steps:

1. Locate the Learn Code Button and Learn Code Indicator LED on your opener’s powerhead (FIG. 1) (See owner’s manual).

2. Press and release the Learn Code Button—the Learn Code LED will blink rapidly.

3. Press and release a Remote Button, (FIG. 2)—the Learn Code LED will stay on (stops blinking)

4. Press and release the same Remote Button again—the Learn Code LED will turn off.

5. Press and release the same Remote Button again—the Door Opener will run.

NOTE: Each opener must have its own assigned Remote Button. To program additional openers, repeat the steps above using a different Remote Button.

Genie Master Remote, GM3T-R programming image Genie Master Remote model GM3T-R programming image setting switches


B. For use with Intellicode® 2 Openers—

The button or buttons on your remote that you wish to use to operate Intellicode® 2 openers, must be switched to the Intellicode® 2 Operating Mode. The Intellicode® 2 Mode is indicated by a GREEN LED on the remote whenever a button is pressed (FIG. 2).

To shift to Intellicode® 2 mode:

1. Press and hold the chosen Remote Button—A steady RED LED will be illuminated and after 10 seconds— a GREEN LED will also illuminate.

2. Release the button.

3. Press and release that same button again TWICE—the remote’s LEDs will both turn off.

4. Press and release that same button again—the remote’s GREEN LED will light while you press that button indicating it is now in Intellicode® 2 mode.

To program the remote to an opener:

1. Press and hold the PROGRAM/SET (FIG. 1) button on opener’s powerhead for 2 seconds or until the round LED turns BLUE. When you release the button the BLUE LED will go out and the LONG LED will turn PURPLE.

2. Press and release the Remote Button you want to assign to that opener.

3. Press and release that same button. After releasing the button the second time, the LEDs will both be off.

4. Press and release that same button again—the Door Opener will run.


C. For use with Openers having a row of Code Switches (9 or 12 switches).

(If you already have a working “code switch” remote, simply match your new GenieMaster™ Remote switches to those on your existing remote and proceed to step 4.)(FIG.3)

To operate a Code Switch equipped operator:

1. Open the opener’s light lens in order to gain access to its row of Code Switches. These are 3 position switches (+, – and 0).

2. Slide off the rear cover of the remote (FIG. 3).

3. Set the Code Switches positions in the remote to match those of the switches in the opener. (If you are working with a 9 switch operator, set the remote switches 10, 11 and 12 to the center or “0” position)

4. Locate the non-rolling code button label inside the Rear Cover (FIG. 3).

5. Press the non-rolling code button B, C or D (FIG.3) that matches the appropriate code switch description on the label. The YELLOW LED next to the battery will begin flashing.

6. Press and release the Remote Button you want to assign to that opener—the GREEN LED on the remote will flash for approximately 2 seconds and stop.

7. Pressing the same button again will operate the opener—The RED LED on the remote will flash while the button is pressed.


D. Replacing the Battery. (Programming is not affected by battery replacement.)

1. Slide the Circuit Board Cover off the back of the remote (FIG. 3).

2. Slide the old battery toward the bottom of the remote and out.

3. Properly discard the old battery.

4. Slide a new (2032 size) battery into position and slide the Cover back on


E. Resetting the Remote

To return a Remote Button to its original Intellicode® 1 mode:

1. Slide the Circuit Board Cover off (FIG. 3).

2. Press the DEFAULT button—the yellow LED will flash.

3. Press the Remote Button you wish to reprogram. It's now Intellicode® 1 again.

Genie Master Remote replaces the following old model garage door opener remotes: 


TBSTG (B8Q315390T)
AT290 P
AT285 P
AT85 P
LD 12
CT 85
CT 90




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