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Garage Door Opener LED Light Bulb

Product Description
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This LED light bulb is specifically designed for garage door openers and creates little or no radio frequency to interfere with openers. Traditional LED light bulbs can cause problems with your garage door opener. Other bulbs can be more delicate and subject to breakage in the rougher environment of the garage, and some LED light bulbs actually interfere with radio frequencies, affecting the responsiveness or range of your opener’s remotes. The range of your garage door opener remotes will not be limited with the long-lasting Genie LED light bulb. This garage door opener bulb is also made to withstand the harsher environment of the garage. These bulbs are cold weather tested and damp location rated to function without the many inconveniences associated with traditional bulbs used for this application. Other bulbs can be rendered ineffective in unheated and/or damp garages, but Genie’s LED bulb illuminates your damp garage down to –30C (–22F) temperatures. These conditions will not impact the light’s performance. Garage door openers vibrate during operation, which can shorten the life of normal light bulbs used in the opener. Genie’s LED bulb is made of shatter & vibration-resistant materials and is tested to withstand 5G of shaking force, which far exceeds normal garage door opener vibration force. Genie’s quality LED bulbs offer bright, long-lasting, and efficient lighting for your garage. These bulbs will operate for an estimated 25,000 hours, costing approximately $1.07/year, depending on local utilities. Get energy savings and a light bulb that will last without sacrificing brightness!

  • LED: Long life, low energy
  • Universal - works with all major brand garage door openers.
  • Eliminates or reduces remote interference.
  • Vibration and shatter-resistant up to 5Gs of shaking force.
  • Light appearance: 4000 K (neutral)
  • Brightness: 800 Lumens
  • Estimated yearly cost $1.07 per year and life expectancy of 22.8 years (based on 3 hrs/day).
  • Use only with 120VAC, 60Hz, Non-Dimmable circuits. Not for use with emergency exit fixtures or emergency lights.
  • The Genie LED light bulb has a 3-year limited warranty.
  • Model GLEDB2
Sku: 40655R


Ask a Question
  • What is the incandescent wattage equivalent of this bulb?

    The Genie LED Light Bulb is a 60 watt equivalent of an incandescent bulb.

  • What is difference in B1-R2 and B2-R2 bulb? Are they both 60w and are they classified as daylight r soft white?

    In order to make sure I am help you get the best information, can you tell me what you are looking at? We have a one pack LED bulb and a 2 Pack LED bulb, they contain the same bulbs in both.

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